INTL Forum History: A Timeline


Chapter I: Origins of INTL - ∞ to Nov 2001
Chapter II: Early Days - Dec 2001 to Mar 2002
Chapter III: INTL v1.0 - Apr 2002 to Jul 2002
Chapter IV: INTL v1.5 - Aug 2002
Chapter V: INTL v2.0 - Sep 2002 to Jun 2003
Chapter VI: INTL v3.0 - Jul 2003 to Dec 2004
Chapter VII: INTL v3.1 - Jan 2005 to Mar 2006
Chapter VIII: INTL v3.2 - Apr 2006 to Jan 2007
Chapter IX: INTL v3.3 - Feb 2007 to Apr 2008
Chapter X: INTL v5 - May 2008 to Jun 2011
Chapter XI: INTL v? - Jul 2011 to Present


Welcome! So you've somehow stumbled upon this page. What is this? Why am I here? Who are you people?

This is our history; the history of a small group of people who somehow met on an online community decades ago and grew to become friends, family, enemies and thorns in eachother's sides. Whether you're here solely for the purposes of nostalgia, or you're catching up on what has happened over the years, or you're here because you're writing a doctorate thesis on niche online communities and found this place... this page serves as a timeline of what happened and what we did those many years ago. Our growing pains, as a community and as people, are yours to witness and experience along with us. This was compiled in the hope that you, the reader, might find some value out of it. For what it's worth, sit back and enjoy the ride.

As a general rule of thumb, please consider the following guidelines for reading this timeline. Each line is a discussion thread or significant event. Lines which are preceded by initials (HG, IGOD, SPSW, etc.) occurred in those communities. With the exception of the 'Before 1996' section, events without any prefix occurred at INTL and will likely include a link (whenever possible). Not all threads or events are included. Discussion threads are chosen based on a number of factors, including (but not limited to) size, notability, the level of interest readers here might have in the thread, the nature of the discussion, and whether or not it was the first or most well-known version of its kind. Events are chosen depending upon their impact or effect on INTL or its members, including changes to the forum, major drama, anything noteworthy, and even significant personal events if they were made public and were discussed by others here. Generally, discussion threads from private forums aren't included, and personal information won't be put in here unless requested by the person (and only if seen as significant to the rest of us). On occasion, fads, trends and other general observations may be noted, too. If you want something included in here, please contact Sunny here.

Many thanks to Sunny, Amphy, Chimp, Flaming Arrow, Sandamnit, Baggy Brad, IF0 and British Agent for their assistance in creating this timeline.

In loving memory of NNY, and the loved ones we've lost along the way.

Chapter I: Origins of INTL

Where did INTL come from? That's a good question. Sandamnit did not create INTL in a vacuum; it was created as a consequence of circumstances in other forums. Here we describe the factors that led to the creation of this place, as well as the forums where many of INTL's members migrated from: HeavenGames (HG), IGOD, SpankMag, SomethingAwful (SA), FARK and SomeplaceSomewhere (SPSW).


Before 1996

  • The big bang. The sun and earth are formed. Life evolves. Civilizations come and go. We're born.
  • The World Wide Web is invented by the CERN group (or Al Gore, depends who you ask).
  • The first forums are created. Evolving out of newsgroups, they see the first use of LOL, ROFL, and even memes!
  • The first graphical web browser is created - Mosaic (which would later become Netscape).
  • Lycos becomes the first search engine. It indexes 800,000 webpages. Incredible.
  • SpankMag is started. It's a youth oriented website and forum that provides a safe space for young adults.
  • By this point in time, the Internet is comprised of porn and basic websites running animated gifs and MIDI music.
  • HG: An Alaskan, Mike "Archangel" McCart, creates HeavenGames (HG) - a network of gaming sites with the suffix 'Heaven'.
  • HG: HeavenGames' first websites, Civilization II Heaven and Age of Empires Heaven (AoEH) are founded.
  • HG: As the first website for Age of Empires, AoEH attracts the game's developers, numerous fans, and scenario designers.
  • HG: Seeing the increasing popularity of AoEH, Archangel terminates several websites, including Civilization II Heaven.
  • HG: AoEH reaches a climax in popularity. Dimi and his older brother Shady become active members. They create comics called AgeToons.
  • HG: Archangel brings on board a bunch of new staff. Several go on to create 'Heaven' websites for games like Caesar III and Pharoah.
  • HG: The developers behind Age of Empires, Ensemble Studios, hire Archangel as a community developer. Archangel quits HG.
  • HG: Ensemble Studios announce a sequel to Age of Empires, this time set in the medieval ages!
  • HG: Age of Empires II Heaven (AoKH) is opened, administered by Omnivac.
  • HG: Zen is hired to replace the old "coolboards" forums with the site's current UBB forums. He becomes HG's main forum admin.
  • HG: HeavenGames' new UBB forums open, but all previous data is lost.
  • HG: AoKH becomes the most active website for Age of Empires II, in part because HG sniped the URL.
  • HG: Many of INTL's earliest regulars find their way into AoKH and have their first experiences with online forums there.
  • HG: AoKH's forums are, unsurprisingly, a hive of young teenagers and history nerds. Immaturity is rampant.
  • HG: Zen decides to create an off-topic forum for AoKH. NNY, then known as HoA_Leader, had asked for it.
  • HG: The new off-topic forum is plagued with drama, especially from a guy named Pieman who is banned multiple times.
  • HG: Omnivac is hospitalized and resigns from being AoKH's webmaster. Washizu ends up taking his place.
  • HG: AoKH staff members, Zul and Seraphim, get into fights with users and are forced to resign from HG. HG is criticized for doing so.
  • HG: The off-topic forum is closed once it becomes the haven of religious debates as well as Legion and Kman's erratic behaviour.
  • SA: Something Awful is created by Richard 'Lowtax' Kyanka. It spawns numerous tropes that Sandamnit admired.
  • FARK: Fark is created by Drew Curtis. It also spawned numerous tropes that Sandamnit admired.
Early 2000
  • HG: Following demands from forum users, Zen creates a new off-topic forum for AoKH. Named Knights of the Round Table (KoRT), it is an immediate success.
  • HG: KoRT quickly divides into two groups of users: those who just want to debate issues seriously, and those who just want to be immature and have fun.
  • HG: Harp00n, considering Pieman as one of his heros, mimics his activities until he is banned.
  • HG: AoKH staff member, DSC, deletes a substantial portion of AoKH's active forumer population. He is later forced to resign due to this.
  • HG: Religious debates between Cherryfunk and Salahudeen flood KoRT. This creates more interest in using the forum to debate controversial topics.
  • HG: The two groups of people in KoRT solidify into the self-proclaimed serious 'debaters' and their less serious counterparts, the 'psychos'.
  • HG: Dimi creates 'The Party Thread', HG's largest thread (at 15000 posts). It becomes a symbol of the 'psychos' and of KoRT as a whole.
  • HG: Muzta calls for the election of a president of KoRT. While initially fun, it fails horribly and ends in drama as users remain divided along 'debater' and 'psycho' lines.
  • HG: A number of KoRT regulars, including Dimi and Sunny, become staff members at HG.
Late 2000
  • HG: In KoRT, Cherryfunk baits a newbie, Elcid, into attacking him. Sunny warns both users and the conflict is assumed resolved. It's not resolved.
  • HG: Cherryfunk publicly denounces HG's moderation and Sunny's behaviour as inept. This erupts into a fight between supporters of both sides.
  • HG: Over the next day, conflicts between users - especially 'debaters' and 'psychos' - spreads to all of AoKH's forums. Zen closes the forums.
  • HG: On reopening the forums, Zen bans Cherryfunk and Iron Heart resigns as a staff member. In solidarity with Cherryfunk, the 'debaters' leave HG en masse.
  • HG: With most 'debaters' gone, the 'psychos' now make up the majority. Many INTL regulars look back fondly at this time in KoRT.
  • HG: HG forumer, Mr. T, becomes a symbol of KoRT after mimicking celebrity Mr. T in a number of threads.
  • HG: Sunny mockingly marries Rasher on KoRT. The 'wedding' is a fun event, and it will later spawn many joke forum marriages from this point on.
Early 2001
  • HG: Sunny is forced to resign from HG due to prior events. She becomes a self-proclaimed rebel against HG. BiggN takes her place as a KoRT moderator.
  • SPSW: Iron Heart creates Someplace Somewhere as a strictly serious discussion forum. The 'debaters', including Cherryfunk, move to it.
  • HG: PR and wheezy encourage a newbie, Emp, to get into an argument with BiggN. BiggN is forced to resign from HG, and Emp's popularity grows.
  • HG: Sandamnit stumbles upon HG and registers a forum account there.
  • HG: Sandamnit and Flaming Arrow get mockingly married, after a brief encounter in The Party Thread. This shocked and appalled a lot of people.
  • HG: Likely attracted to the 'Heaven' in the site's name, a new generation of mostly fundamentalist Christians invade HG and KoRT.
Late 2001
  • HG: Chooch, Zen, and Icefyre drive from Boston to Philadelphia to meet wheezy and PR.
  • HG: Emp initiates a smear campaign (called 'Otnot') against an Age of Empires II clan (called 'Tonto'), due to it's friendly nature and dominance over HG staff members.
  • HG: Emp, wheezy and other participants in the 'Otnot' smear campaign get banned from HG for flooding.
  • SPSW: SPSW reaches the climax of its activity.
  • HG: Zen splits KoRT, and creates a new forum "The Library" strictly for debates. He renames KoRT to Outside Discussions (OD).
  • IGOD: Upset by his banning, Emp creates ImperialGames (IGOD) in spite of HeavenGames. IGOD appeals to HG rebels and disgruntled 'psychos'.
  • IGOD: Emp tries to get the folks at IGOD to give a shit about video games, but everyone just wants to post crass jokes and write witty threads.
  • HG: Wheezy pulls a practical joke on The Hogs, fooling him that he has been made an HG staff member. Hilarity ensues.
  • IGOD: Sandamnit finds his way over to IGOD, offers up his technical services, and becomes its forum administrator.
  • IGOD: September 11th happens and Frizzle spouts anti-american bullshit which angers others in the forum. Drama ensues.
  • IGOD: The Acts of Gord is discovered, resulting in Gord gracing IGOD with his presence.
  • IGOD: Pascal discovers Chick Tracts.
  • IGOD Sandamnit resigns from his position at IGOD, because he can't stand being Emp's little bitch.
  • HG: Age of Mythology Heaven (AoMH) is created to cover Ensemble Studio's next game. A number of INTL regulars would late come to INTL from this HG site.
  • HG: Benze creates his first 'suicide thread'. He is met with mixed reactions. Some lend a sympathetic ear, others push the envelope and ridicule him.
  • HG: Kitabatake posts a thread on behalf of Woolly Mammoth's brother. Apparantly, Woolly Mammoth died in a car accident... maybe. Who knows?
  • HG: TPC writes a movie script for 'Operation Z.E.N', featuring other users in the forum. It is praised for the amount of detail he put into it.
  • HG: Sandamnit becomes a staff member at HG, much to the dismay of Emp and the users of IGOD.

Chapter II: Early Days

After his fallout with Emp, Sandamnit began work on his own forum software with the advice of several IGOD and HG users. This forum became 'The Unnamed Forum', for which there are limited records available. During this time, HG's Outside Discussions forum reached a zenith in activity, and IGOD spiraled into obscurity as Emp's behaviour grew more and more erratic as time went by. Eventually, Sandamnit's new forum would usher in the destruction of IGOD, and the beginning of something truly unique.


December 2001

  • Sandamnit begins writing his own forum software, which he tentatively calls 'The Unnamed Forum'. He invites friends and others from IGOD and HG to join it.
  • Rasher says the new forum is so cool and fast and is made an admin. Sandamnit boasts about load speeds. Wheezy, HG Z and others are impressed by it; it's just sooo cool. (link)
  • TPC is really excited to learn programming languages. The thread starts out as a nerd circlejerk before quickly becoming really confusing with a barrage of shitposting. (link)
  • Emp praises Rasher as "the greatest fellow around." For the first time drahnier asks to be a mod. Wheezy is mocked. Woadie shows up from SPSW, Tyr calls him a nigger. What. (link)
  • Wheezy coins the name of the new forum's main board: Inside Discussions. He is appointed its first moderator and is really happy to have control over a forum community. (link)
  • HG_Z makes it his goal to try to "overload the forum." He starts a spam thread. Wheezy mistakes HG_Z for Zen when it's actually a dude named Tonto_Z. LOL. Crazy antics. (link)
  • IGOD: Flaming Arrow quits IGOD over a discussion about making the site more professional. Emp considers requiring payment to use the forum. Drama ensues and Emp gets irate.
  • Sandamnit stops writing the forum software for fear that he might lose his new staff position at HG. There were fears that Zen would retaliate if he found out about it.
  • Sandamnit flies out to Boston to spend New Years Eve with Zen and other staff members at HG. It apparently was a fun time.
  • Regulars Registered: Sandamnit, Rasher, TPC, Emp, wheezy, Salamando (1st time), pussinboots
January 2002
  • IGOD: With Sandamnit absent, IGOD's forum crashes losing a week's worth of data. Emp and other IGOD users are criticized by folks from HG. Sandamnit comes to their defense.
  • IGOD: Emp creates two smurfs, BiggN and Cardboard Pirate and makes them a moderator and administrator, respectively. Some users see this as very odd and unusual behaviour.
  • HG: By this point, HG's Outside Discussions forum is a raunchy place full of hyped-up, horny teenagers wanting to talk about sex and girls. Not surprising in hindsight.
  • HG: Sandamnit registers the account 'GamerGrrl' and play on others users' overt horniness in Outside Discussions. Some folks feel betrayed when they find out it's a lie.
  • HG: Sandamnit's 'GamerGrrl' smurf sparks a number of copycats that try to catfish other users into falling head over heels for them. This ultimately leads to some drama.
  • HG: There is yet another forum election for president of the Outside Discussion forum. Once again it fails miserably as the folks from SPSW brigade the forum and rig the vote.
  • IGOD: Emp's behaviour grows increasingly erratic. He starts delineating into senility and becomes increasingly irritated with just about everyone. Users at IGOD are unhappy.
  • IGOD: Yet again IGOD goes down. Nobody really knows why or what's going on with it. Apparently Emp plans to relocate the server, but nobody has seen or heard from him.
February 2002
  • IGOD: Members of IGOD demand that Emp remove his staff smurfs and replace them with competent users. Emp ignores them. This ends up causing drama.
  • IGOD: Emp announces his plan to create a site called Witty Tirade, which is a planned comedy blog of sorts. It is continually delayed due to his immense sloth and laziness.
  • HG: Religious debates run rampant, reminding us that it's not just horny teenagers in Outside Discussions at this time, but also horny Christian fundamentalist teenagers.
  • HG: Chains throws a tantrum over how everything in the Outside Discussions forum is sexualized. He rage quits after everyone mocks him for "speaking his mind" about it.
  • HG: TPC makes a series of rants, including one about an article he wrote in a school newspaper, and another about how he is treated at school, gaining a reputation of rage.
  • HG: Turns out Woolly Mammoth didn't actually die in a car accident as everyone had expected. He apparently was contemplating suicide, but thankfully decided against it. Yay!
  • HG: PR and Tyr call out Sunny for making posts that read like essays and are essentially too long to read in their entirety. It will not be the last time. Oh definitely not.
  • HG: Dimi starts 'The Dimitrian Empire' where everything is made up of Dimis. It's... uh... something, that's for sure. He had just turned 15 and was having a grand time with it.
  • HG: Muzta celebrates two years at HG. Most everyone congratulates him. A bunch of folks compare how long they've been around. At this time, two years online was a long time.
  • SPSW: The SPSW forum crashes. Turns out Iron Heart had issues reinstalling the database, and a lot of data was lost. He brings back the forum with new forum software.
  • Towards the end of this month, Sandamnit begins tinkering with his own forum software again, after growing frustrated with the way HG and IGOD are run.
March 2002
  • IGOD's forum database has a major crash, which Emp wrongly blames on Sandamnit. Sandamnit offers up a solution to the problem, but his help is rudely rejected.
  • PR messages Sandamnit with the following: "inigmuh888: you should make a new forum thats better than the IGOD". Sandamnit decides to move forward with his software.
  • Sandamnit reopens 'The Unnamed Forum' out of spite for Emp, and gives it a new temporary name of 'Yeah Yeah Whatever'. It is invite only; IGOD members start flocking to it.
  • Sandamnit then comes up with the name 'Interesting Nonetheless' and registers the domain The acronym INTL is very quickly coined for the forum.
  • Sandamnit merges all the temporary forums (Beta Discussion, Outside Discussions) into a single forum: Inside Discussions. Wheezy remains the moderator for this new forum. (link)
  • After only about a day of posting, at least four users all claim they have made 100 posts already. Unsurprisingly, most of those posts are shitposts and contain low word counts.
  • Flaming Arrow asks what makes it 'Inside' Discussions. Wheezy brags about his Iron Maiden collection. Tyr brings up slavery for some reason. I'm starting to see a trend here. (link)
  • In a matter of a few days, most of the users that were once a part of IGOD have started posting at INTL. A number of users from HG's Outside Discussions start registering.
  • Sandamnit introduces a ton of new features not seen at IGOD or HG, including custom titles, karma, private messages and file uploads. The introduction of these features is huge.
  • A new forum for gaming and other nerd shit is created: Geek's Corner. Woadie is appointed its first moderator. Almost immediately the new users of INTL discuss Age of Empires.
  • Wheezy starts INTL's first version of HG's The Party Thread. It lasts for four pages before everyone gets bored with it. Nevertheless, the *action command* is a common sight. (link)
  • Tyr and wheezy complain that there's smilies on the forum. Flaming Arrow tells them to suck it up. Honestly, this is a really stupid thread again with *action commands* in it. (link)
  • Boutitben suggests creating a Hall of Fame and a Hall of Shame for the best and worst INTL threads, respectively. It's adopted and Sandamnit begins filling them with threads. (link)
  • Turns out that INTL's new server loads pages slower than the old one. Sandamnit is pissed! Others don't really notice anything wrong, because it's still faster than IGOD was. (link)
  • Tyr tries to claim that he's "not a racist." He says he makes racist comments to be ironic. Yeah, okay. The thread quickly devolves into another shitposting fest with folks. (link)
  • Baggy Brad had issues registering an account. Apparently he had registered two previous accounts, but had already forgotten the passwords for them. He is mocked for being old. (link)
  • Dungeon Siege is out! It's an action role-playing game that Sandamnit, TheShadowDawn, Ztolk and others really like. In the words of Sandamnit: "Goddamn this game kicks ass!" (
  • Flaming Arrow demands a 'divorce' from Sandamnit, after accusing him of improper behaviour. Sandamnit refuses to give him that pleasure. Jokes are made about this 'marriage'. (link)
  • Baggy Brad describes his favorite things about the show 'Passions', including his love of Timmy. This passion for 'Passions' will define him for the rest of his time at INTL. (link)
  • Mellie from HG is called a whore by Flaming Arrow. PR and Jimmy come to her defense. It turns out she's responsible for getting some pervs on HG banned. Good on her! (link)
  • Over at HG, Zen has reportedly banned former IGOD member Kingkerry. Ztolk reports on it at INTL. Dufus and a couple others remark about how they're banned from HG, too. (link)
  • Regulars Registered: PR, Tyr, izzy, The Phoenix, NNY, Sunny, Stormraider, Woadie, boutitben, drahnier, Dimi, Flaming Arrow, ice, Magus, Jimmy, Baggy Brad, Ztolk, Pluveto, dufus, Good OL MC, Ballard, Mr Pixies, emtilt, FC, Stevo

Chapter III: INTL v1.0

As Sandamnit finished tweaking Yeah Yeah Whatever, he felt it necessary to finally publish this new forum software to the public. This new publicized forum became known as INTL v1.0, a forum that remained without rules. INTL v1.0 quickly rose to a popularity that has remained unchallenged throughout INTL's history, as HG and recently forumless IGOD forumers flooded into the forum. Unfortunately this growth was not to last for long, as Sandamnit's temper flared towards Salamando, and he closed INTL 'indefinitely'.


April 2002

  • Sandamnit officially opens INTL to the public.
  • SomethingAwful does a funny April Fools joke. Sandamnit shares his contributions to it and other photoshop contests. (link)
  • Flaming Arrow starts up a regular "song of the week" discussion thread for every week. His choices are mostly metal and nu-metal.
  • TheShadowDawn asks how to abbreviate Interesting Nonetheless. Some folks suggest IN, others suggest Inno. Eventually everyone decides INTL is best. (link)
  • Stoffel shows up. INTL has its first Christian redneck. Drahnier ridicules him over his religion; Stoffel brushes it off. (link)
  • Flaming Arrow labels Tyr a spammer. Tyr is upset and threatens to ragequit. INTL's first drama! Sandamnit removes the label, and decides to make a poll. (link)
  • A poll asks whether or not to label Tyr a spammer. Tyr successfully defends himself. Ice says the label should be reserved for people they dislike. (link)
  • Drahnier does drugs cough medicine. Tyr appreciates his drug adventures. Ice mentions friends he knows who've tried cough syrup. (link)
  • Stoffel relates a story about his day that nobody cares about. He gets roasted by Ztolk and ice. (link)
  • Boutitben mentions how great it is to be on spring break; a bunch of users talk about how great it is. Damn everyone is so young here. (link)
  • Magus wonders what will happen to Emp now that IGOD is dead. Sandamnit gives Emp credit for being the reason INTL exists. (link)
  • There's talk about the US introducing colored money. Tyr is not happy about this! Kingkerry shows up and starts spewing homophobic bullshit. (link)
  • Jimmy is sexist towards his female coworkers. What a big surprise! For what it's worth, ice salvages the thread. (link)
  • Drahnier is home alone and he likes it. There is nostalgic talk about IGOD, and ice misses Frizzle's "someone stole my fucking shoe" thread. (link)
  • There is further discussion about IGOD nostalgia as Baggy Brad brings up the "if I met goldilocks" thread by stanknogger. Muzta doesn't know what IGOD is. (link)
  • Sunny asks what genre of music do people like to listen to and play. PR and Wheezy love metal and rock. Others are into classical. (link)
  • Ice suggests that boutitben is intersexual, and boutitben wants to know how he knows. There's talk about hermaphrodites. (link)
  • Emtilt makes the first serious thread on INTL; he asks for opinions on modern art. Most of INTL don't seem to "get" it. (link)
  • By April 8th, Flaming Arrow has already reached 1000 posts. And he's the second person to do so. Way too much spam. (link)
  • Flaming Arrow logs into ice's account and tells him to change his password. Then he does the same with Stoffel. Hilarity ensues! (link)
  • What is your religion? The vast majority at INTL are atheists. There's some agnostic and Christian people, and one Buddhist! (link)
  • Stormraider shows up and Sunny welcomes him. Azzie also shows up. It's an influx of HG regulars. (link)
  • Sandamnit brings back a classic thread from IGOD: coming up with children books by theferret. It's a thread to mock fundies. (link)
  • Muzta is impressed by how active INTL is! The replies are mostly spam. As expected. (link)
  • A number of users are highly amused that non-logged in visitors are labeled as "assholes." Multiple threads are made about this fact.
  • Do you think marijuana should be legal? Most say yes. Sunny says yes, but that she worries about any negative effects. Big long fucking debate. (link)
  • THS, Stevo and ice get into a long, heated debate about right-wing and left-wing political leanings. THS tries to defend the former. (link)
  • Tyr finds a hilarious photo of theferret at SPSW. People proceed to photoshop him onto things and with other people. (link)
  • Sandamnit asks about your favorite movies. Years later, INTLers rediscover the thread and question how poor and terrible their taste in movies had been. (link)
  • Sandamnit starts the first forum game - The Google Image Game - where you look up your name and find the worst image possible. (link)
  • By April 16th, INTL has already reached a major milestone: 10000 posts. Emtilt makes it. Everyone is impressed. (
  • Sandamnit is addicted to making photoshops for SomethingAwful. He somehow learns about furries while doing so, and is shocked. (link)
  • Flaming Arrow asks what the grossest thing you've ever done is. Almost all the responses are masturbation related. (link)
  • Tyr makes a thread to express his love for everyone. Baggy Brad doesn't buy it. Others share their love. (link)
  • Flaming Arrow heard gunshots in his neighborhood! NNY shares stories about the shittiness of his neighborhood. (link)
  • Sandamnit makes a thread daring people to post in it or have their post count drop by 500. NNY, wheezy and uselessinformation do it and Sandamnit obliges. (link)
  • Pluveto pisses off the old IGOD crowd by calling them Emp's bitches... and then they all start talking about how IGOD was great. (link)
  • A new forum for talking about music is created: Theater of Sound. PR is appointed its first moderator.
  • A new forum for serious discussions and debates is created: Serious Discussions. Spurlin and Pluveto are later chosen as its moderators.
  • The On-Topic Discussions forum is opened and boutitben and PR are appointed moderators. It is deleted not long after.
  • Sandamnit resigns from HeavenGames and ends up dedicating most of his free time to developing INTL. Zen is unimpressed by this. (link)
  • Regulars Registered: TheShadowDawn, Rolando, Guru, Stoffel, stew, Marcher, nimo, Tuesday, Phenix, Azzie, Muzta, MurphGuitar, Kyrie, Spurlin, uselessinformation, lovekills, Alyantis, theferret
May 2002
  • A little over 100 days into INTL, already folks are comparing their first posts on the forum. Sandamnit obviously wins. (link)
  • Muzta asks "what's your home page?" Turns out that most people have Hotmail as their home page. Sandamnit has his set to SomethingAwful. (link)
  • Lovekills doesn't understand why she can't post in the Hall of Fame. On finding out that it's for good threads, she decides to try to make one. (link)
  • Tyr believes that HG is dying. There's a general sentiment that HG is boring and repetitive, and the SPSW takes too long to load. (link)
  • Sunny is excited for the next Maxis game, Simcity 4. TPC and others share their interest in Simcity 3000, too. (link)
  • What's your favorite type of porn? Most people say softcore and lesbian overwhelmingly. At some point I guess porn was posted, too. (link)
  • The 'Terms of Service' is originally drafted due to the influx of morons, people posting fecal porn, bandwidth leeching, and so forth. (link)
  • Flaming Arrow notices pussinboots, a new user he doesn't recognize and who is a female friend of Sandamnit. She graces the forum with her presence. (link)
  • Weirdly wholesome for INTL at this time, a thread is created to discuss your favorite teacher. Again, a reminder that INTL was very young then. (link)
  • Lovekills is banned from SPSW and she doesn't know why! There is outrage and confusion. Sandamnit describes ways to abuse SPSW's forum software. (link)
  • There's a study that shows more orgasms is good for you. Y'all horny as fuck in this thread. (link)
  • A poll is created to determine if the 'Word Association' thread should be closed for attracting pointless spam. The result is a solid yes. (link)
  • Sandamnit makes a page to track bans. Fully Completely says that banned folks should be forced to read Sunny's posts. Sunny goes "no u". (link)
  • NNY creates a "drunk thread" which soon becomes INTL's second and most successful version of HG's The Party Thread. (link)
  • Star Wars Episode II is released. Most folks like it. Ice feels the Yoda fight was retarded. Pascal hates it cause he hates everything. (link)
  • Sandamnit ran some stats for INTL. Squareknight remarks that he must be REALLY bored. (link)
  • Multiple threads are created to ask who has the best avatar! The results are pretty evenly split, but PR ends up winning in the end. (
  • Are you gay or straight? 71% of the forum are straight males. 14% are straight or bi females. 6% are drahnier. (link)
  • Muzta is highly amused that visitors are now called "dirty hippies" and no longer "assholes." Sandamnit keeps changing it every week or so. (link)
  • Sandamnit announces that he is going to enlist in the US Army. (
  • Sandamnit introduces a default avatar for newbies, and makes it so you need 50 posts in order to change your avatar. There is wide support for this. (link)
  • Neo222 becomes INTL's first major ban. Drahnier asks why he's banned. It's due to a number of shitty spam threads he created. (link)
  • Tyr hates rats! He's had bad experiences with them! Folks share their own stories about dealing with rodents. OK. (link)
  • How many people on INTL smoke cigarettes? It turns out about 17% do. The rest either don't smoke or only smoke marijuana. (link)
  • Salamando has reached the 1000 posts club! By this point dufus already has 2519 posts, which is the highest. (link)
  • For the rest of the month, both Flaming Arrow and dufus have a competition to try to see who can make the most posts.
  • A guy named zen changes his name to Mingan so as to not get confused with HG's Zen. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief! (link)
  • What's the best music to listen to while stoned? Other than the bands you'd expect, there's a fair bit of metal, electronic, rap and alternative rock. (link)
  • Drahnier's house is pretty much a crackhouse. Apparently his parents left him with money for food, but he has spent it on alcohol. (link)
  • Sandamnit creates a frontpage for INTL called "Shitty Triad" in order to mock Emp's "Witty Tirade." It's funny, I guess. (link)
  • A poll is made asking who is a vegetarian. About 70% of the forum are carnivores. The guy named MeatLoafX is a vegetarian, who would've guessed? (link)
  • Do you feel accepted by INTL? It's, uh, evenly split. Most people say it feels like home, but a high number (of probably lurkers) voted no. (link)
  • Mr Pixies asks how old everyone is. Almost everyone is between 14-17. At 22, uselessinformation appears to be the oldest. (link)
  • Who Annoys The Fucking Shit Out Of You Most? Salamando, Flaming Arrow and Sunny rank the highest cause of how they write. It's true. It's really cringeworthy. (link)
  • Oh shit, drahnier's parents are coming home early! When they return, they bitch at him a bit but don't notice the missing beer. (link)
  • Apparently HG is full of kids? There's talk about how HG used to be soooooo cool, and how INTL is better. (link)
  • What do you want to do with your life? It's actually pretty depressing; NNY is about to be kicked out by his parents, and there's lots of alcoholics. (link)
  • How do you smoke your marijuana? Of the sixteen people who vote, 40% use pipes. Ice prefers bongs. NNY describes some of the pipes he's made. (link)
  • Pussinboots writes a poem. It's pretty long and also pretty angsty. Lovely Insanity loves it a lot, though, so at least there's that! (link)
  • Dimi creates a thread for designing a logo for INTL. He and others reply to eachother in 1337 speak the entire time. (link)
  • Jimmy works for AOL as a technical support rep, but he sucks at calling people on the phone. Others try to give him advice. (link)
  • Salamando is hospitalized after swallowing a plastic ball. He's rightfully called a dumbass. (link)
  • TerminusEst's post count is manually dropped after he floods the forum with spam. He whines and is thoroughly mocked for it. (link)
  • Dimi wants to know how many commandments you've broken. Most are truthful. Some are edgy with "thou shalt not kill." (link)
  • Already into lifting, Ztolk wants to know how much you can lift. At 14 he can bench 150lb and lift 400lb with his legs. (link)
  • Flaming Arrow and PR are appointed administrators. At which point, ice becomes the new moderator of Inside Discussions.
  • Regulars Registered: Mingan, Tartarus, Aetius, neo222, gimmeprozac, antpocas, Hasty, Squareknight, FISHMANPET, IB, Nail Bunny, Hpotter005, Kitabatake, Imperialist, Sint Paljaske, Bill, TerminusEst, Pascal, cornergraf
    Known bans: Neo222
June 2002
  • 2002 FIFA World Cup has started, and drahnier wants to know if you're watching. Most don't give a fuck, but Stormraider is interested! (link)
  • Are guys with long hair hot? Well as one of the only guys at INTL with long hair, drahnier is called hot. This is a weird thread. (link)
  • Who uses Trillian? Surprisingly a lot of people. They find it so much easier to manage their ICQ, AIM and MSN accounts. (link)
  • Who is the best drummer ever? It's a benign thread until years later when some newbie spams "SLIPKNOT" over and over again. Thread necromancy indeed. (link)
  • Dimi loves spending his free time in the summer reading books. So do Kyrie, Ice, Peach and others. Nerds. (link)
  • Flaming Arrow was kicked out of school for the day and he's also ill. Drahnier and others are upset that his school kicked him out. (link)
  • Flaming Arrow really fucking loves Mac and Cheese. He loves it so much he made two threads about it within days. (
  • Drahnier is bored. Flaming Arrow is bored. Everyone is goddamn bored, so they decide to spam INTL instead! (
  • Sandamnit makes a serious effort at creating a frontpage for INTL. It mimics the look of SomethingAwful, and is released on June 6th. (
  • Folks are encouraged to write articles for INTL's new frontpage. Flaming Arrow writes one about Allah vs. Vishnu. Somehow Emp and his weirdness gets brought up. (link)
  • Ice posts quotes from his high school yearbook. A bunch of people share quotes from their yearbooks. Others say they would never buy yearbooks. (link)
  • Mr Pixies discovers ebaumsworld. People are disgusted by that horrible, NSFW website. They want to gouge their eyes out. (link)
  • Stormraider makes a birthday thread for... himself. Yeah... (link)
  • Which drugs do you do? 47% say no drugs. 33% say only marijuana. 11% do a mix of drugs. There's a drugs are good/bad debate between NNY, Mingan and Saladin. (link)
  • Kyrie registers on another gaming site and she gets yelled at by the mods there. There's general praise that INTL is rule free and somewhat democratic! (link)
  • Studies show female breasts are getting bigger. Oh boy! It's a lot less exciting than you think. (link)
  • Apparently nobody has seen Fully Completely in a while. He stops by, but suggest he's more interested in SPSW and its 'serious' discussions. (link)
  • NNY receives praise from pussinboots for some reason. NNY says thank you. I guess she likes him cause he does a lot of drugs. (link)
  • Flaming Arrow asks PR whatever happened to Jazz, the green rabbit he'd add to every one of his posts. PR brings it back. Praise Jazz! (link)
  • Kyrie thinks the forum is dead. Uh, OK. Apparently Marcher and others have homework. Also everyone likes bowling. (link)
  • Dimi is leaving... for a family trip to Greece soon! Tyr roasts Rolando for being a 'dirty foreigner'. Flaming Arrow calls him racist. Tyr gets upset! (link)
  • Greenidentity was told offline that she's too fat and too ugly to date. NNY disagrees. Their conversation is a little adorable. (link)
  • Salamando is planning to drive through Sandamnit's hometown sometime soon. Sandamnit is willing to meet him, but nothing happens. :( (link)
  • NNY heard gunshots in his neighborhood! What's up with people from INTL hearing gunshots in their neighborhoods? (link)
  • The singer of the band Tool is dead, and NNY is really sad... except he's not actually dead and was tricked by a fake death website. LOL. (link)
  • Sandamnit notices that HG is really, really slow this month. He decides to share some of the server specs that make INTL so fast. (link)
  • Theferret shows up, and Flaming Arrow is shocked. Stormraider and wheezy get into a fight about... who was better at IGOD? OK. (link)
  • Flaming Arrow surpasses 4000 posts in three months. He appears to have the most posts of anyone. (link)
  • Drahnier talks to himself, especially when he's drunk. He also sings to himself, too. So does wheezy. (link)
  • Chimp shows up! Ztolk had invited him to join. He's having a hard time figuring out how INTL works. Lots of questions are asked. (link)
  • Boutitben, Dimi and others share their encounters with Christians. If only they knew all they had to do was go to HG. If only. (link)
  • Who has the worst custom title? Turns out it's Hasty. Nice little blast from the past when it comes to the titles back then. (link)
  • Pussinboots get booted as an admin and isn't happy! She gets into a fight with Sandamnit and wheezy. IRL drama ITT. (link)
  • Pluveto is fired as moderator of Serious Discussions and is replaced by ice. Salamando takes ice's place as moderator of Inside Discussions.
  • Shortly thereafter, Spurlin resigns as moderator of Serious Discussions and Kyrie is appointed moderator.
  • The karma feature is added. Almost immediately people start distributing karma to their favorite and least favorite forumers.
  • Regulars Registered: Saladin, Fisher, greenidentity, Roatigas, Chimp
July 2002
  • Retardation Station is created. The purpose behind this forum is to allow people to vent their pent up immaturity without cluttering up Inside Discussions with crap threads.
  • Sandamnit has a brief run in with some thugs from the Detroit Luv forum, due to certain members bandwidth leeching images.
  • Drahnier posts a bunch of pictures of himself and gets praised for being hot. What the hell kinda alternative universe am I in? (link)
  • People begin to suspect theferret is a smurf of Flaming Arrow because he's acting mature. Sandamnit confirms it's not a smurf. (link)
  • Do you have a job? 37% say yes, the rest say no. Turns out a lot of the younger folks have jobs, while the older folks do not. (link)
  • Salamando admits he hates PC culture. So does NNY. Kyrie doesn't mind it. Others just don't get it. (link)
  • Jimmy wins the first ever "Who Wants To Be A Moderator?" contest and is thusly made a moderator of Inside Discussions. (link)
  • Stormraider tries to create a 'free-for-all' thread. Ice calls for a chatroom. Nothing is done about that. (link)
  • Boutitben has the sudden urge to kill conservatives. Nobody really disagrees. (link)
  • NNY starts up a spam thread where it's revealed that drahnier eats peoples semen (:O) and NNY is a nigga... (link)
  • Who is the hottest Williams sister? It's uh... it's uh Robin Williams. (link)
  • In a thread about your favorite number, Melanie gets roasted for her math skills, and Peach gets hit on by both Flaming Arrow and Tyr. (link)
  • Fully Completely almost get arrested for possession of alcohol by a minor! Somehow it turns into a debate on guns. (link)
  • On July 8, INTL sets a new record in page views and posts. Sandamnit also posts a number of forum milestones, too. Neat. (
  • Sandamnit suggests that INTL draft a history timeline, like they have at HG. This timeline is born! (link)
  • Flaming Arrow has been unbanned at HG. He, NNY and Jimmy reminisce about the old days at HG. (link)
  • Sandamnit sets up a version of IGOD on INTL. He used an old backup. There's lots of nostalgia, of course. (link)
  • A woman named supersue shows up and claims NNY is hitting on her. It's a smurf. Peach has no idea what a smurf is. (link)
  • Peach produces a poetry thread. Read what the finest high school minds of INTL can come up with for poetry ITT. (link)
  • Tyr wants to know if anyone in INTL is homophobic. He sees it as a preference like a foot fetish. People accuse him of bigotry. (link)
  • On July 12, INTL crashes! It seems the harddrive the database is stored on ran out of space. Sandamnit fixes it within a day. Nothing is lost. (link)
  • Tyr asks you to evaluate other users of INTL. It goes over as well as you think it goes over. Lots of butthurt and Peach is gay! (link)
  • Tonight, on MTV: Lesbian russian cheerleaders in skimpy white clothing drench themselves with water and simulate sexual acts. (link)
  • Gwahir the Windlord is continuing his HG forum novel and wants to include INTL. Almost everyone gives the greenlight. No idea if it was published. (link)
  • Sunny is accepted as an alpha tester for Age of Mythology, the next Ensemble Studios game. Others also say that they have been selected. (link)
  • Multiple times throughout the month, NNY tries to get visitors to register. It leads to a few new people joining. (
  • Salamando discovers The N Forum, which caters to really young kids. He mocks them and calls for an invasion. Sandamnit is not impressed. (link)
  • Flaming Arrow has tried to revive an old IGOD staple, Cannibal Island. Unfortunately without Emp it never really took off. (link)
  • Ex-IGOD user FISHMANPET makes a post on another forum (Koolplace) calling for eugenics against dumb people. NNY, Peach and others are infuriated by this. (link)
  • Benze is banned! At HG, he not only bandwidth leeched a pic from INTL, but he used racist slurs in his posts. Sandamnit is not impressed. (link)
  • Stoffel has girl trouble. He's moving in his with girlfriend, but his Christian parents disapprove. Folks try to give him some heartfelt advice.
  • Drahnier and Salamando get into an edit war with eachother. Sandamnit asks the forum what to do, most just want to move on. Drama happens anyway. (link)
  • How do you hide *your* porn stash? TPC tries to keep his very hidden. Others for the most part just do not care. Also, Ashley doesn't understand porn. (link)
  • Sandamnit wants to know if people should be able to close their own threads. Yes barely wins. The No side is very vocal, though. (link)
  • Rolando has moved from Bolivia to the United States! He's welcomed with open arms, even by Tyr! (link)
  • Emp invades SPSW and Sandamnit is mad he doesn't post at INTL. Godwin's Law is alive ITT. Oh, and Sunny actually agrees with Jimmy for maybe the last time ever. (link)
  • Sandamnit considers vetting users before they can post. He'd call them INTL Illuminati. There's mixed feelings about this. (link)
  • According to some researchers, a meteor might strike the planet on February 1, 2019. NNY remarks how he'll be out there, watching it from his roof. :( (link)
  • Pussinboots creates a picture thread. At some point the women of INTL post their pics, and well, yeah, you can probably guess what happens next. (link)
  • Tartarus gets fired from HG because he posted negatively about HG at INTL. He says he doesn't care, but he really does care. (link)
  • Salamando tries to start up a game of MAFIA, but it gets derailed pretty quickly. Sad! (link)
  • Salamando posts a pic of scat. He and Stormraider get into an argument about forum rules. Sandamnit is unimpressed with Salamando's behaviour and bans him.
  • Forum drama ensues, which prompts Sandamnit to shut down INTL for what people thought would be indefinitely.
  • Regulars Registered: Burnt Corn, peach, Melanie, Lovely Insanity, Mr Bounce, Johnlee, Vash The Stampede, asthetik, Science Brad, Spongy, Soccy, QE
    Known bans: Benze, Salamando

Chapter IV: INTL v1.5

With the prospect of INTL remaining 'indefinitely' closed, the users of INTL scattered to other online communities. Some users went back to HG or ventured into SPSW in the hope that they could reintegrate; others decided to create their own forums using websites with pre-built, free forum software. The most successful of these forums - one created by NNY - is now long forgotten and lost to history. Thankfully for INTL's sake, by the end of the month Sandamnit chose to re-open INTL.


August 2002

  • With INTL presumably closed indefinitely, its regulars all disperse to other places, including HG and SPSW.
  • NNY makes a forum using free software. He calls it INTL v1.5. It's popular with folks from INTL, but there's no record of it now.
  • HG: Salamando complains about his ban from INTL. Sandamnit and other INTL regulars get into an argument over how bad Salamando's actions were. (link)
  • HG: By this point, users of HG's Outside Discussions forum talk a lot about going to church and their struggles with being good Christians. Whoo boy.
  • HG: Peach and Icefyre get caught up in a discussion about the differences between men and women. Somehow it becomes about religion.
  • HG: Uselessinformation gets his nipples pierced. He's asked by another user if he has found Jesus yet because Jesus says Hi.
  • HG: NNY celebrates his birthday! He seems to be struggling to fit into HG again. Many users don't approve of his drug use and smoking.
  • HG: Tyr and PR also celebrate their 14th and 17th birthdays, respectively. There's a bit of a reunion of INTL folks.
  • SPSW: It appears SPSW goes down periodically throughout the month. And it's slow! Iron Heart is having problems with his server again.

Chapter V: INTL v2.0

INTL is re-opened as INTL v2.0, and its popularity grows yet again as its former users pour back into it, and new users from many varying communities discover it. INTL at this time is a forum rampant with drama and 'flame wars'. The admins and mods rule with an iron fist inspired by SomethingAwful and its style of moderation. This chapter ends with Sandamnit deciding to re-work and improve upon the forum software.


September 2002

  • Sandamnit reopens INTL to the public after a few days of it being invite-only. (link)
  • A bunch of new features are introduced including changes to file uploads, polls with multiple votes, and thread tags. (link)
  • There are mixed feelings about thread tags. Most people feel they're a good idea, but the vote to keep them is pretty close. (
  • Sandamnit asked for ideas for forums. Tyr suggests The Gallery, a place to post your art and shit. Peach and emtilt become its first moderators! (
  • Wheezy is made an administrator. A new guy, mirthalac, replaces him as moderator of Inside Discussions. Peach and others hav no idea who he is. (
  • Flaming Arrow posts a link to the purity test. The vast majority of users who take the test are 66% pure. That's... pretty high, actually. (link)
  • Tyr tries unsuccessfully to start a forum game of Economy, but few people really understand it and it ends abruptly. (link)
  • Flaming Arrow has a run in with a bunch of AIM porn bots. Jimmy mocks him and tells him to ignore them, but he enjoys it too much. (link)
  • What should the US and the world do about Iraq? There's wild speculation about WMDs ITT. Few people want a war, though. (link)
  • It's the first day of school for a lot of folks. They post their class schedules and their plans for the year. Adorable. (link)
  • Sandamnit travels to Madison, Wisconsin for a SomethingAwful goon meet. He ends up meeting up with mirthalac, NNY, Vash the Stampede, and Nail Bunny. (
  • It's unclear if Sandamnit wants to continue with the frontpage. Sadly, few people contribute articles to it, despite promising to do so. (link)
  • Stoffel now hates President Bush, is trying to quit smoking, and got kicked out of church. Not everyone believes him, but the ones who do congratulate him. (
  • After two months, Baggy Brad can finally take the cast off his broken leg and wear pants. He's overjoyed. Shorts are the enemy! (link)
  • What new games are worth getting? The results are in, and it's a split between Age of Mythology, GTA 3, and Metal of Honor: Allied Assault. (link)
  • It's wheezy's birthday, and he's turned 16! Other people are turning or have turned 16 too. Peak teenage INTL time. (link)
  • The Phoenix is banned from HG for making fun of another user there! Tyr talks about being banned, too. People hate HG's moderation. (link)
  • In honor of the 1st anniversary of 9/11, Baggy Brad posts a bunch of joke stories about it that some people take too seriously. (
  • Stoffel orders a vibrating harry potter broom sex toy (yes, you heard that right). He flirts with everyone. Peach wants to see his girlfriend ride it! (link)
  • Sandamnit just doesn't understand why people care about post counts. Not many really care about their posts counts, but they do care about their karma. (link)
  • Sandamnit will read your posts and make a MP3 of it. Unfortunately none of the MP3s currently work, but people claim he has a very, very nice voice. (link)
  • Peach told her parents that she's gay. A lot of hugs and respect are given. (link)
  • Pussinboots is the first person to be banned for using one of the MODS ONLY thread tags. Her thread is interestingly entitled, "SANDAMNIT". (link)
  • Baggy Brad is thinking of reviving his online journal. That journal is still around today. (link)
  • What do you use: cable, DSL or dial-up? About half use cable. 26% use dial-up. The others use DSL. (link)
  • Guess who's back? It's ice. His PC was broken. He bemoans being back in school, but at least he has his driver's license now. (link)
  • Some random newbie teases Peach. Being one of the only active female INTLers at the time, the horny and geeky teenage population try to flirt with her. (link)
  • Sandamnit hosts a competition to see who can become forum president. NNY wins. It doesn't actually mean anything though... (link)
  • Muzta notices a lot of new people at INTL, some not even from HG. Asthetik introduces himself. (link)
  • Is Good OL MC more sexy or cute? 85% find him just cute. Ouch. (link)
  • Sunny is elected as the moderator of the Serious Discussions forum. (link)
  • Salamando is banned for being a dumbass. Then, he is banned again just for safe measure.
  • Sandamnit leaves for the Army. Much sadness ensues, doves cry, and all that jazz. (
  • Regulars Registered: mirthalac, MBS, kham, Bon, Surt, Sonofvendettazchild
    Known bans: pussinboots, Salamando (x2)
October 2002
  • Salamando is unbanned. On an unrelated side note, the average IQ of INTL drops by 17.5 points.
  • Rasher stops on by to ask if Kman ever posts in INTL. Kman briefly blesses us with his presence. Nice! (
  • People keep making two or three word posts, and Flaming Arrow has had enough. This doesn't stop ice though. He trolls. Others troll. Troll thread. (link)
  • Soccy's best friend dies in a car accident. It's a really rough discussion about how fucked up our lives are and can be. (link)
  • Peach is having a hard time with life and just feels like crying. Sunny comes in to provide some emotional support. It's a little heartwarming. (link)
  • Flaming Arrow hosts another competition for the best avatar. Sandamnit beats izzy 18 to 13. (link)
  • Some chick in the news rips off her boyfriend's testicles. For some reason Peach is unbearably horny and flirtatious with everyone ITT. (link)
  • Flaming Arrow and wheezy start up more picture threads. You know, the downside of these picture threads is none of the photos survive. :( (
  • Are kids getting into sex too early? There's a big debate about homosexuality and misunderstandings about 'choosing' to be gay. (link)
  • Peach discovers the horrible fundamentalism of HG user Clarissimus. She ends up defending herself from INTL's remaining Christian members. (link)
  • Lovekills gets spam email that says "Fuck's Somebody's Wife Tonight." A ton of people find INTL through Google from this thread. Still do, actually. (link)
  • Flaming Arrow makes a guide for newbies. Over the next year, newbies regularly spam it with random shit and the rest of us act pretty hostile towards them. (link)
  • As of Oct 10th, INTL now has 40000 posts in Inside Discussions. Stormraider and Kitabatake both claim it. Flaming Arrow tries to mediate. (link)
  • Would you beat someone up you've known for years? TPC wants to. 88% of the forum would. There's a debate about using violence. (link)
  • Bill and antpocas insult a program called Sokkit, thus prompting the creator to register and literally own the shit out of them. (link)
  • A rather neat discussion: how do you dress and for who? Unsurprisingly, most people prefer jeans and t-shirts and try to dress for comfort. (link)
  • Soccy is changing his wardrobe; he wants to look less humorous. Dimi, Marcher, ice and others offer links to places for him to check out. It works. (link)
  • Which is the best instant messaging program? At this time it's overwhelmingly MSN followed by AIM and ICQ. (link)
  • What was the first video game you remember playing? Any guesses? It's more than likely gonna be Super Mario, duh. (link)
  • NNY tries desperately to attract new people. He notices INTL is deader than usual. It probably doesn't help that the site's byline still says INTL is down... (
  • Dimi wants to know how you found INTL: 45% found it through HG; 20% from IGOD. The rest are a mix of other sites. (link)
  • Wheezy writes an article about abortion. It spawns a passionate abortion debate between Peach, asthetik, Tyr, Alyantis and Dimi. Fun. (link)
  • Halloween is coming up. What's your coolest costume? Dimi was Santa Claus once... and he insists it's the funniest thing ever. (link)
  • Fight of flight? Most people would fight. Dimi, on the other hand, just wishes he could be spiderman... or maybe the girl that rejects spiderman. Huh? (link)
  • Another thread asking about your age, but this time uselessinformation is not the oldest. That honor now goes to Lovely Insanity at 36. (link)
  • Flaming Arrow hosts the inaugural Forum Survivor, where you vote off a Retardation Station mod each day. NNY wins against Dimi on the last day, 12 to 10. (link)
  • Emtilt is banned by mirthalac for trolling one of mirthalac's threads. Discussions ensue and he is unbanned a week later.
  • Nail Bunny ends up lecturing NNY for not going to school and Peach just because. NNY doesn't want to go to school. It doesn't mean a whole lot to him. (link)
  • TPC dreamt about removing his shirt and wakes up with his shirt off. Drahnier dreamt about fucking his mother. This is some truly freudian shit. (
  • HG: TheShadowDawn takes over as the webmaster in charge of Age of Mythology Heaven. Soccy is a staff member there.
  • Regulars Registered: Budzpip, shelper, dramamine
    Known bans: emtilt, Faction, ice, Jimmy, Kman, Peach, Spitfire
November 2002
  • November is off to a great start: A kid from Dimi's school died. He tells the story. Others tell their similar stories of student life and death. Depressing, yet cathartic. (link)
  • November is still off to a great start: Tartarus hates feminists. Peach tries to defend the concept of feminism, but most people agree... feminists suck. (link)
  • Drahnier is frustrated with his mom and has physical fights with his dad. NNY offers him a place to live in America. It's fitting; NNY keeps dreaming about him. (
  • Lovely_Insanity marries danielle in INTL's first ever lesbian marriage. Adorable.
  • Flaming Arrow hosts a competition for the best signature? Dimi beats boutitben 16 to 4. He didn't even stand a chance! (link)
  • MBS, Stevo and Jimmy get into a fight about how much the Republicans suck. Dimi's a Liberatarian! (link)
  • Spongy shows up and is overly hostile and spams a bunch of threads, including one where wheezy shows off his Halloween costume. He's not impressed! (
  • In a thread about racism, Spongy trolls a bunch of users including Stevo, Jimmy and a new user, JamesMartigo. (link)
  • Stoffel's girlfriend registers an account and creates a thread introducing herself, which is later sent to the Hall of Shame. (link)
  • Stormraider is not comfortable with NSFW avatars! Flaming Arrow is upset that he can't have a NSFW avatar. Something something pussy avatar. (link)
  • Nimo gives blood to get out of doing a paper. He passes out at some point. Giving blood is a blast. (link)
  • What instruments do INTLers play? Drums and bass reign supreme, oh and trumpets too. Dimi doesn't understand why people like bass so much. (link)
  • Soccy wants help picking a middle name since he has none. Eventually Alexander wins. You know I have no idea if he actually went through with this. (
  • Age of Mythology is released. Already there are wild expectations for the expansion pack! (
  • Sandamnit is able to pay a visit from boot camp! People want him to fix all the bugs and problems they keep finding. Melanie and Tyr flirt. (link)
  • Asthetik starts the first forumer awards. Who wins? No idea. It dies abruptly. (link)
  • Zippo shows up and wants to know... who is your weirdest crush? Hers is Drew Carey. Sunny has a gothic vampire thing going on. Most others are pretty normie. (link)
  • So ice is bored and doesn't really know what to do. Soccy plays Age of Mythology when he's bored. NNY just makes nonsense threads when no one is around. (link)
  • Is it about time drahnier finds a girlfriend? Zippo suggests masturbation. JamesMartigo flirts with her. Sexy vagina chat ITT. (link)
  • Flaming Arrow gets a new PC, and it runs on Windows XP. How spiffy! It gives everyone a chance to talk about their PC specs and their 17" CRT monitors. (link)
  • Thai Stick Nick finds his way to INTL and asks "is everyone's life as fucked up as mine?" Fighting immediately ensues. He is banned. Stevo and Jimmy are also banned.
  • Uselessinformation posts a picture of his penis in a Retardation Station thread titled, "ladies and gentlemen, my cock." Yep. INTL RAWKS! (link)
  • Both Stew and ice are elected as moderators of the Theater of Sound. (link)
  • Regulars Registered: Vervet, JamesMartigo, Etonicas, Wyrm Assassin, Zippo, Defunkt, swiss, Lyle, ExtraKryspi
    Known bans: Jimmy, Spongy, Steve, Thai Stick Nick
December 2002
  • A sports-focused forum, The Arena, is created. Asthetik and Tyr are elected its first moderators. (
  • Pussinboots starts posting as dramamine. By this point Peach has changed her name from danielle.
  • If a thread reaches 1000 posts, Salamando vows never to post at INTL again. Within days it reaches 1025. Shameful attention whoring. He's banned. (link)
  • Both wheezy and nimo write for a site called Useless Static. Baggy Brad talks about his own blog site, too. (link)
  • Ztolk starts a thread where you group the titles given to you. There's lots of participation in this, and some of the titles are hilarious. (link)
  • Forum Blind Dating Service! Drahnier and Peach have a pretty lackluster attempt at a date on AIM. Zippo is disappointed that it's too PG. (link)
  • Drahnier finds out he has aspergers. There's a bit of a debate about whether aspergers is autism and is actually real. Hmm. (link)
  • Chains, who is 14, is having serious girl problems. There's a debate about whether you can have a serious sexual relationship at 14. (link)
  • Dimi decides to take everyone's photo and make a collage. The collage survives to this day. It becomes an INTL icon. (link)
  • Sandamnit briefly returns from basic training. He asks the newbies to introduce themselves to him. He then sets up a Q&A about boot camp. (
  • NNY got charged with possession of a controlled substance. He's mad angry at the justice system; think it's totally corrupt. (link)
  • Pennsylvania now requires students to say the pledge of allegiance and Dimi is pissssed. Wheezy doesn't understand why he cares. Stoffel and uselessinformation fight. (link)
  • What did you want for Christmas? What did you get? Lots of video game consoles and electronics. We're all a bunch of nerds, I tell ya. (
  • Soccy is interested in whether Stoffel makes ancient armor. This gives a chance for Stoffel to show off his armor collection. Impressive! (link)
  • Flaming Arrow hosts the second Forum Survivor, where you vote off a Retardation Station mod each day. It's a tie on the final day between Soccy and Zuri! (link)
  • Someone is stealing IB's cable! Vervet offers her army of monkeys to help fix it. It ends up being resolved without their violent vigilantism. (link)
  • Boutitben turned 18 and the US government forced him to sign up for selective service. Does this mean there's a draft? Nah, he's safe. For now. (link)
  • An innocent thread about GTA 3 ends up turning into an argument about video game violence between some guy named SNR and Peach. Lovely. (link)
  • Let's make up insane racial stereotypes! Dimi, Tartarus and Soccy end up making the best ones. (link)
  • There is once again a competition to see who has the best avatar. In a tight race against Soccy and stew, JamesMartigo wins with 38% of the vote. (
  • What form of music do you enjoy? 25% of the forum like rock or metal. 20% prefer punk. 14% prefer classical... and the rest are a mix of other genres. (link)
  • Favorite celebrity crush? Lots of Eliza Dushku fans. There's some Matt Damon, Will Sasso, Melissa Joan Hart fans. Zippo still craves Drew Carey. (link)
  • The INTL Map is announced. Its purpose is to give a visual representation of where various forumers live through the world. (link)
  • Sandamnit starts up a "Choose Your Own Adventure" forum game. It ends up turning into a fun little story. Wholesome. (
  • Have you ever been stalked? Well, Sunny has and both Melanie and Vervet try to figure out why she let it go on so long (EDIT: Good news, the stalker moved). (link)
  • Marcher starts a minigolf tournament in which forumers compete against each other in an online minigolf game. Eventually, people lost interest. (link)
  • Flaming Arrow hosts another attempt at forumer awards. After several days of voting, the results are announced on the last day of the year. (link)
  • Inuyasha registers and creates a thread using the BANME tag. He is thusly banned. He then goes to SPSW, bitches about it, then cleverly dubs Flaming Arrow, "Flaming Faggot".
  • Bored on New Years Eve, Sandamnit creates six personal forums for Peach, NNY, Sunny, uselessinformation, Ztolk and Tyr. None of them survived for long.
  • Various new features are added: an event calendar, new private message layout, and a picture gallery for photos of INTL users.
  • HG: By this point, Surt, British Agent and Sith have become regulars at AoMH. Nick would become a regular there starting in March 2004.
  • Regulars Registered: icewyvern, NZ_Dreamer, blacksun, kittenhammer, Jesus, Andy_DV, Zeus, SmallFry, dr_evil, noose, abused, Samson, Sukkit, SNR, Ileus, Mojo, Nemesis, Vlad, THS
    Known bans: Acidica, Mercenary, Monkeybone, Norbert Whooer, Salamando
January 2003
  • Sandamnit taunts Peach with the idea of becoming an administrator. She still has yet to become one.
  • Sandamnit's two-week leave ends and he is forced to return to the state of Georgia to continue his military training.
  • Tyr gets pissed off about the possibility of Peach becoming an administrator. He posts a rather long chatlog between him and her, which leads to forum drama and the return of Emp.
  • Emp creates a rather fucking hilarious thread in Retardation station titled, "An Open Letter from IClan_Emporer to Danielle and Tyr." (link)
  • FISHMANPET starts the thread "you give me characters, I write porn stories." It's quite successful, and several orgasms result from its creation. (link)
  • The above thread spawns a parody thread by Dimi entitled "you give me characters, I write horrible porn stories."
  • Mojo encourages the creation of short pieces of poetry. Plenty of users have fun with this. (link)
  • Jimmy wants to know... where would INTL host a meetup? There's a bunch of talk about how Missouri is the best and worst location to have it. (link)
  • Jimmy has had a rough last year. He thanks Melanie for being his friend. He keeps calling her darlin'. I think he has a crush. (link)
  • Drahnier introduces the game Nation States to the forum. Chimp has no idea how to play it. Antpocas has no idea who Chimp is. Drahnier seems to be the only one playing. (link)
  • Chimp could've died! He and his friend hit a deer! There's talk about how deer are everywhere and they're vermin and it's all a little sad. (link)
  • Are your parents divorced or still married? 70% are still married. A bunch of folks were born out of wedlock, though. (link)
  • It's NFL playoff time! Who's gonna win the Superbowl? Oakland or Tampa Bay? Most INTLers vote for Oakland. The winner was Tampa Bay. (
  • Well it was bound to happen eventually. Which INTL user would you want to have a kid with? Lots of people want Soccy as a dad, and Vervet as a mom. (link)
  • The OMG! tag is altered slightly. Its color is changed from orange to blue, and a small black border is added around the edge. (link)
  • Izzy makes a comic that features INTL users. It's really well done and everyone loves it. Sadly it doesn't survive. (link)
  • The first of the SpankMag refugees start showing up on INTL, starting with Adam, his friend Coca-Cola, Skye, and then later on kayte and just_dandy.
  • Adam introduces himself to the forum, and he's a disturbing weirdo. He keeps having episodes, which suggests he might have a problem (ie. mental illness). (link)
  • After Zippo changes her avatar to a picture of Darkwing Duck's arch-nemesis Negaduck, JamesMartigo makes a thread asking her to change it back. This starts a Disney avatar fad! (link)
  • Dimi brings up school crushes. The women of INTL share their stories about boys. Melanie also flirts with JamesMartigo. (link)
  • A game is made where replies must be written in song titles. None of it makes sense in context. (link)
  • After Dimi and Pascal both post their baby pictures, a huge battle ensues. Folks must determine who is the cutest baby. In the end, Dimi beat out Pascal 25 to 6. (
  • Stoffel needs to know... why don't women not respect their power over men? Mojo suggests women are more powerless than people think. Lots of flirting ITT. (link)
  • Soccy really wants to hold an INTL meetup in Missouri. There's talk about actually doing it, maybe, but people don't want to go to Missouri. I don't blame them. (link)
  • NNY gets kicked out of his parents' house. Luckily, he eventually finds a spare room at his buddy Jeremy's house; Jeremy would later register as Calagorm. (link)
  • A newbie mentions how he tried to kill himself. Most INTLers are pretty self-righteous in viewing suicide as selfish, and criticize him for it. NNY is sympathetic. (link)
  • Review a book. For a thread with a boring premise, it actually turns out to be hugely popular with the masses. Peach does a great job keeping track of the reviews. (link)
  • NNY visits greenidentity; apparently they are now dating. Drahnier's secretly jealous inside; NNY was his! :( (link)
  • Adam rants about his experiences on SpankMag. And then there's some talk about women and a woman named Bertha there. (link)
  • Skye asks "how many of you have broken your boyfriend's penis?" NNY knew a guy once, and so did dramamine. Yikes! (link)
  • Baggy Brad starts a photoshop competition, which becomes incredibly popular. Hundreds of entries are submitted, but in the end, blacksun comes out on top. (link)
  • Zippo sets up her first INTL Confessional, a thread where you can confess guilty past actions. It's the start of something beautiful. (link)
  • The forum custom title craze is started when the name of Retardation Station is changed to "Retardation Station: Fucked Your Mother." (link)
  • Regulars Registered: Nazgul4591, BalsaWoodKeyboard, GrahamStokley, Adam, Skye, Mr Excitable, Scott, digit, the_winged_cock, Arnok
    Known bans: Confederate, Stevo, True Canadian
February 2003
  • Throughout the month there are numerous photoshop contests hosted by Dimi, blacksun and nimo. (
  • SPSW goes down and it seems it might be permanent. It isn't, but there's still a recruitment drive to attract SPSW users to INTL. (link)
  • Lots of threads are made about the future: Do you plan to go to college? What do I do for the rest of my life? Existentialism reigns supreme. (
  • NNY420 shows up and gets called stupid for the way she writes. Parallels are made between her and Sunny when she first started at INTL. (link)
  • Flaming Arrow starts up a INTL'Ville in The Sims. I remember this! It was fucking hilarious! (link)
  • Melanie's cousin Kevin is in the news for committing a crime! TPC calls him a dumbass. Others think he's brave for what he did. (link)
  • One of PR's musician buddies comes by INTL to ask him to help write tunes. Nobody gets why he didn't just contact him by phone. (link)
  • Adam gets a call from the RCMP for posting shit porn on some forum. Or at least that's what he claims. Do you buy it? I don't buy it. (link)
  • Adam publishes his poetry and it's uh... terrible. But at least Zippo tries to offer him some constructive criticism. (link)
  • A thread on golden showers. It's certainly something. Some people just love being pissed on and pissing on others. (link)
  • Do you care if people offline know about INTL? Swiss is totally comfortable with it, but Vervet is not. Some see INTL as a safe space of sorts. link)
  • NNY is having a great time living with Calagorm and his other roommates. He gives INTL a virtual tour of their apartment. (
  • Dramamine posts a thread in which you MSPaint valentines for your favorite forumers, in honor of Valentine's Day. The thread is incredibly successful. (link)
  • Baggy Brad writes a scathing review of Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. While ice likes it, Stormraider criticizes the way he writes and how witty he is. (link)
  • The SpankMag folks congregate into their own thread. They're welcomed at first, but then it devolves into SpangMag drama involving Adam and the site's owner or someshit. (link)
  • It's February 18th and Zippo is having a bummer day and needs to be cheered up. I dunno if it works, but at least they tried. (link)
  • A bunch of drama breaks out after Baggy Brad makes a thread saying kids with Down Syndrome look funny. (link)
  • Wheezy bans NNY420 for spamming and then deletes her account, much to the chagrin of the rest of the forum. He later apologizes and NNY420 re-registers as Spazz. (link)
  • Flaming Arrow owns the shit of some lame legendary game designer at an Everquest forum. The people rejoice. (link)
  • Asthetik quits HG. Wheezy had no idea he worked there. People are still surprised that Mingan is not actually Zen. (link)
  • Melanie makes a birthday thread for Jimmy. There is some very obvious sexual tension between these two. (link)
  • An Indian doctor makes a penis transplant, and ice is impressed. The thread doesn't go quite as he likes, and he ends up missing dufus. (link)
  • Mojo makes a birthday thread for Dimi. There is some very obvious sexual tension between these two. ;) (link)
  • Spazz is having a really hard time integrating into INTL. She tries to thank people for helping her. Peach is finding the hate for Spazz old already. (
  • Spazz wants to write a story about INTL, but not many people have faith in her ability to write. She gets flamed a bit. (link)
  • Baggy Brad asks for a gender identifier on user profiles, and so it is done. Couldbeme is pleased that now everyone will know she's a woman. (link)
  • Swiss creates a thread in which he photoshops the panties off of an attractive brunette. Adam gets creamed by Flaming Arrow for talking about his cock too much. (link)
  • Both NNY and greenidentity meet up and take a ton of photos. They look like a very happy couple. Greenidentity gets a lot of praise for being hot. (
  • NNY finds out one of his roommates accidentally got him in trouble with the landlord. He's not supposed to be in the apartment. Will he be kicked out? (link)
  • Mr. Rogers dies of stomach cancer, and the entire forum mourns the loss of one of America's greatest men. (link)
  • Sandamnit reports from Georgia that he is considering creating INTL merchandise. Oh, and he has also set up an Amazon wishlist if anyone wants to buy him things. (link)
  • Regulars Registered: CloverPatch, Coca-Cola, Wanderlust, spoon, Franks Koolaid, Spazz, couldbeme, PopRocks
    Known bans: antpocas, NNY420, Pascal, the_winged_cock
March 2003
  • After a suggestion by Baggy Brad, a new forum is created for relationship and intimate discussions: The Erogenous Zone (TEZ).
  • Salamando gets banned from the SomethingAwful forums, then decides to come back to INTL and cause some havoc. He is then promptly banned.
  • Which INTL forummers would you like to have sex with? A lot of people crave Zippo and Smokey. Peach is intimidated by Zippo. (link)
  • Describe what sex would be like with the person who posted before you. Heh. The best part is Adam gets skipped multiple times. (link)
  • Swiss, NNY and others share their love of vodka in a thread where some smurf tried to unsuccessfully rile up the forum. (link)
  • PR creates a thread calling out Adam and IB, which then results in Adam getting banned. When Sandamnit finds out about this, he's not impressed with how it went down. (link)
  • Sandamnit reasseses the staff. PR and wheezy are removed as admins. Mirthalac and Baggy Brad are made admins. NNY is made a mod of Inside Discussions. Mojo is made a mod of Serious Discussions. (link)
  • BalsaWoodKeyboard is accidentally banned after Sandamnit bans Salamando's ISP. He is without the forum for hours until Sandamnit fixes the problem, and he then returns. (link)
  • A Singaporean dude from SPSW named icewyvern shows up, and confusion abounds between him and resident regular ice. He's renamed "Shitty Ice." (link)
  • Arnok starts a thread where you post snippets of conversations or quotes you've witnessed or had with others. Funny, out-of-context quotes ITT. (link)
  • Flaming Arrow is having trouble with his neighbors. The forum populace is shocked to learn he lives in a trailer park. Dimi and Magus bicker about the concept of nationality. (link)
  • Sandamnit announces that he'll be going to Korea in July. He also wants to make plans to organize an INTL meet before he leaves. (link)
  • Flaming Arrow starts a thread entitled "jokes about forumers" in which forummers make jokes directed at others. It's quite popular, and pretty dang LOL worthy. (link)
  • Forum Survivor 3 kicks off. It ends with Blacksun and Jimmy at a tie, and they are both allowed to be moderators of Retardation Station for a month. (link)
  • An ugly person was fired for being ugly at McDonald's. Smokey and others don't see a problem, but Mojo feels that ain't right. Argument ensues. (link)
  • Sandamnit is considering adding banner ads to INTL to recoup some money from server upkeep. (link)
  • Loudspoken Intellectual, an SPSW user, arrives at INTL and immediately flaunts his galaxy brain. He fails terribly, and has his name changed to Loudspoken Fucking Retard. (link)
  • TPC melts part of his TV with a lamp. Flaming Arrow, ice and Dimi roast him for it. (link)
  • Arnok is pressured into a talk about drugs with his parents. NNY feels the pain. Lots of solidarity shared with him. (link)
  • Coca-Cola creates a thread entitled "choose or draw a picture best describing the person who posted before you". It is incredibly successful and a lot of fun. (link)
  • A bug in the karma system is discovered where if you click the link to give someone karma multiple times, you end up giving them loads of extra karma. (link)
  • Is it wrong to be gay? Is homosexuality curable? Long drawn out debates ITTs. (
  • Tyr makes a pretty damn good post celebrating one year at INTL. It causes everyone to celebrate their own one year anniversaries. (link)
  • Sandamnit asks Spazz if she will have sex with him for $500. She agrees, and they plan on having sex when Sandamnit visits Madison in July. (
  • Mingan, who lives in the Netherlands, flies out to meet Peach, who lives in Canada. The forum automatically assumes they both had dirty immigrant sex, but both parties deny it. (link)
  • Adam starts the "Hottest Male Forumer" (link) and the "Hottest Female Forumer" contests. Lots of whining ITTs. (
  • Stevo starts the "What Do I Think of You?" trend with his similarly titled thread. (link)
  • HG: Soccy takes over from TheShadowDawn as the webmaster in charge of AoMH. He hires Sunny to help with the site. This is Sunny's second time as HG staff.
  • Regulars Registered: Chire, byc, Yogi, Calagorm
    Known bans: Adam, Brad4321, drahnier, Goatsexer, Loudspoken Intellectual, Salamando
April 2003
  • By this point increasingly more and more users are posting in Retardation Station. Inside Discussions and the other forums see a slight dropoff in activity.
  • Flaming Arrow creates a new "Post Your Photo!" thread. This one is rather popular and exceeds the 300 reply mark. (link)
  • Forum Survivor IV is created by Jimmy. It's not very popular, and I don't think it was ever finished. (link)
  • In honor of April Fools' Day, Flaming Arrow offers users the ability to change their usernames. A number of users switch to their now-more-common username variations. (link)
  • MurphGuitar creates a really stupid thread, wondering why Sunny's allowed to remain a mod when she's staff at HG. He gets flamed for thinking INTL is anti-HG. (link)
  • Following the above thread, MurphGuitar quits his job as a moderator of TEZ. Vervet and Soccy end up replacing him.
  • Should descendants of slaves get reparations? Skye wants to know. Ice thinks it's stupid. Mojo criticizes Skye for the cost of it, and then she later has a spat with Smokey. (link)
  • Is it ever OK to... hit a female? Skye says yes. Spazz says yes. Smokey and most guys say no, but Soccy says sure. Equality and shit. (link)
  • Adam was mean to a girl and now she wants to kill herself. Vervet tries to reassure him it's not his fault that she made those threats, but he panics anyway. (link)
  • Flaming Arrow hosts yet another best avatars contest. Ultimately, blacksun ends up beating out both Vervet and Jimmy. (
  • Sandamnit changes his avatar back to the much loved animated Cookie Monster, and celebration ensues. (link
  • Adam creates a thread entitled "Classic Threads Over the Past Few Months," yet he only posts links to threads he made or was a part of. PR roasts him and he runs off in shame. (link)
  • Drahnier is banned for flaming and trolling in TEZ, and decides he never wants to return. Even after he is unbanned, he fails to return until much later in the month. (link)
  • Adam makes a goodbye thread in Inside Discussions with the BANME tag. He is promptly banned. (link)
  • Boutitben is getting his wisdom teeth removed. Ice insists on taking ALL the painkillers, and then selling them after. Chimp has apparently has 14 teeth pulled already. (link)
  • The forum rules are amended to list details about smurfing as a bannable offense after banned users (eg. Adam) create fake accounts and return repeatedly. (link)
  • A screenshot of the admin forum is leaked (harhar) showing a thread where Sunny posts her nudes! OMG! Sadly they're password protected. :( (link)
  • Flaming Arrow sets up a best screennames contest. In the end Sandamnit beats drahnier 19 to 10. (
  • Who on INTL has ADD? The answer? A ton of people. It's like fucking "I'm Spartacus" ITT. (link)
  • Which INTL subforums do you use the most? Most people use Retardation Station and Inside Discussions. After that it's TEZ followed by Serious Discussions. (link)
  • The women of INTL create a 'sleepover' thread. It starts out fairly estrogen-centric before the boys (Flaming Arrow, Arnok, etc.) crash the party. (link)
  • Melanie drives out and visits Sandamnit, who is currently stationed in Georgia. At first they deny it, but they had sex. (
  • Peach moves all the way from her boyhood home in Alberta, Canada to live with Calagorm and NNY in Madison, Wisconsin. (link)
  • Dimi gets a driver's license! His first experience is steering a car so his friend can moon some girls they know. (link)
  • TPC tries to come up with ideas to attract new users to INTL. Melanie plans to put a sticker on her ass. OK. It piques interest from the male users. (link)
  • Sandamnit decides to revive the frontpage, but this time he wants committed writers. Like before, people promise articles but do they deliver? Not really. (link)
  • Mojo is suffering from old people computer problems. First, she wonders if it's worth getting AOL (it's not). Then she gets adware when visiting INTL. :( (
  • Jota starts a thread in which he expresses his desire to become a belly dancer. This sparks a forum fad for the rest of the month. (link)
  • NNY moves to Minneapolis to live with his sweetheart greenidentity. He quickly finds a job at Target. Yay for NNY!
  • Regulars Registered: British Agent, ZBrisk, LBH, DragonofTwilight
    Known bans: Adam (x2), Andronicusdrums215, Evan is Suck, Fisher, Hairy Budda, Ibuprofen, ice, Jinx, Jota, Lord Devon, The Author, Chimp
May 2003
  • TEZ and Retardation Station, which had previously been hidden from the public, become open to public view, which basically means that anyone can view them without logging in.
  • One of INTL's thread tags, the SATIRE tag, is unused and taking up space. A bunch of new tags are made to replace it. (link)
  • Mojo and Smokey get into a long drawn out argument about whether growing up military, and having kids while in the military, is a good thing. (link)
  • Tyr remarks that INTL loves itself too much and there's no hate, no anger anymore. Yeah the forum culture has changed in the last year, but folks don't see it as bad. (link)
  • Why do you come to INTL? It's addiction. And besides that, some people find it interesting, nonetheless. (link)
  • Stormraider, after expressing his desire to return as moderator of Retardation Station, is reappointed to that position. The new forum regime begins. (link)
  • Several hundred tornadoes hit the region of the United States known as tornado alley. Soccy is MIA for a few days, but eventually calls izzy to let him know he's okay. (
  • Arnok wants to know your opinion on anti-drug propaganda. It probably comes as no surprise, but the vast majority of INTLers don't like it. (link)
  • There's talk about merging Retardation Station into Inside Discussions. Skye and others express worry about its impact. Should Retardation Station be closed? (link)
  • Smokey and Peach get into a spat over whether or not it's OK to ditch friends. This is some PG dramarama. (link)
  • Mr Excitable suggests setting up an INTL IRC channel. There's some talk about doing it, and then somebody appears to have done it. (link)
  • Which online folks have you met? Turns out wheezy has probably met the most. Jimmy doesn't want to meet anyone, and is thoroughly ridiculed over it. (link)
  • Izzy once again offers to make avatars for folks, but this time in exchange for karma. (link)
  • Chatlogs of historical events. Dimi, Sandamnit, Mojo and Flaming Arrow dominate this hilarious thread. (link)
  • A thread (now gone) is made to discuss our individual faults. Things are said that weren't supposed to be said, and a fight breaks out. Sandamnit DELETES the thread outright.
  • Turns out the drama in the aforementioned thread involved a love triangle between Melanie, Sandamnit, and Jimmy which ended with Melanie asking to be banned and Jimmy quitting INTL. (link)
  • Sandamnit, pissed at the way Retardation Station has become the only forum people visit, closes it until people learn how to use it correctly. (link)
  • Which is the better country to live in: Canada or the US? Canada wins! Smokey says some negative stuff about canucks; all the Canadians dog pile him. (link)
  • There's a bunch of major soccer events happening around this time that only really asthetik, icewyvern, and antpocas really care about. (link)
  • Kitabatake is confused why so many good users are getting banned. Adam explains his smurfs. There's also a decision to tweak the draconian bandwidth leeching rule. (link)
  • An INTL v3 discussion forum is opened in order to possibly build up some hype and also to get opinions and feedback on the future changes to the site.
  • Flaming Arrow asks for ideas for INTL v3. Most everyone is against the ability to change usernames. Sandamnit isn't pleased people want to disable features. (
  • Vervet realizes that her brother might have jacked off and then handed her, her deoderant. She's disturbed, but most everyone tells her to get over it. (link)
  • A guide for moderators and how to ban/warn users is developed by Flaming Arrow. It follows a three strike policy and will stay in use for at least the next two years. (link)
  • After being against them for so long, mirthalac acquires a cell phone. I guess back then people hated cell phones because they everyone has an issue with them. (link)
  • Make slogans for INTL! Some of them are great, including the suggestion of naming TEZ as "Fornication Station." (link)
  • Sandamnit introduces Premium Accounts, which offer features (like searching) for a one-time fee of $10. Flaming Arrow suggests a payment to get out of bans, but is ridiculed. (link)
  • Major drama erupts between Flaming Arrow, Smokey and Mojo over the latter's view on women's rights and her advice on Coca-Cola's relationship. It's intense, folks. (link)
  • Salamando returns yet again, and calls PR out. They race around the world or some shit. I don't really follow, but it's good. (link)
  • Vikings vs. Pirates: who wins? Flaming Arrow: "I admit, Pirates have the upper hand in sea battles. But a ground war, Vikings would own." (link)
  • A year-old thread resurfaces with a post by Peach where she bandwidth leeched a photo. Windex, Adam's latest smurf, points this out and Sunny temporarily bans Peach. (link)
  • Sunny mysteriously gets banned by NNY. But it wasn't NNY, it was his ex-roommate Calagorm who is now dating Peach and has access to NNY's account. He is banned. Peach is unbanned, but loses her moderation access.
  • In the wake of Peach being removed as a moderator, Kitabatake is made a moderator of The Gallery.
  • Regulars Registered: Jota, windex, sprUceWOLF, kelar, led_zeppelin, Purple Haze, Salamando (2nd time), Widukind
    Known bans: Arnok, Brad4321, Calagorm, deadlydentures, drahnier, Ex Inferis, Fisher, Melanie, Peach (x2), Sunny
June 2003
  • Salamando is unbanned in the hope that he may express to others what Retardation Station is supposed to be like. Retardation Station is reopened.
  • The Retarded Hall of Fame is created to provide a place for only the best of the best Retardation Station threads. It's used only sparingly for years to come.
  • Vervet asks to be banned, due to the fact that she wants to get away from INTL and believes she would be too tempted to come back. She comes back soon enough anyway.
  • Drahnier explains why he left and came back; he left since people started treating him like a background user, but he knows he'll be bored this summer so he's back. (link)
  • PR posts a video of his band's latest gig, but unfortunately to the disappointment of all it gets taken down before anyone can really see it. Sad. (link)
  • Who is the most badass video game character? Samus, Sephiroth, Snake and Magus all rank highly. British Agent suggests Master Chief and is ridiculed by antpocas. (link)
  • Peach's attempt to shame a guy who asked her to post sexy videos for money backfires as the rest of INTL (especially Dimi) are disappointed she didn't take his offer. (link)
  • One of Sandamnit's army buddies registers to congratulate him on a promotion. Chimp gets into a fight with Adam and the army dude over their abuse of the forum rules. (link)
  • Adam holds a "whack off to a picture of a forumer" contest. Scott and Jesus join in. Sukkit: "Is Adam competing only against himself?" More or less, yes. (link)
  • A background user, byc, tries to pick a fight with Adam over how hot this random chick he knows is. She's OK, I guess. Nothing really special. (link)
  • Dramamine dyed her hair black and now sorta looks like Charlize Theron, which obviously turns Tyr on. PR is sick and tired of girls dyeing their hair black. (link)
  • Peach has broken up with Calagorm. She is given an outpouring of support and sympathy. She is so much better off. There is talk about making her a moderator again. (link)
  • The Madison crew makes a thread to talk about Madison things. That is totally lost on Surt. Arnok posts pictures where he is very clearly stoned. Good times! (link)
  • Once again Smokey takes on Mojo, this time over whether or not Mojo has the capability of being funny. At this stage, I suspect Smokey has a thing for her. (link)
  • Soccy, Scott and Chimp meet up offline. A bunch of photos are posted that show Soccy's greasy moustache and he is ridiculed for sporting it. (link)
  • What would you do if you were filthy rich? Lots of people would have threesomes, apparently. Ice would go into politics. Smokey wants to be Scrooge McDuck. (link)
  • What would the poster above you get banned for? Turns out to be one of the most popular threads of the month, and also one full of numerous witty roasts. (link)
  • Flaming Arrow writes sex stories for you. Almost all of them feature the female INTLers doing random shit, particularly lesbian random shit. Hmm. (link)
  • Arnok has graduated high school, and so the Madison crew all gather around and congratulate him. Also there's something involving porn and Spazz and looking like a boy. (link)
  • For shits and giggles, Sandamnit creates a mock SpankMag forum on INTL, calling it LTNI. He ends up recruiting INTLers to make logos for it. Sadly they're all gone now. :( (link)
  • The RIAA has announced it is going after filesharers on Kazaa. This prompts numerous threads where INTLers warn eachother to stop openly sharing files. (
  • Which console is INTL looking forward to the most: PS2, Gamecube or Xbox. It's tight, but the PS2 comes ahead at 50% of the votes. The Xbox is dead last. (link)
  • Andyman calls a bunch of HG staff 'whores' at HG and thus is banned there. Others mention they are banned as well. HG staff member GillB shows up to defend herself. (link)
  • Blacksun makes a flash game! It's a pretty cool start. The game receives positive reviews, with Dimi providing the most constructive criticism (and gameplay, it seems). (link)
  • Oh fuck, Smokey got a DUI! He's 20 and has a problem with alcohol. He luckily avoids jail time, but still has to do community service. Emp scolds him for thinking it's unfair. (link)
  • Dimi has a terrifying dream! It's a long fucking dream, I tell you what. The rest of INTL share their recent dreams, though none are as long or as complex as Dimi's. (link)
  • Vervet starts up a "Post Pictures of Beautiful Women" thread. Smokey and Flaming Arrow are all over it! None of the pics now work, but I imagine they were hot, sexy even. (link)
  • Towards the end of the month, Sandamnit releases INTL v3, a new forum which is faster and has many more features (which are only available to Premium users). (link)
  • With the opening of INTL v3, Sandamnit unbans everyone who had previously been banned. Usergroups, a new feature, also becomes highly popular with INTLers. (
  • Regulars Registered: Dire Carrot, ETH, Marduk, DivineTravesty, Rampant, gaza_1986, gb_rms, Snook
    Known bans: Raven, i_am_chu, Yogi, Vervet, Jota, Fire_Starter, Rodya_

Chapter VI: INTL v3.0

After several months of anticipation, Sandamnit has released INTL v3.0 - new forum software that is faster and has many more features (which, at first, require payment). This is a period of many fads, many fun forum games and events, and many internal jokes and tropes that would later become legendary. It ends with Sandamnit being shipped out to the Middle East as part of his obligations to the US military.


April 2004

  • Nickolati is made a mod of Theater of Sound.
  • The photo gallery is revamped to include thumbnails, number of views, and image sizes.
  • Kayte starts up a new round of sending mix CDs to other INTLers and it turns out to be a success! Within a few months a significant number of the CDs arrive in the mail! (link)
  • Emp posts a picture of himself. He looks like a male version of ETH. ETH finds this hot. Emp looks so much like Vervet's brother... and that is kinda creepy in hindsight. (link)
  • Emp embarks upon an epic journey, visiting Vervet in Virginia, nimo in Chicago, and ETH in Ohio. Pictures are posted and he thus becomes a little less mysterious. (
  • ETH feels she was played by a guy. Turns out she had previously played another guy. Karma's a bitch and Erags lets her know that. Petty highschool dating problems ITT. (link)
  • Which is better to have: short hair or long hair? Overwhelmingly INTL is down with long hair. Salamando flaunts his locks, but would look like a wigger if it was short. (link)
  • ETH loves Monopoly and had a tournament with her friends. She also blew off Emp to do that! Vervet and Sandamnit think she was manipulating Emp, and drama ensues. (link)
  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind comes out and greenidentity, Vervet and ETH love it. PR finds it too pretentious, and that causes Sandamnit to ridicule him. (link)
  • Should Soccy shave his moustache? Overwhelmingly the forum votes yes. With it he looks like a greasy Mexican. He will eventually shave it, but will stay a greasy Mexican. (link)
  • IRC regulars with microphones hold a "Microphone Party". Various fake orgasms steal the show. Oh, and LBH apparently sounds like he's 14. Kayte demands more sexy voices. (link)
  • Emp posts pictures of Vervet and him doing artistic dressup. The rest of INTL is one part confused and bewildered by it and one part amused by these strange shenanigans. (link)
  • Kill Bill is out in theaters... is it the best movie ever?! Yogi would say yes. Marcher would say no. For the most part the rest of INTL is satisfied by the movie. (link)
  • Around 3/4 of INTL supports Kerry over Bush for the next US election. INTL is rampant with Libertarians that would prefer neither. Sukkit and Surt criticize America. (link)
  • Childhood nostalgia... sometimes it just hits you. A bunch of the (then) youngest members of INTL talk about kids shows that were popular in the mid 1990s. Nice. (link)
  • Sandamnit invests in a new dedicated server for INTL! He also creates the affiliates program to help boost INTL's bank account and offers paid INTL email addresses. (
  • The feature which allowed regular users to change other users' custom titles, but not their own is brought back. This prompts a flurry of title changes as a result. (link)
  • What's the best soda/pop out there? For NNY and Flaming Arrow it's some toxic mix of shit. Actually, you know, beyond Cherry Cola, it's a bunch of cursed combinations. (link)
  • What drugs has INTL taken? Beyond alcohol and weed the next most common is... caffeine? nicotine? shrooms? For a bunch of druggies, INTL is pretty damn tame smdh. (link)
  • Vervet replaces mirthalac as an admin. Numerous INTLers are upset, break rules, cause drama, and are banned. Emp bans himself in protest and Tyr asks to be banned. (link)
  • Mr Pixies takes over for Vervet as The Erogenous Zone mod. Stormraider replaces Tyr as Bitching Battleground mod.
  • Regulars Registered: Amphy, Hevan Gale
    Known bans: Cardking08, NEEDLEupMYcock, Tazzo, macromoney, Salamando, Tyr, Emp, ChickeyTREAT
May 2004
  • INTL moves to a new server, and new features are introduced including INTL subdomains and email addresses. These features are available only to members who pay, however. (
  • Bill and Sandamnit set up an Unreal Tournament 2004 server and try to organize a game with INTLers. At one point, TPC killed Tartarus 362 times in one night. Damn! (link)
  • E3 2004 happens. Everyone is eager to know what the next Bioware game will be. Mr Bounce is cautiously optimistic about Half-Life 2. Lots of speculation and disappointment ITT. (link)
  • Jimmy rants about custom titles because he's mad the ones he gets are insulting. He gets mocked. Mr Excitable tells him to suck it up. Skye and wheezy fight over racism. (link)
  • Amphy wants to know how everyone ended up at INTL. HG, SPSW, IGOD, SpankMag... you name it, the usual. Some remember being invited by Sandamnit back in the early days. (link)
  • Banned, Adam makes a thread at HG where he posts pictures of his dog, Maggie, missing INTL. There's a debate about whether he should be unbanned at INTL. Maybe? (
  • Skye creates Forumer Erotica v3.0. It is an immediate hit, especially with Smokey who has been unbanned by Sandamnit after six months. Plenty of sexy times ensue. (link)
  • Emp makes a giant apology thread to everyone. Nobody really buys that he's actually serious (which he isn't). But, whatever, the forum welcomes him back with open arms. (link)
  • Coca-Cola polls the forum on whether Adam should be unbanned. It's a near tie, with 54% voting No. Jimmy fights Salamando. Flaming Arrow fights everyone who supports Adam. (link)
  • An anti-bitching thread is created in Bitching Battleground. Zippo, ETH, and others try their best to post happy things and congratulate others on shit. How nice of everyone. (link)
  • What part of your body do you want to change the most? Flaming Arrow wants a bigger chest; nicer arms for Amphy and Fisher; calves for ETH; less malformed feet for NNY. (link)
  • Are smarter people more likely to be atheist? Chimp says the Bible is accurate. Skizzles argues that evolution is just a "theory." This sets off emtilt and HK and arguing ensues. (link)
  • Regulars Registered: Dante, Quetzelcoatl
    Known bans: Smatter2, themookish, Emp, Burnzburgers, Burn Baby Burn, Widukind, Philo, Salamando, Boo, Asthetik
June 2004
  • IF0 announces in Retardation Station that Emp fucked Vervet 19 TIMES when they met in April. IF0 gets supremely butthurt about it and Vervet is angry he made it public. (link)
  • Flaming Arrow is a history nerd and has a cool poster. Indeed, it is the coolest poster ever. A bunch of history nerds nerdout on how cool history is and who shot Kennedy. (link)
  • Turns out antpocas rules Geek's Corner with an iron fist. Sandamnit warns him and the rest of the staff not to lock old threads or delete posts when unwarranted. (link)
  • IF0 goes mad with power in IRC, thus prompting Flaming Arrow and Sandamnit to open a new #intl on The channel would be active for at least the next two years. (link)
  • Sandamnit introduces the INTL Arcade! It ends up as an addictive staple of INTL for years to come. Everyone is surprised when Hasty owns the game Hexxagon in 26 seconds. (link)
  • Etymxris is not a fan of fake boobs, while others like Tartarus have a problem with makeup. Smokey brings up assplants, and the question remains: will Vervet get them? (link)
  • Around the middle of the month, Emp organizes several themed games of Age of Empires II. They end up being a hit with byc, Bon, Science Brad, Marcher and others. (
  • Science Brad hates fundies and you should too! Amphy is confused about who fundies are, while Baggy Brad hasn't met one. Angus and Science Brad debate the supernatural. (link)
  • Chimp loves his long hair! Arnok, Hasty, Tazzo and PR feel long hair is the only way they look attractive. Vervet posts a pic of herself and is totally angelic. Yeah, OK. (link)
  • Spiff, ice, Pluveto, emtilt and others participate in a contest to cover a song. It sounds like a good idea, but it doesn't seem as though anything came of it. :( (link)
  • Coke vs. Pepsi? Turns out 65% of INTL prefers Coke. Stormraider tries to argue (unsuccessfully) that they're just the same. Also, is it wise to mix liquor with Pepsi? Hmm. (link)
  • PR's ex-girlfriend is pregnant! He's unemployed, she works minimum wage, life is grand. Turns out she probably got it aborted or something. We never actually find out. (link)
  • It's Euro 2004 and all INTL's soccer fans are paying attention! Unsurprisingly, that's mostly the Euros (drahnier, antpocas, Surt and Sukkit). Eventually Greece wins! (link)
  • Emp is permanently banned for hijacking Vervet's IRC account and kicking everyone from the #intl IRC channel. Sandamnit: "This whole Emp drama is getting old and played out." (link)
  • Whatever happened to Mojo? No one truly knows. It turns out nobody really misses her. Smokey makes a return and blames himself for causing her to leave INTL. Sorry not sorry. (link)
  • What's INTL's all-time favorite drama (at least up until this point)? INTL vs. HG, Smokey vs. Mojo and 19 TIMES rank the highest. There's lots of drama nostalgia ITT. (link)
  • Sandamnit hosts the INTL Film Festival! He lists movies and people review them. This will be a thing that Sandamnit continues to do every month until later in the year. (
  • Ztolk makes his most famous flash animation ever, this time of the 19 TIMES drama. It is glorious and a classic! Jimmy: "Why does Emp's penis sound like a staple gun?" (link)
  • MSPaint Future Forum Drama. Sadly none of the images work anymore, but it was a universally beloved and hilarious thread. Ztolk even gets impaled by a Mongol. Also tits. (link)
  • Following the success of his 19 TIMES flash animation, Ztolk asks for custom flash movie ideas. There's a lot of unnecessary violence between INTLers being depicted here. (link)
  • Should the US have gun control? Uselessinformation is against it, Dante and etyxmris are for it, and the many usual arguments for and against owning guns are made ITT. (link)
  • Make up funny limericks about your fellow forumers. Perhaps to no one's surprise, most of them have to do with INTL drama. Smokey and Flaming Arrow spar through poetry. (link)
  • Google releases Gmail and at first it's invite-only. Being superior to every other free email service out there, INTLers crave the invites... crave them oh so much. (
  • The documentaries Fahrenheit 9/11 and Supersize Me come out, sparking massive debates about all things American: the Iraq War, manifest destiny, fast food, and obesity. (
  • 14 year old boy has sex with really hot teacher! The teacher faces 30 years in prison, and INTL finds that excessive. Also, many are butthurt that the kid isn't them. (link)
  • Angus just sat on his nuts. The men of INTL sympathize. Testicle pain ahoy! Vervet gets butthurt because punching the vagina also hurts and nobody else seems to care. (link)
  • Favourite comedians? INTLers are big fans of Dane Cook, Mitch Hedburg, George Carlin, David Cross, Eddie Izzard. Not gonna lie, this is a flashback to the mid 2000s. (link)
  • Drahnier coins the expression "BOOBCATS!" after ETH posts a picture wearing a shirt that says "Bobcats." Incidentally, the picture made her breasts look insanely huge. (link)
  • Regulars Registered: etymxris, Federaal, Angus, Sith, Kapn Xaos, jamers615, PA
    Known bans: Emp (x2), Boo, Smokey
July 2004
  • Sandamnit finishes up his year in Korea and returns to the United States.
  • Tyr is unbanned by Sandamnit, after having banned himself for 365 days and resigning his moderatorship. (link)
  • Coca-Cola may have to move because he wants to smoke pot openly. He's ridiculed by the rest of the forum for having shitty reasons to mvoe out. Jimmy mocks kayte. (link)
  • Let's talk about life after death. Science Brad and etymxris try to argue that there is no life after death. Eventually there's a big discussion about bastardized science. (link)
  • Zippo creates the INTL Dating Service. It's a huge success. There are many wild AIM chats full of texting, then sexting, then phone sex then sex. But no really, it's great. (link)
  • WWYD if INTL dies? Also, if YOU died, which INTLers would get your shit? INTL existentialism rampant ITTs. Also we're all irrationally worried about our own future deaths. :( (
  • Sandamnit introduces INTL to iSketch, which is some online group drawing program. For the most part meetups are organized but very few actually show up. Disappointing. (link)
  • In US politics news, there is a major debate about gay marriage. ETH makes a call to arms. Tyr tries to defend marriage between a man and a woman. It doesn't go over well. (
  • Also in US politics news, President Bush believes in abstinence. Jimmy tries to argue it's the best way to avoid STDs. Dante, Menion and Skye debate the value of condoms. (link)
  • INTL fashion. Jeans, army coats, leather jackets, t-shirts, button-up shirts... belt buckles... what does everyone wear? People are also shocked to find out Lyle is cute. (link)
  • What's your personal theme song? Nah, it doesn't matter... folks share their favorite lyrics from songs that give them goosebumps and try to equate them with their lives. (link)
  • Doom 3 is released. Antpocas somehow pisses people off and TPC is busy with UT2004. Sadly, a lot of INTLers struggle to play the game on their shitty computers. Sad! (
  • The movie Anchorman comes out and Soccy doesn't get it. Other than emtilt, most people found it disappointing. So, instead everyone talks about their favorite comedies. (link)
  • Nickolati asks who is friends with who at INTL. Turns out most of INTL likes one another, and most would like to party. Lyle makes a point that she doesn't party. OK. (link)
  • Sandamnit ends up going to the 2004 GoonCon and shares his experiences. There are calls for an INTL version of GoonCon, but it never ends up happening. INTLers are too shy. (link)
  • Lyle lives near the KKK and wants to pull pranks on them! There's a lot of suggestions involving using black friends. Zippo: "I'm jumping on the "this is a bad idea" train." (link)
  • Soccy has grown tired of the BOOBCATS meme. Those who don't go to Retardation Station don't get it. Drahnier brags about making it a thing. BOOBCATS will never die! (link)
  • Jimmy almost pulls a Smokey and gets a DUI. Drahnier and others call him an idiot. Kayte has never driven drunk and finds this whole discussion stupid. Minor drama ensues. (link)
  • Hitler likes Dimi... or at least that's what he dreamt. Everyone tries to figure out the real meaning of his dream. Meanwhile, Pascal, Zippo and Soccy dream of Star Trek. (link)
  • ... And not longer after, Imperialist starts a "MSPaint your weird dreams" thread! There's some really fucked up dreams ITT, some of them clearly drug or drink induced. (link)
  • Emtilt calls for the creation of an INTL Wikipedia page. Flaming Arrow hates the idea. LBH thinks it's useless. Someone eventually tries to do it, but Wikipedia deletes it. (link)
  • The 2004 Democratic National Convention is in Dante's town of Boston and it's causing chaos. INTL is already predicting the rise of Obama. Dimi is not impressed with Kerry. (link)
  • The movie The Village comes out and INTL is overwhelmingly not shocked by the twist ending. Vervet tries to defend it and gets into a spat with wheezy and Tyr. Shitty drama. (link)
  • IF0 is getting tired of all the President Bush bashing. Dimi agrees; it's tiring. At the same time, INTL is growing tired of Kerry praise, too. US political bickering ITT. (link)
  • At the end of the month, Sandamnit updates the INTL search engine improving it significantly and giving it a much needed makeover. (link)
  • Regulars Registered: greek_marquis, Agon
    Known bans: Corkster, Salamando, Science Brad, Inga, Nickdevlin, zeen
August 2004
  • Bitching Battleground rules are altered by Flaming Arrow to include penalties for trolling and so forth. (link)
  • The RSS feed and thread subscriptions are added to INTL as optional features for those interested in keeping up with threads they subscribe to. Who even used this? (link)
  • GTA: San Andreas will soon be released. Smokey and Wandering Idiot are pumped, while Tazzo is disappointed it won't be set in Europe. The game is leaked right before release. (link)
  • The server host for INTL, ninjaonkamel, becomes an administrator. No one knows who he is and this prompts INTLers to speculate why this random dude is suddenly INTL staff. (
  • Some guy calls out people for bad taste in music. Jimmy doesn't like it, and NNY is ambivalent. Greenidentity and Stormraider bicker. Fisher apparently knows the guy. (link)
  • How grammatically sound is INTL? Turns out some are gods, others are average. Tyr also gets mad at Vervet over some grammatical misunderstanding or something. Shitty drama. (
  • If you provide dramamine with a description of yourself, she'll match you up with someone. As one of the few people who get a match, Lyle is deeply unhappy with it. Aww. (link)
  • IF0 wants a bunny and gets livid when he can't have one! He gets scolded for foolishly lending his money away. Skye suggests going on Judge Judy. Oh, and bunnies rock. (link)
  • TerminusEst has been giving people shitty titles and Chimp finally has had enough of it. Kapn Xaos picks a fight with Chimp because "WHO CARES?". INTL cares, that's who. (link)
  • Following accusations that he is abusing power as a Retardation Station moderator, Salamando is stripped of his position. Other moderators are told not to abuse power. (link)
  • Sims 2 is soon to be released. INTL is excited. There's speculation about whether there's going to be sex in it. Turns out the game is good, but Jimmy really hates it. (
  • It's the Olympics again, this time in Athens! The Americans want to see their swimmers kick ass (they will). Dimi voices concerns about the games' post 9/11 security! (link)
  • Retardation Station's layout is changed from an obnoxious layout with bright, clashing colors to another obnoxious layout mocking that of old-school Heavengames OD. (link)
  • Is Maddox the coolest person ever? So many people think he sucks. Four years later the "real" Maddox shows up and is mocked. No idea if it's actually him or not, though. (link)
  • Menion calls out greek_marquis for talking about sex all the time. He is probably just sex deprived, or a virgin, or an incel. Menion: "I prefer not to fuck used goods." (link)
  • Rome: Total War is released and for a brief time INTL is addicted to it. Amphy is impressed with how realistic it is! Others are just fascinated by the game's phases. (
  • Fisher tries to set up a meetup for playing first person shooters. While a bunch of INTLers are down for playing UT2004 or Battlefield 1942... no idea if a game happened. (link)
  • What's INTL's most anticipated video games of 2004? Fable, Rome Total War, GTA: San Andreas, and even Sims 2. Woadie is super eager for WoW. It will consume his life. (link)
  • Smokey asks for help on his math homework, and for what will not be the last time there is a confusing thread with math equations. Smokey is mocked for not getting math. (link)
  • Many INTLers will soon be heading back to school for college. There's an uncomfortable amount of freshman anxiety ITT. Classes are shared and anticipation is high. (link)
    Known bans: Von Manstein, Salamando (x2), Boo
September 2004
  • The Director's Cut is created. It's a forum specifically for discussions about movies and TV shows. (link)
  • INTL members are given the opportunity to purchase additional upload space and additional file extensions, specifically multimedia file extensions. (link)
  • Some hostage dies in Iraq and Chimp is pissed! This prompts NNY, Surt, Dante and others to harp on him about his pro-military POV. Fisher: "War is Hell. No matter who dies." (link)
  • Multiple hurricanes hit Florida, leaving the few INTL Floridians worried about what to do and what will happen. Smokey: "I'm just going to drink through the whole thing." (linklink)
  • Menion doesn't get it: why do women have sex if they don't enjoy it? The women of INTL correct the record there. The question eventually becomes, why do men have sex then? (link)
  • Walmart's website gets hacked and it's LOL. There's a big debate over why it's necessary to show your ID to buy movies. Johnhawks makes his formal debut and he sucks. (link)
  • The movie Garden State comes out and many INTLers want to see it. Extrapolation calls out johnhawks for his normie film taste and is himself called out on being arrogant. (link)
  • Upon the termination of their relationship, Vervet unbans Emp, who creates a thread devoted to his recent emo experiences. He is promptly rebanned as his ban was permanent. (
  • Come witness Wandering Idiot and the story of his stomach and the biggest burger he has ever encountered. It was a whopping 27oz. INTL salutes you, good sir! Well done! (link)
  • Chimp and IF0 make a picture thread consisting of them wrestling. In order to keep the gay jokes to a minimum, they have IF0 wrestle a girl as well. We remain suspicious. (
  • Salamando creates a thread called "'PERMABAN' MEANS FOREVER". This sparks debate regarding the definition of the term 'permaban' and the status of previously banned users. (link)
  • Both Chimp and then later Skye rant about people who choose to smoke cigarettes. They can't handle second hand smoke. The smokers of INTL want to quit, but they just can't. (
  • What are your strange habits? Lots of cases of OCD, knuckle cracking, nail biting, sweet, sweet baby rape? What? Menion really craves sex and says he can have it anytime! (link)
  • With many INTLers now in college, ice makes a picture thread for sharing dorm rooms. Most of them sport what Hasty calls "spanglies", which are those hanging lights. TMYK. (link)
  • Forum Survivor Battle Royale begins. Sandamnit appoints 15 users as moderators. IF0 quickly abuses his powers, hiding threads in Retardation Station, resulting in his ban. (link)
  • Which celebrities do you hate? Just gotta point out that Zippo's first most hated celebrity is Donald Trump. Oh, honey, if only you knew what would happen 12 years later. :( (link)
  • There's sugar at the center of our galaxy and it prompts loads of delicious takes on the type of sugar. Somehow, Science Brad derails the thread to talk about religion. (link)
  • Smokey somehow burns his hand and is inept at medical shit. Can you help him? While some make good recommendations, the rest remark that at least it wasn't his penis. (link)
  • Regulars Registered: Zing, johnhawks
    Known bans: Corkster, Emp (x2), Jimmy, Unicorns_Tear, IF0, Mohrle
October 2004
  • Sandamnit adds the ability to see the titles and karma you've given, in addition to received. The usergroups page also receives a facelift.
  • What would you do if you won the lottery? Emtilt would buy fancy cars and guitars. Wandering Idiot and Mr Excitable would buy loads of alcohol. What about the INTL cruise? (link)
  • Team America is released and Surt thinks it's too pro-America. Nimo thinks he's dumb for not getting satire. The movie is OK, and funny enough, and maybe even smart, too. (link)
  • Someone stole a package off Skizzles' porch! It's designer clothes and asthetik mocks him for buying such clothes off eBay. Mingan and emtilt talk clothing fabric ITT. (link)
  • Adam posts photos of a drunken adventure which causes the rest of INTL to want to get beer. Chimp is worried about Adam's dog, though. Also does milk and liquor go together? (link)
  • It's the World Series right now! INTL speculates who will win: Red Sox or Cardinals? Mr Excitable is PUMPED for the Sox. INTL lacks Cardinal fans. The Sox win anyway! (link)
  • Jon Stewart shows up on CNN and calls them partisan hacks. This intrigues Sandamnit. Yogi and Dante think Jon Stewart is god. INTL fucking loves him. He's so smart. (link)
  • Half-Life 2 will soon be out and Sandamnit, IB, and NNY are hyped. Once the game is out a couple weeks later it ends up being fun enough to spawn memes for years. Nice! (link)
  • Sandamnit picks out 10 posters and gives them admin access for a fake version of INTL. It all goes to hell when people find they can read others' PMs and delete files. (link)
  • Adam has roommate problems and he can't move out. Zippo and kayte agree that 'Bertha' is a bitch. Smokey tries to roast Adam for all of it, but his attempts ultimately fail. (link)
  • Murder mystery time! Dante has a murderer that lives near him. Chimp and Lyle are disgusted, Sukkit is not surprised, kayte and Amphy talk about rogue dog packs. D'aww. (link)
  • The TV show Lost is a hit with INTLers. Sandamnit, Zippo, Chimp, kayte and others speculate about what will happen next. I've never seen it so I'm totally lost ITT. (link)
  • Sandamnit institutes a banner system for Retardation Station, further mocking HG. Users are encouraged to submit their banners to the rotation. They remain in use for years. (link)
  • Sandamnit creates the INTL Secret Santa program. American INTLers will send up to $30 worth of gifts cross country to another member. It's mismanaged and fails utterly. (link)
  • Adam, Smokey, greenidentity, Arnok, Snowy and Peach insult eachother (and others) through voice recordings. Both Smokey and Snowy have nice voices. Snook is impressed. (link)
  • How best to celebrate Halloween than watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and (in Chimp's case) dealing with giggling girls into the early hours of the next morning? (
  • For Halloween INTL votes for a forum makeover. Red, white and blue are prevalent in all forums except Retardation Station until US election day in November.
  • Sunny is made the moderator of The Director's Cut.
  • Regulars Registered: Nick
    Known bans: internetjunkie, Surt, NickFun (x2), cherie296
November 2004
  • INTL briefly goes down for a few hours at the start of the month. This sparks an IRC conversation of "what will be" if INTL doesn't come back.
  • Sunny brings back the INTL Film Festival for October. On request of Dante the theme is crime/gangster movies. Sadly it isn't all that popular. (link)
  • ITT Describe random forummers. Nobody really gets it. Smokey is in love with Lyle and Vervet. Adam would hit Lyle. Turns out she's still underage. INTL is horny. (link)
  • US election time! INTL is hopeful that the Bush era might be coming to an end. Afterwards, Coca-Cola doesn't understand why Bush won. Also drahnier owes IF0 his ass. (
  • Mr Excitable creates the INTL Christmas Card Exchange, which unlike Secret Santa is actually quite successful. He, Zippo and kayte spearhead the effort of sending the cards. (link)
  • Sandamnit creates a thread whereupon viewing it automatically gives him +k. Don't worry, it's gone, so you can view it now and not repay him for all of his hard work. (link)
  • Menion wants to know... is WW3 possible soon? It's mixed. Menion might be dumb, but the US rhetoric is damn toxic at the moment. Dante and ice fight over US foreign policy. (link)
  • Adam and Sandamnit being overly flirtatious and creepy with Vervet ITTs. Sandamnit expects the fuck from her soon? Then Zippo joins and all hell breaks loose. INTL horny af. (
  • Sandamnit is amassing a collection of books before he heads off to the Middle East. Most of the ones suggested are completely normie. The Da Vinci Code? Really, Boo? (link)
  • Sunny ignores Menion's sexual advances and he complains. As is to be expected in a Sunny-focused thread, there's a big argument about something boring. This time grammar. (link)
  • Following his recent experience with Sunny, Menion thinks girls are fake. Smokey and greenidentity get into a petty spat over her posting style. Are fat chicks fake chicks? (link)
  • What do you want for Christmas? Amphy wants a pony (but doesn't she already have one?). Beyond that, it's money, music and digital cameras for the rest of INTL. (link)
  • Wandering Idiot posts from Kuwait. He has started his tour of duty in the Middle East. INTL wishes him good luck and wants to know how Kuwait is. It's hot and rough. (link)
  • Vervet and Surt get into a spat over how she bitched about some other person on campus looking up porn in public. She thinks old men looking up porn in public is gross af. (link)
  • Skizzles jacks off with olive oil and (no surprise) it burns like hell. Tyr is offended his people's oil is being used for sick purposes. Big discussion about lube ITT. (link)
  • Nickolati returns after a short absence to let us know his life is great! NNY wants him to visit. Adam really wants to be a mod, and that just bothers Jimmy to no end. (link)
  • World of Warcraft is out! Little do most people realize how big it will be. Sandamnit, Woadie and antpocas talk warriors, warlocks and druids. Fisher is disappointed. (link)
  • Sandamnit calls Lyle ugly. We all know he actually just wants to fuck her. Turns out Menion has a crush on her! Lyle shows up butthurt and LBH shares much needed boobs. (link)
  • INTLers go into excessive detail about their Internet histories ITT. Lots of stories are shared about HG, IGOD and SPSW, as well as first computers and video games. (link)
  • Tazzo asks the INTL populace to describe the above poster and also rate their custom titles. Both threads are highly popular but also pretty benign and dull. No drama here. (
  • Kapn Xaos calls out wheezy for not being active anymore. Stormraider agrees... wheezy sucks. Wheezy gets supremely butthurt and old IGOD drama somehow resurfaces, too. (link)
  • Turns out the average age of INTL right now is about 16-18. The few older folks in their early 20s feel ancient in comparison. (link)
  • Regulars Registered: Juranti, KEK, Jim Rowley, Megan, zozo
    Known bans: cherie296, Adam, Salamando, Boo, Megan
December 2004
  • Skizzles is the first person to buy a personal user forum, even though they have long since disappeared from the donation page.
  • If you get raped, are you still a virgin? The answer is no, but this doesn't stop Arnok, Juranti, Zippo and others from discussing the importance of being a virgin. (link)
  • Ballard goes to India! He's encouraged to take as many photos as possible. He shares his adventures while overseas. LBH is happy he somehow found Camac St. OK... (link)
  • INTL impresses Agon. He gets confused with Angus. Also INTL appreciation thread! Surt and Smokey discuss how much Agon and Angus and kayte suck. Minor drama ITT. (link)
  • What are the best and worst applications to get for your computer? Turns out Winamp and a bunch of downloading shit is good, and IE sucks (at least to emtilt). (
  • Some newbie wants to leave Canada and everyone assumes it's because of kayte or Adam. Kayte ends up getting into a spat with Imperialist and MBS about it. Meh. (link)
  • Kapn Xaos asks if he posts too many threads, and the answer is a resounding yes. Surt sees through his fake retardation. Sandamnit takes away his ability to make threads. (link)
  • Should the women of INTL be given respect? Turns out the women of INTL believe they get way too much attention. Sunny makes too many essays and Kapn Xaos sucks. (link)
  • It's harder than you think being a man/woman. The different genders of INTL call one another out in spectacular fashion. Also it's revealed Coca-Cola can't make KD. (
  • Smokey fucks his new girlfriend's sister! INTL agrees... he's a playa. Stormraider criticizes him for fucking a 18 year old. Is 23 really too old to do that? (link)
  • NNY works long hours and buys liquor in the morning. Wandering Idiot is in a warzone, man. Peach's life is also shitty, but at least she works in a liquor store. (link)
  • Chimp and IF0 are being reported to the police for harassment on another forum. The admin there is an asshole. Sukkit: "How do you manage to get into so much shit, IF0?" (link)
  • Hasty asks, what movies make you cry? Lots of dead dogs, dead kids, broken hearts, destroyed futures, and tragic wars. Emtilt has never cried nor has he been close to it. (link)
  • Once again it's Christmas at INTL! Kayte and others MSPaint gifts for other INTLers. As for Christmas hauls? It's MP3 players, DVDs, games, and digital cameras mostly. (
  • Salamando's girlfriend, having already been banned, is unbanned and creates a thread "it's hard spying on your boyfriend online" creating some sort of shitty drama. (link)
  • It's New Years Eve and INTL is bustling with activity. Surt is ridiculed by Shadowe for his poor grammar. In 2005 most everyone wants to be healthier and happier. (
  • With Batman Begins the new Batman series... begins. British Agent is excited. Mr Excitable and Shady found it to be fantastic. It seems most people absolutely love it. (link)
  • Adam tries to shock people into going vegetarian and... it works for some? Shadow, Soccy, drahnier and others debate the merits of being vegan or not. Smokey doesn't care. (link)
  • A massive tsunami hits in the Indian Ocean. Ice has friends in India. Emtilt and others debate what a 'tsunami' is. Oh, and about 200,000 people died or something. (link)
  • Tell ice something interesting. It's mostly just useless facts, most of which are spammed by Kapn Xaos. In hindsight, this is a shitty thread not worth your time. (link)
  • Sandamnit adds a new feature to the gallery, allowing users to comment on other users' photos.
  • Regulars Registered: Shadowe
    Known bans: BB

Chapter VII: INTL v3.1

Away on a tour of duty, Sandamnit's absence is noted and other admins - Vervet, Flaming Arrow and Baggy Brad - govern the forum in his stead. While things at INTL continue much as they had, there is a rise in rivalries and boundless bitching about all sorts of random topics. This period sees the introduction of two notable characters to the forum, Snowy and vissario, and it ends with an accidental nineteen day server shutdown.


January 2005

  • Sandamnit is shipped to the Middle East and now posts sporadically from Kuwait. (link)
  • After a series of threads where Lyle bitches about everything, LBH finally tells her to shut up. Angus calls for peace, but nobody wants peace. They want the THUNDERDOME. (link)
  • Age of Empires III is announced. But wait, wasn't Age of Mythology number three? There's cautious optimism about the setting and Surt questions how such a RTS could work. (link)
  • Lyle got her own personal birthday show. Smokey and LBH make fun of her friend Clavicle who shows up to defend herself. They argue over how silly their real names are. (link)
  • How do you feel about people who smoke pot? Half of INTL smokes pot, half don't. Soccy: "Used to. Don't anymore. Don't care." That sums it up. Also, Smokey's INTL's dad. (link)
  • A newbie shows up and posts some long fucking essay or something. LBH replies in kind. Something, something, God. Something, something, why is this not in the hall of shame? (link)
  • Our boy Dimi got accepted into college! Fuck yeah! It will take up the next 10+ years of his life. Lyle and Dante argue over whether art colleges are a waste of money. (link)
  • HBO is starting to produce a ton of good shows and INTL is pleased. Smokey, Snowy and Sunny discuss Carnivale. Rome, Six Feet Under, and Deadwood also become favorite hits. (link)
  • Apparently Skizzles' parents found out about INTL and have blocked him from visiting. Smokey: "I wonder what it was they saw that them ban Skizzles?" Smokey's grammar? (link)
  • Coca-Cola starts up a game where you post pictures of random things you find when you put "sexy" in your search. It was probably NSFW, but none of the photos work now. (link)
  • Menion is considering joining the US Navy. Seaman and Village People jokes ahoy! Some random Canadian remarks how Navy life sucks. Menion doesn't join the Navy. (link)
  • Vervet hosts a round of iSketch. It turns out popular. No idea what happened in it, or even if the game ended up happening. The server for it keeps fucking up. (link)
  • A bunch of threads get topped that have Flaming Arrow in them, and Soccy and others express their sorrow at his absence. IF0 has now become INTL's scapegoat for mockery. :( (link)
  • IF0 starts Forummer Erotica v4. Or 'Mach 4.' Whatever. For the next two years, INTL's finest and sexiest men and women would contribute to INTL's growing porn collection. (link)
  • Agon nearly burns down his house while ironing a shirt! Zippo: "You shouldn't be allowed to use electrical appliances, but I'm glad that you lucked out." (link)
  • Salamando is banned yet again, this time for trolling in Retardation Station.
  • Regulars Registered: Master, Khelben
    Known bans: Adam (x2), BB, meowmixremix, Salamando, Unmotivated
February 2005
  • Khelben makes a thread about math. It's awful, and with the exception of Menion and Skye nobody likes it or gets it and instead are uncomfortable with the subject matter. (link)
  • Chimp is fucking tired of the same arguments and the same jokes. IF0 takes it as a personal attack, which is funny because they're roommates. IF0 gets extremely butthurt. (link)
  • Lyle introduces INTL to Artpad, a website that lets you make art. It was fun at the time I guess, but the website no longer works so nothing is saved from it. :( (link)
  • You know activity on INTL has gotten pretty bad when mirthalac asks you what your favorite chemical element is and the thread has over sixty posts. Geez! (link)
  • Adam teases Jimmy. He gets mad and butthurt when others decide to join in on the teasing. Smokey tries to defend Jimmy, but Peach isn't having any of it. Melodrama ITT. (link)
  • Khelben's brother is a racist! Surt thinks racism is fun. There's a big debate about what racism is. Oh, and Kapn Xaos insults everyone whose name starts with S. Fun. (link)
  • The Superbowl is on yet again, and this time INTL has lost its mind. Well... no... not really, but a lot of people are butthurt about random shit that happens during it. (link)
  • Nickolati has women problems? Nah, turns out he might have found love or something. Zippo is so happy he found happiness. Kitabatake isn't having any of this, though. (link)
  • Squareknight feels he's too skinny and has a sunken chest. Baggy Brad tries to encourage him to embrace what he has, unsuccessfully. Sukkit: "Stop rationalizing your excuses." (
  • Agon has women problems! Smokey and greenidentity argue over how women are or aren't cowards, respectively. Soccy tries to describe how the two genders think differently. (link)
  • What was your first impression of INTL? Mr Excitable feels people take the forum too seriously. Dante feels it's too focused on drama. Overall, INTL is a harsh mistress. (link)
  • Khelben tries to promote the band Slipknot, but it's a mixed bag for the rest of INTL. Some find it too harsh, some find it not harsh enough. Slipknot is mediocre at best. (link)
  • Dating annoyances? Turns out it's mostly bad habits and the act of dating itself which are annoying. Soccy is still very much a virgin. DragonofTwilight wants Spazz so bad. (link)
  • Snowy arrives and is frustrated by all the 'restrictions' at INTL. She's flirty, and a bit weird, but also endearing. Everyone wants to see her boobs. They will. (link)
  • The end of the month sees the beginning of a very annoying trend: name changes become common place. For example, Smokey becomes Smoxey and Baggy_Brad becomes Baggy_Bruce. (link)
  • Regulars Registered: user_friendly, Snowy, mmac
March 2005
  • Antpocas and Vervet both change their names to Flaming Arrow, effectively confusing most of the forum.
  • The INTL server is compromised through a security hole in a diagnostic program, AWStats, by a group overwriting all index pages to be blank, except for the word 'Simiens.' (link)
  • So should the public show of religion be illegal? Most say no. Sunny and Sukkit get into a prolonged debate with a newbie about religion. Too many words ITT. (link)
  • Kayte goes on vacation with Coca-Cola! Apparently they afforded the trip through "connections" (whatever that means). Kayte proceeds to show pics of her at the beach. (link)
  • What do you wonder about? Sunny tries to explain the origin of the word 'fuck'. Dante gets all peace and love. LBH gets all scientific. Skye brings up abortion... (link)
  • Salamando's girlfriend Megan posts about how men piss her off. INTL discusses the merits of bringing back Salamando. You either keep him or not. INTL is indecisive. (link)
  • Drahnier reveals his life philosophy or some shit. Acheron breaks apart its holes to drahnier's displeasure. Later on so do Mingan, Snowy and Smokey, too. Drahnier is sad. (link)
  • Star Wars Episode III is soon-to-be out! Chimp think it's gonna be so lame it makes him cry. Smokey just sees it as another movie made for kids; Stormraider reacts. (link)
  • Kapn Xaos is permanently banned and a mystery is afoot as to who did it and why. Later on the mystery grows, and Baggy Brad later assumes Kapn Xaos was Shady. He wasn't. (link)
  • A US woman named Terri Schiavo is brain dead and being kept alive. Smokey and Science Brad just don't get the controversy. Skye is not amused. The US is fucked up. (link)
  • Adam picks a fight with Vervet and is banned, again. He has a bit of a vendetta against her, and her response is to ruthlessly block him. Pathetic. (link)
  • What's the average age of INTL at this point? Turns out it's probably close to 18-20. Muzta acts perplexed about the existence of the TOS. Zippo finds fat men attractive. (link)
  • Swiss is bored and wants to be entertained. Or, maybe he wants to entertain others? Either way, you ask him questions and he answers them. INTL is boring, isn't it? (link)
  • There's another school shooting, this time at Red Lake, Minnesota. ExtraKryspi tries to be edgy. The rest of INTL argue the merits of violence and how best to express it. (link)
  • A newbie stops by to complain about shit, but it turns out she's a woman. Does she want to have sex with Smokey? The answer is... NO NO NO NO NO. Total and utter rejection. (link)
  • Are you wearing a shirt at this very momemt? 63% say yes, 30% say no. Shady has nothing but his own chest hair to keep him warm. This is such a stupid thread. (link)
  • Vervet reminds everyone to donate to INTL. Some send donations, but most don't really take it very seriously. Fisher pretty much bankrolls the site at this point. (link)
  • Regulars Registered: nafe, Waveslave, Ms PT, thistle, Alice Baker
    Known bans: Menion, Fried elephant semen (x2), Kyle22, Kapn Xaos, Me, Acheron, Adam, sniff_my_butt, Ein, Unmotivated
April 2005
  • Mr Excitable and Ms PT meet Swiss in Scotland. Drinking and other enjoyable activities ensue.
  • On request, Sunny starts up a discussion thread for IF0's latest version of Forumer Erotica. The women of INTL take on Smokey and IF0 regarding the sexiness of the vagina. (link)
  • What did INTL see or do today? Lots of school stress and anxiety. Lots of boredom and sleep. Mr Excitable battled aliens from a far off planet with the Justice League. (link)
  • Squareknight loves the Internet because it has improved his life so much. While the rest of INTL sees the value of the Internet, Squareknight needs to get out more. (link)
  • Skye starts a debate over abortion. Smokey takes on the women of INTL as he tries to argue that the women's rights issue doesn't work when it comes to abortion. Uh... (link)
  • A bunch of newbies show up talking nonsense and uh... it makes most of INTL regret that INTL exists. Turns out they are just really, really stupid. (link)
  • Scarlet arrives and she complains that the arcade needs work. She posts it in the wrong forum and gets hazed by Dante, LBH and Kitabatake. Poor girl never stood a chance. (link)
  • Coca-Cola starts a comic strip about INTL, and DemonTed, izzy as well as Pluveto join him in adding shit to it. Apparently it was beautiful and Soccy is mean to Snowy. (link)
  • Turns out Snowy hates it when people spoil TV shows for her. Actually, turns out she was just making a joke about Khelben spoiling Carnivale. Khelben is lame. :/ (link)
  • Pope John Paul II dies and INTL speculates about what will happen next: Antichrist? Black pope? End times? Celebrity sex? Nah, they elect a new, old white guy. (
  • The men of INTL take on the women of INTL over the -k that they receive from them. There's some obvious sexual tension in the middle of all this drama and bitching. (link)
  • Snowy asks to see the art we find beautiful, and so for the next few months she, Vervet, greenidentity, Mr Pixies and others share the most beautiful shit they can find. (link)
  • How often does INTL change its jeans? Turns out most do it daily. Some even do it weekly. NNY does it one leg at a time. Dimi asks why you need to change them so much. (link)
  • A bunch of GoogleBots show up to INTL and it surprises greenidentity. It's realized that, holy shit, TEZ is viewable to the whole public. Calls are made to hide TEZ. (link)
  • Greenidentity, Snowy and Skye post paintings that remind them of other INTLers. Mingan is upset that the painting Amphy posted for him suggests that he's balding (he is). (link)
  • What was INTL afraid of as kids? Aliens, wolves, bugs, clowns, the abyss... the usual. Snowy was afraid of lakes, apparently, and Zippo was scared of vacuums. She's a cat. (link)
  • Tazzo calls for the end of "FUNNEH" as a meme. Snowy condemns Smokey and LBH's contempt for her. Stormraider acts like a little bitch when called out on not being funny. (link)
  • Acheron makes a guide for newbies but it receives a lackluster response from the rest of INTL. Nobody agrees with it at all and Acheron is roasted for not getting INTL. (link)
  • The new Family Guy is out. There's also a new show called American Dad. Smokey, Hasty, LBH, Zippo and others question whether both shows are actually funny or not. (link)
  • Sandamnit announces that he will no longer work on INTL v3 but is starting to plan for INTL v4. There's talk about what new features to steal from SomethingAwful and Fark. (link)
  • Baggy Brad feels that Inside Discussions is a dead forum. Ideas are shared and it's decided to make TEZ private. Vervet tries to encourage staff to rate threads more. (link)
  • Zippo loves to dive into dumpsters and find reusable items. Sukkit's now woke. Dumpster diving tips and tricks are shared, and Scarlet bitches about consumerism. Yeah, OK. (link)
  • Should sex offenders be castrated? Greenidentity is against it. Snowy is all for it. Goatsnacks isn't sure. Sunny suggests a compromise. Big, boring debate ITT. (link)
  • Arnok gets a cat and names her Rukia! Kayte loves how deliciously evil she looks. Surt doesn't understand INTL's love for cats because dogs are much cooler. Lies. (link)
  • ...And on the topic of cats should cat hunting be legal? Sunny says no, but Snowy and mmac say yes. There's a big, long argument between them about feline ecology. (link)
  • Regulars Registered: Scarlet, neon
    Known bans: Ileus, Scarlet, Fried elephant semen, LemonPatron, Kapn Xaos (x2), STFU
May 2005
  • By this point both Dante and Kitabatake regularly post individual songs they've created for feedback. Numerous threads abound.
  • Ztolk is bored and angry so he makes a creepy flash movie. Wanderlust: "This is the kind of stuff they send you to the school counselor for in elementary school." (link)
  • Nickolati wants people from INTL to hang out with him. Angus is totally down with doing drugs together. The rest of INTL encourages him to visit them. We're all lazy fucks. (link)
  • Squareknight's discovery that his dad infected his PC with spyware ends in an argument between Smokey and drahnier over whether parents should spy on their kids. (link)
  • How important is the Internet to your life? Most say it would suck, but that they would be OK. Many use it to relive boredom or for entertainment. Sunny is a robot. (link)
  • Smokey has a meltdown about Christians which sparks an argument between drahnier and Skye about whether believing in God is like believing in aliens. Drama ensues. (link)
  • Nintendo announces its next console, the Nintendo Revolution (later the Nintendo Wii). Is Nintendo just a gimmick? Are their video games decent? Was the Gamecube good? (
  • Is Quentin Tarantino a good director? Dante says yes, but IF0 and Chimp say no. Snowy tries to pick a fight with Chimp and Tyr calls IF0 fat and angry. So much butthurt. (link)
  • Chimp decides to MSPaint avatars for others. In the end it turns out he forgot to make the avatars and also has no artistic talent whatsoever. He is certainly no izzy. (link)
  • Sunny starts a "Post Your Poetry" thread. If you're into the sweet and smooth poetry of INTL's young beatnik wannabes, this thread is THE destination. (link)
  • Which second languages do INTLers speak? Unsurprisingly, given that most are American, they can also speak some Spanish or French. The Europeans stand out as special. (link)
  • IF0 ragequits (and is banned) from INTL in spectacular fashion by posting a picture of his spread asshole. He will return sharing dick and ass pics for years to come. (link)
  • Queer eye for the INTL guy; Jesus tells you if you're attractive or not. Jesus loses interest and numerous requests never get replies. Also Smokey is obviously gay. (link)
  • Snowy gets upset that she was put in a usergroup dedicated to banning her. Acheron just urges her and Smokey to fuck already and he also creeps her and invades her privacy. (link)
  • At HG, Sunny takes over from Soccy as the webmaster in charge of AoMH. She hires Sith to help add content to the website and build the forum community there.
  • The Gallery closes. Approximately six members of INTL are very upset. (link)
    Known bans: Lyle, jr10102 (x5), Benze, IF0, chara111
June 2005
  • Snowy introduces us to Brian Peppers, an Internet meme. People feel bad for him, even though he's a pedophile. Smokey uses the occasion to pick on Snowy, who is unamused. (link)
  • What aspect of a song do you listen to the most? Tune or lyrics? Tazzo: "Good lyrics add to a song, but if I want a bunch of words to think about I'll read a book." (link)
  • Somehow ice was able to capture a GIGANTIC FUCKING SPIDER OMG OMG. INTL is shocked. Amphy: "I don't mind spiders as long as they don't bite me. If they do, then it's on." (link)
  • Swiss is drunk and creates a thread where he can roast others. Peach, greenidentity and Smokey spend the thread kissing his ass and telling him he's cute. Surt does not. (link)
  • Izzy makes avatars! They're actually pretty dope and the rest of the forum gets in on it. Sadly, midway through he runs out of upload space and that makes everyone sad. :( (link)
  • Jimmy asks for all the juicy gossip on INTL's relationships. Kayte complains about her ex-boyfriend Coca-Cola. Nobody cares, except Snowy and greenidentity who support her. (link)
  • Hasty wants to meet people from INTL and so tries to organize a meet up. Ztolk, MS PT and Mr Excitable are willing. Everyone else is sad that Canada is so far away. (link)
  • Smokey's brother fucked a 12 year old, and thus is thoroughly condemned by INTL. Nevertheless, this thread will sadly end up the INTL topic with the most hits on Google. (link)
  • Tidus posts a photo of himself in corpsepaint. He's so kvlt and grim, except for his shirt... which is a spaghetti strap tank top that makes him look very feminine. (link)
  • Snook introduces INTL to Skype. For the next four years INTLers would use the thread to organize video chats between them. The future is here, everybody. (link)
  • Flaming Arrow returns... again. He's currently out on bail. He's welcomed back and answers your questions. Stormraider and wheezy have a pissing contest, as usual. (link)
  • After a notable absence Skizzles returns and admits that he's lost his faith in God and found his faith in drugs. Kayte: "You've been stoned out of your mind for months." (link)
  • Some random newbie shows up complaining about karma, and Snowy agrees: INTL is unfairly harsh. This causes Jimmy to lash out at her for not getting INTL. Bitchiness ensues. (link)
  • Towards the end of the month INTL begins to lag a little. Kayte mentions it, and others notice it, but the admins aren't so sure. Turns out the server kept restarting. (link)
    Known bans: Stoffel, Tazzo, gba101, Agon
July 2005
  • Justice O'Connor retires thereby kickstarting a Conservative-led US Supreme Court. Sunny gets into a fight with STFU and kayte over US political history. Snore. (link)
  • The American INTLers celebrate 'Murica. Lots of fireworks, Elton John concerts, and Jimmy picking a fight with Snowy over his sexism, hatred for her and her trolling. (link)
  • Wasps and mice: who hates them, who likes them, and who is annoyed by them? Oh, and kayte once again complains about her experiences with her ex-boyfriend Coca-Cola. (link)
  • Ballard joins the Royal Australian Air Force. Being anti-military, Snowy and Surt both half-heartedly congratulate him. Also something, something testicular cancer. (link)
  • The United Kingdom experiences its 9/11: the July 7 London bombings. Greenidentity worries about her sister. Skye fights with Jimmy and Surt about terrorism as a tactic. (link)
  • Battlefield 2 is released and it dominates the lives of Skizzles and Nemesis. Unfortunately, most others can't run it on their shitty PCs. Shadowe and antpocas fight, too. (link)
  • Tourist starts a contest for an INTL banner, and Zippo is absolutely loving it. There's some controversy about whether they might attract unwanted attention from the web. (link)
  • A friend falls asleep at Arnok's place and photos are taken of him (including of his ass???). Peach feels bad for him, but Snowy wants to focus on his hairy asshole. (link)
  • Jimmy rants about fake chicks. The women of INTL tease him for his girl troubles and obvious misogyny. Smokey feels sorry for him. Shady apparently puts on fake accents. (link)
  • Nickolati and others make raps about other INTLers. It doesn't go over so well. Smokey: "I'll be the first to point out that everyone in this thread is a bad rapper." (link)
  • Acheron is sick of everyone changing their names and Chimp mirrors his confusion about it all. Flaming Arrow tries to defend the practice, the rest try to guess the names. (link)
  • Flaming Arrow introduces INTL to FantaMorph, a website that combines our favorite celebrities and INTLers into hot, disturbing, and sometimes sexy abominations. (link)
  • One of greenidentity's friends is... hard to like but also hard to hate. Peach and Tyr end up discussing what it means to be "nice." Shady just thinks the guy is gay. (link)
  • America is developing more weapons of mass destruction and Snowy is upset! The military men of INTL don't take her criticism so well. Chimp and her argue endlessly about it. (link)
  • Stoffel has a fucked up life, and Skizzles is just starting his fucked up life. Turns out Stoffel's girlfriend just had an abortion. Jimmy thinks he's just being an idiot. (link)
  • The latest Harry Potter book is out and Menion, Jimmy, Skye, Chimp and Sunny discuss it. Smokey and Trofozoito don't like how adults are obsessing over a kid's book. (link)
    Known bans: 5N4K3, Imperialist, Kapn Xaos
August 2005
  • Salamando cheats on Megan with a girl named Ashley. All three of them are crazy and melodramatic and their IRL drama spreads into INTL where everyone responds with a shrug. (link)
  • Frosty arrives... and is immediately (temporarily) banned. Jimmy takes this as an opportunity to lash out at everyone wanting frosty to stick around. Is frosty Adam? (No). (link)
  • Which INTL admin would you like to meet? It's an almost even split between Baggy Brad and Sandamnit. Despite having a vagina, Vervet does not win this contest. (link)
  • Bill hates Snowy. He finds her to be an attention whore. Tyr and Smokey come to her defence and are ridiculed. Drama ensues when Jimmy and Stormraider get involved. (link)
  • Skizzles once again returns to tell us about his drug adventures. Salamando thinks he sold out and isn't going hard enough. The rest of INTL feel he's really immature. (link)
  • Peach makes a thread where folks can compliment one another. Outside of a few snide comments, it's actually really wholesome. Who knew we all actually cared for one another? (link)
  • Zippo asks the rather mundane question of the price of your gas. Eventually it leads to greenidentity and NNY discussing the merits of having a car vs. buying alcohol. (link)
  • Do you ever call in sick just to get the day off from work? Most say no, some say sometimes, few say yes. Turns out Soccy has integrity and the rest of INTL is hungover. (link)
  • Spazz has bad experiences with rednecks. Jimmy berates her for breaking the law. A bunch of newbies show up, and Acheron, Surt and Flaming Arrow fight them. Petty drama ITT. (link)
  • To no surprise to anyone, Acheron hates Republicans. The few Republicans on INTL try to defend themselves by arguing that Acheron is generalizing far too much. He isn't. (link)
  • What college classes will you be taking? For the next four years this gives folks a chance to describe their undergraduate experiences. Most of INTL is finally in college! (link)
  • STFU finally tells everyone to STFU. While he makes a few good points, some take offence to them! He ends up getting into a bitch fight with Snowy and others over it. Fun. (link)
  • It's 2005 and frosty has lost hope that the Democrats will ever win anything in the US. Is America ready for a female leader? Will the Democrats rule eternally? Sorry, no. (link)
  • Chimp gets pissed at his roommate (who is not IF0). Everyone's sad that he no longer lives with IF0. It's frustrating, the guy he hates is on the lease. Will he move out? (link)
  • Nickolati is thinking about moving to New Orleans. This prompts Kitabatake to warn him that it might flood. Then Hurricane Katrina happens. Nickolati caused Katrina ITT. (
  • Remember Hot Coffee, that mod added to GTA which caused all that controversy? FISHMANPET gives us the low down on it. Why would people think this 'porn' is hot? (link)
  • Flaming Arrow hosts the 8th edition of the "Best Avatar Contest." After three rounds, Mingan wins with his "MMM SKYSCRAPER I LOVE YOU" avatar. It's still his current one. (
  • Regulars Registered: frosty
    Known bans: frosty, Antmore (x2), STFU
September 2005
  • Hasty suggests bringing back the Frontpage, and while he and others give good ideas, it turns out in the end not enough people come forward to actually help out. (link)
  • Some random newbie has a stalker. Squareknight reveals that he's actually a stalker. Also what's long, brown and sticky? A latino penis. I made myself laugh. (link)
  • Hurricane Katrina has hit New Orleans and people there are looting. Surt and Scarlet are all for looting. Snowy and mmac fight; mmac takes the morally self-righteous road. (link)
  • Adam tries to get INTL to solve a riddle he made up, but it's not good. Jimmy makes fun of him for it, and Sandamnit gets mad that the answer is so convoluted. (link)
  • Amiodarone wants to know how hard it is to sell cigarettes. PR doesn't want his faggot cigarettes. The rest argue the merits of selling cigarettes privately. (link)
  • IF0 gets cucked by a girl! He gets ridiculed by the rest of INTL because the girl didn't do anything wrong. STFU and greenidentity fight over STFU's pretentiousness. (link)
  • Greenidentity asks if anyone has been arrested. Most say never, and those that have been are not too serious with their offences. Artzilla has had a lot of run ins. (link)
  • Sandamnit holds the first (and only!) staff performance review. Most mods are satisfied with INTL, but would like to do away with some of its old, draconian rules. (link)
  • A new feature, Photojournals, are introduced. It suffers from some early bugs, but seems to be a relative success. Honestly, I don't really remember this being a thing. (link)
  • Lyle gives us all an update about her crazy life and gets some advice in return. She also plays Halo, which Peach finds amazing 'cause girls playing Halo is cool. (link)
  • Regulars Registered: superstar satisfaction
    Known bans: Tazzo, Spazz, poopaloops, STFU
October 2005
  • NNY, Pascal and Nickolati are no longer moderators. Ice takes NNY's place in Inside Discussions, Hasty takes Pascal's place in Bitching Battleground, and no one takes Nickolati's place.
  • Give Hasty dialogue and he'll illustrate a comic of it! Most of the requests revolve around INTL memes and drama. Sadly none of the comics survive, but people loved 'em. (link)
  • Why do people give people karma? A myriad of reasons. A surprising number of folks don't give any karma, and a minority give a ton of karma. Just a bunch of karma whores. (link)
  • An 11 year old Canadian girl hung herself. Sukkit doesn't feel her life was tough; Snowy fiercely disagrees. Baggy Brad tries to justify survival of the fittest. Eugh. (link)
  • Where do you work? Outside of the couch (thanks NNY!), most INTLers work in retail or are currently in school. Jimmy is against unions (big surprise). Also America sucks. (link)
  • The Bird Flu is a thing. Antpocas and others describe similarities with the 1918 Spanish flu. Bush plans to speak about how bad it is, which is interesting, I guess. (link)
  • Post funny private messages that you've received. Pretty much out of context nonsense. Smokey relives the Mojo drama; Sunny makes fun of Menion and British Agent. (link)
  • The "what would the person above you get banned for" thread is back! It goes much the same as last time, though with many more snide comments and petty (melo)drama. (link)
  • Chimp calls STFU out on being a terrible, terrible poster. Baggy Brad tells him to ship up or shape out. Surt thinks that he's a gimmick, which he probably is tbh. (link)
  • Kitabatake remarks that INTL seems to be a place where you gain notoriety the longer you're around. Apparently mmac never told his parents he was deployed to Iraq... (link)
  • Adam, STFU, IF0 and drahnier get mutually butthurt with one another and so let everyone else know. This thread sucks. Ice: "God, this thread is horrible." (link)
  • Snowy calls out Chimp for giving her -k. She tries to cause a fight between Chimp and IF0. There's a bunch of drama with all of them plus kayte, Surt and Stormraider. Woo. (link)
  • Mr Excitable meets up with kayte and probably some of the other Nova Scotians while in the area for a rugby game. Mr Excitable is enormous and Ms PT is in love. (link)
  • Peach starts up another round of awkward INTL dating. Mmac is excited, Arnok dreads being set up with Surt again, and Mr Excitable and MS PT want a threesome with Zippo. (
  • Lovely Insanity returns after a long absence and is totally lost. Everyone is so excited to have "Zuri" back. Sadly, she doesn't seem to stick around for long. :( (link)
  • Adam calls out Jimmy for ruining INTL. Jimmy proceeds to fight him and the bitchiness is so overwhelming that it pulls in Snowy and Stormraider. Goddamn, this is bad drama. (link)
  • The annual Halloween thread. INTLers share their costumes. Angus, emtilt and British Agent essentially share the same school environment. Smokey says fuck it to Halloween. (link)
  • SprUceWOLF calls for the impeachment of President Bush. While most of INTL wants it, they don't think it's likely. IF0 and Dante debate how intelligent Bush actually is. (link)
    Known bans: Dante, iamtheman, holy sandwich, birdhunt382, Jimmy, Yogi
November 2005
  • INTL gets a new admin: ice. Hasty takes his place as a moderator of Inside Discussions.
  • Dimi is deeply curious about other's personal lives. Sunny is veiled on the forums, but too open in private apparently. Jimmy: "I wonder if a lot of you have personal lives." (link)
  • Sandamnit posts some statistics for INTL. They're cool, I guess. Retardation Station tops the most active forum. Everyone checks to see if they're on the stats or not. (link)
  • Wandering Idiot is on leave from the US military and so drives to Nova Scotia to meet kayte, Adam and Mr Excitable for his birthday. Many cheap beers are drank. (link)
  • A bunch of US states are talking about teaching "intelligent design." This sets off an argument between antpocas and others about the definition of "intelligent design." (link)
  • IF0 starts up the "Sexual Metaphor Game" where you make sexual descriptions out of common words. Everyone takes a chance at coming up with the most ridiculous perversion. (link)
  • Some random newbie asks what you did today and Sunny goes into WAY too much detail. Most people have pretty boring days, but it's a nice snapshot of late 2005 INTL life. (link)
  • Nickolati has women problems. The women of INTL proceed to argue among themselves about how best to approach his overly expensive dates with ungrateful wenches. (link)
  • Sandamnit creates a thread to pick beta testers for INTL v4. Everyone gets excited, but World of Warcraft takes over his life and INTL is sadly left waiting indefinitely. (link)
  • To the amazement of ice, Mr Pixies posts some of the pottery and sculpture he's made. Smokey, Zippo, Vervet and nimo are also impressed and amazed. He is a good artist. (link)
  • Nickolati asks which INTLers you would combine and why. It's a bunch of silly nonsense. Chimp: "I'd combine ice with a shift key." (link)
  • In anticipation for INTL v4, greenidentity asks how everyone feels about INTL. Most people find it pretty slow and boring lately. INTL is running out of new blood. (link)
  • Following antpocas warning people for it, Sandamnit reaffirms that it's OK to talk about pirating shit. IF0 thinks the admins are acting too mean lately. (link)
    Known bans: STFU, Agon
December 2005
  • There is discussion about closing Bitching Battleground and The Director's Cut due to inactivity, but ultimately the admins choose to keep them open (for now). (link)
  • How much money would it take for you to kill a puppy? Sukkit: "If you'd kill it for $1M, you'd kill it for 100,000 too, and for 10,000, and probably for 100 and for less." (link)
  • Some kid posts a suicide note on Myspace. INTL is not at all surprised. In fact, Chimp doesn't give a fuck. Pluveto is deeply upset by how little INTL cares about this. (link)
  • Do you smoke? The majority don't, but there's quite a few whom do. IF0 is disgusted, so Vervet and Smokey argue with him. INTL has many self-conscious smokers. (link)
  • Kayte needs help picking her career. Teaching, journalism, porn... it's all brought up. Eventually it sounds like she chooses to go into library science. How random. (link)
  • Buddha holds an AMA, so if there's anything you've ever wondered about his life, this place is probably where you want to be. (link)
  • Jimmy is sick of all the popular fad sayings - ninjas, pirates and "in the USSR..." Sukkit agrees. Sandamnit and ice are sick of them too. Fads and hated fads abound ITT. (link)
  • Acheron can't believe his school is cracking down on downloading! Kayte tries to argue that surveillance is good, but ice thinks not. Universities should free the porn! (link)
  • Swiss was headbutted by a drunk guy at a subway station! Frosty gives his own experiences of the wasteland that is Scotland. It becomes a discussion on whiskey. (link)
  • Peter Jackson releases "King Kong", and while British Agent, Sunny, IF0 and others find it highly outstanding and impressive, the box office disagrees. (link)
  • Baggy Brad wishes INTL a Merry Christmas! And like clockwork, we share what we want for presents, as well as what we want to give, too. Happy times! (
  • Nickolati holds an AMA, so if there's anything you've ever wondered about his life, this place is probably where you want to be. (link)
  • New Years Resolutions. Do you have them? Did you keep them? Do you have regrets? Do you want to know the embarassing stories of our early puberty and our first crushes, too? (
  • Turns out INTL might have to move its servers again, and in that case INTL might have to adopt banner ads. Oh no! (link)
  • Regulars Registered: artzilla, Buddha
    Known bans: artzilla
January 2006
  • Bon makes a list of what he considers 'non-moronic' metal. He's being elitest. PR, Sunny and Nickolati disagree with him and think he's being silly. We're a bunch of nerds. (link)
  • Subway. Neon hates the customers who go there. Those working in customer service, such as Dante, share their own shitty retail experiences. Bitching about Subway abounds. (link)
  • Greenidentity has the goal of going to the gym more often so she asks for advice. Snowy, Wandering Idiot, and ice give helpful tips. Neon pledges to eat healthy, too. (link)
  • Dimi makes a "INTL Mafia" game. INTLers get pissed off when they're killed off. Two background forumers end up battling it out in the end: Waveslave vs. Stumpy. Who won? (link)
  • What are your allergies? For the most part nobody has any. Some of INTL's ladies are allergic to penicillin and other antibiotics. You know what that means, guys? I dunno. (link)
  • Buddha arrives and has his eminent suicide already planned out. INTLers call him a Russian fucktard. He defends himself to the death, thinking he's being philosophical. (link)
  • Is there freedom of speech online? Well, Snowy and Smokey argue with one another again. Snowy had apparently hit on him on AIM long ago, so he milks it. IF0 then joins in. (link)
  • Another shooting of a kid in a school. Snowy attacks mmac for choosing to go into the military. Chimp and wheezy attack Snowy's pacifism. STFU defends her. Lots of drama ITT. (link)
  • Do you play World of Warcraft? It seems many INTLers do. They give their stats. Some others show a strong hatred for the game. Sandamnit is evidently obsessed. (link)
  • Buddha asks why INTLers are dumb. He's angry at the hazing he is getting. Stormraider agrees, but then Buddha goes insane on everyone. It turns out he's in love with Snowy. (link)
  • Following from Buddha's tantrum, frosty offers up suggestions on how best to approach newbies. He feels the board is unwelcoming. He meets with some resistance, sadly. (link)
  • Dante and Hoff argue relentlessly about whether democracy won't or will be effective in Iraq, respectively. Jimmy makes some cynical one liners. INTL is getting madly political. (link)
  • What Star Trek character can you compare too? Star Trek thread! Then it just becomes a general Sci-Fi/Star Trek/Star Wars comparison thread. God, we really are a bunch of nerds. (link)
  • Vervet 'permanently' bans Snowy for personal reasons. The rivalry between her and Snowy has gotten to the point where Vervet had enough. Some people are iffy about this decision...
  • Regulars Registered: Alloy, Hoff
    Known bans: spRUCeWolF, thesilencekit, Boo, Snowy, Buddha
February 2006
  • Who is gonna win Super Bowl XL: Pittsburgh or Seattle? Speculation is almost evenly split, and the game was entertaining, but the Pittsburgh Steelers eventually win. (link)
  • Bon takes note that a comic of Mohammad is causing violence in Europe. Surt thinks the Muslims are being ignorant. He's attacked. Is it wrong to burn embassies? (link)
  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is coming out soon! Chimp's computer won't be able to handle it. There's cautious optimism; Elder Scrolls III wasn't very good apparently. (link)
  • Boo challenges the forum to a rap battle. Dimi puts it to sound. It's fairly active, and a lot of fun, but ends way, way too soon. (link)
  • Dante is worried that Walmart is getting too big. Most say that they don't shop there. Dante continues to attack it. Walmart continues to get big... (link)
  • Amphy makes this year's Valentine's Day thread. Gifts are given, cards are shared. Some people are evidently single. Secret INTLer sexual rendezvous. Ooo la la. (link)
  • The Winter Olympics are being hosted in Turin, Italy. INTL has Olympic fever. Dimi gets excited for the hockey. Neither Canada or the US place in the top three. :( (
  • Drahnier is scared of dying! There's some deep philosophical questions asked about life after death and feeling death. None of it helps drahnier overcome his fear of dying. (link)
  • What's the dumbest shit you do while bored? Chimp drinks; others play video games. Ice stares at the floor. Kayte posts videos of her having heterosexual fun at college. Hmm. (link)
  • Dimi starts up a game of "Ctrl-V" where you post whatever is in your clipboard. It's mostly chatlogs, links to random shit, and out of text keywords. Yes, we are bored. (link)
  • PopRocks will draw you with markers. She's actually very talented, and the thread turns out successful. Sadly, nothing remains of what she did, but it must've been good. (link)
  • Regulars Registered: vissario
    Known bans: Boo
March 2006
  • Smokey wonders if INTL sucks lately or if it's just him. IF0 believes all the fun people are banned (ex. Emp, Snowy, etc.). Mmac tries unsuccessfully to start fake drama. (link)
  • IF0 sets up a "Confessional Booth". Lots of humorous 'confessions' involving virgins and girls. Plenty of Chimp/IF0 gay jokes and cybering of Snowy. So many dirty secrets. (link)
  • Wandering Idiot begets a thread about the renewal of the Patriot Act. Dante, artzilla, and others debate failed American foreign policy. Vissario makes his debut. (link)
  • Angus notices a friend is naming her dog after his username, Angus. How much is your online life separated from your offline one? How much is IF0's chick a bitch? (link)
  • Hoff makes a game of "20 Questions". People like it. It relieves some people's boredom, but for the most part ends up with just a bunch of one-liners. (link)
  • Mmac doesn't want to be deployed to Iraq again. Wandering Idiot and artzilla give him some advice for getting out. Jimmy laughs at him for joining the military. (link)
  • It's St Patrick's Day! Surt considers it to be a farce in America. Acheron takes offence. Everyone else gets drunk and describes their European heritage, as is tradition. (link)
  • Snakes on a Plane is released and becomes a meme that INTL jumps on. Vervet is really into it. Despite the hype, it turns out that it's not a very good movie. (link)
  • IF0's fiance's best friend is being a bitch to him. He posts pictures. Smokey discourages marriage and encourages letting him fuck Heather (the friend). Sucks for IF0. (link)
  • Sandamnit notices that the server is fucking up, so he takes INTL down for 5 days to do some tests. He feels INTL is becoming more of a problem than it's worth. (link)
  • "United 93" the movie. Does it interest you? Most say no and mock it instead. Spiff expects another "Pearl Harbor". Kayte tries to defend it, and then locks it for a while. (link)
  • With the possibility that INTL might shut down for good, INTLers use the time remaining to remember the good times and share their contact information. The end times are near! :( (
  • Sandamnit announces that INTL won't be shut down forever, but that the server must be taken down again. It is down for 19 days and once brought back has new owners. (link)
  • Regulars Registered: Tiger

Chapter VIII: INTL v3.2

Weary of running INTL, Sandamnit relinquishes ownership to IF0 and Chimp, and retires into a world of Warcraft. Both IF0 and Chimp make various changes to INTL, in order to appeal for members to stay and lurkers to register. Amidst trolls, bitches, and Zippo's smurfs, INTL goes through a number of spats that culminate in numerous server crashes and petty flame wars. In spite of this, it was a good time.


April 2006

  • IF0 and Chimp take over as the new owners of INTL. Rumor has it Sandamnit has become immersed in World of Warcraft and sits around naked eating cheesy poofs. (link)
  • Snowy is unbanned, and then later banned again. Most other banned folks are unbanned too "in order to start again on a clean slate and to have a friendly community."
  • What were you doing while INTL was down? Studying, exams, computer shit... writing fanfiction?!? (link)
  • Angus got a 34 on his ACT, whatever that means. A bunch of Americans talk about standardized testing and whether it's a necessary evil. (link)
  • There's a storm straight out of "The Day After Tomorrow" that excites Wandering Idiot. Rest assured greenidentity is safe. Most everywhere else is warm and windy. (link)
  • RENT (the movie/show) pisses Hoff off. Maybe he doesn't get? Either way, most musicals suck and Smokey hates paying rent. (link)
  • Hasty makes up a game - Eat Poop You Cat - which is a success after some initial confusion. I can't explain it, see for yourself. (link)
  • Ice starts up a "Photo a Day" thread. It's cool, I guess. It gives the rest of INTL a chance to show off the scenic photos they've taken. (link)
  • Hoff takes on the forum over a discussion about job equality and whether people should be paid more than others. It goes over as well as you'd expect. (link)
  • No surprise to anyone, kayte is socially awkward. The male INTLers proceed to describe the awkward experiences they've had with girls. Awkward! (link)
  • IF0 sets up INTL's own IRC channel. The only one ever in there is antpocas, and AIM chats generally tend to be a lot better (and more popular!). (link)
  • Stormraider is replaced by drahnier and TPC as moderators of Bitching Battleground.
    Known bans: Buddha, Imperialist, Snowy
May 2006
  • Mingan resigns as moderator of Serious Discussions. Sukkit is chosen to replace him. (link)
  • Chimp joins the US military! The military men of INTL welcome him into the fold, and talk about what it will feel like to retire. Surt gets butthurt over AMERICA. (link)
  • Is there anything alcohol shouldn't mix with? Acheron really needs to know. ExtraKryspi batters Zippo, drahnier, and Mr Excitable over the toxicity of painkillers. (link)
  • ExtraKryspi notes that INTL's favicon is showing up as CNN, therefore CNN must own INTL. Kayte and Smokey make "love". (link)
  • Maxis announces Spore, and INTL is hopeful that it'll be a good game. Years later it turns out to be... less than great. (link)
  • President Bush is spying on Zippo's sex terrorism. Hoff seems to support wiretapping. ;) (link)
  • Who here owns a Mac? The answer? Only 2 people. Most folks still have desktop PCs and are running Windows XP. (link)
  • Should the Mongols the Americans build a shitty wall bordering on Mexico? Hoff very, very strongly supports it. Dante agrees. Pluveto, emtilt and Surt are against it. (link)
  • Wandering Idiot bought a motorcycle. So many people want a bike, so few can afford it though. (link)
  • Is anyone on INTL a Buddhist? No... and Mr Excitable finds Buddhism to be a fad in the West. Kayte disagrees, as usual. (link)
  • Sukkit comes to the realization that nobody in his group of friends talks about serious things. Drahnier and Sunny have a horrible social life. Zippo, Surt and others do not. (link)
  • Nickolati encourages INTLers to post a blog entry from their blogs. Surt is tired of Chimp's cynicism. They bicker. Kayte intervenes, unsuccessfully. (link)
  • X-men 3 comes out and it's an OK movie. There's general disappointment that Nightcrawler is apparently not in it. (link)
  • It's official, most INTLers prefer to listen to classical/ambient/soft music when they go to bed. (link)
  • Adam wants to meet folks in New York, but nobody accepts his invitation. Sad! Angus tries to convince everyone to go to Alabama instead. (link)
  • Vervet resigns as an administrator, citing that she has no time and not enough interest in the Internet.
June 2006
  • IF0 creates a "Hi, I'm New" thread for the newbies. (link)
  • INTL is having DNS problems. Some files are sadly lost. Salamando and Soccy argue over whether kids ducking and covering beneath desks during nuclear attacks actually works. (
  • Zippo is moving into her own place for the first time. Others give her recommendations as to how she should prepare. Vervet reveals more '19 times' trivia. (link)
  • Mmac wants a new music player for his computer. It appears foobar2000 is the most recommended, at least by antpocas, Hasty Penguin and Bon. (link)
  • In order to liven INTL up a bit, Ztolk decides to make custom flash films and host a MSpaint thread. Both are reasonably successful. (
  • TPC rages! I don't exactly know what's going on, but he says fuck a lot. He also tells Dimi to "lick me, fuck bean." (link)
  • What started as an invitation to play Age of Empires II ends up a drama between the sexual stalker Menion and his obsessive, unrequited love for Sunny. (link)
  • Menion got a gun! Wandering Idiot and mmac share their gun knowledge. Mingan chastises the 'gun culture' of the United States. (link)
  • TPC and IF0 resurrect INTL's Frontpage... or at least they promise to. A bunch of folks agree to help, but few follow through. (link)
  • British Agent was used by a manipulative bitch who cheated on him, so he posts her pic. She's a whore, everyone agrees... except maybe Jimmy. (link)
  • Boohbah pays INTL a visit. It's... well... check it out and come to your own conclusions. (link)
  • Theater of Sound, The Director's Cut, and The Gallery are combined to create Pretension Palace. Kitabatake and emtilt are chosen as its moderators.
  • Smokey joins Zippo as moderator of TEZ.
  • Regulars Registered: just_dandy
July 2006
  • Bitching Battleground is retired and its threads moved to Inside Discussions. Drahnier replaces wheezy as a moderator of Inside Discussions. (link)
  • Someone moves a staff thread where Vervet had criticized Snowy to Inside Discussions. Snowy finds it and attacks everyone who responded to it. Drama ensues. (link)
  • Already, Dante is bored by how boring this summer is. The rest of the forum tries to convince him to take up hobbies, but he resists. (link)
  • IF0 has urethritis, so he posts about it. INTLers (mostly Snowy) proceed to pick on him. (link)
  • Byc goes on a trip to Europe, and INTLers begin to describe their own eurotrips until vissario comes in and bashes black people. Others typically take his bait. (link)
  • Amphy writes a novel about stealing a street sign. Years later a random bot comes into the thread and copies her post. Hilarity ensues. (link)
  • A thread about racial equality. Vissario baits Skye into a fight, and Skye explodes on him, mmac and others. Skye is not impressed! (link)
  • Etymxris advocates getting rid of karma. Most disagree, and then go on to explain whether they give revenge karma or not. Many do. (link)
  • Dante takes a trip to the western US, posts photos. Scarlet decides to photoshop one to look like the standard Windows XP background. He's mocked for it. (link)
  • Israel attacks Lebanon. Vissario and Sukkit argue whether Israel should be allowed to do so. It goes over as well as you would expect. (link)
  • IF0 tries to start up a Wikipedia article about INTL, but it's shot down pretty early. (link)
  • Blacksun asks what music you smoke weed to. It's a lot of Pink Floyd, rap and reggae. In other words, the usual. (link)
  • Who have you met offline from online communities? There's a surprising number of people who have met and even found relationships from the Internet. (link)
  • Dante makes a thread about The Colbert Report. Vissario tries to bait folks into a fight about YouTube. IF0 posts pics of his friends having faux sex. (link)
  • Mmac considers going AWOL from the military. Jimmy and Surt give the typical snide remarks. Wandering Idiot advocates not doing it, as do the rest of the military men. (link)
  • Baggy Brad asks if you've lost your virginity before or after you joined INTL. It's split 50/50 between before and after. (link)
  • Smokey and Zippo step down as moderators for TEZ. Kayte and Skye take over. (link)
  • Regulars Registered: girlsgonedocile
    Known bans: Snowy, vissario
August 2006
  • INTL's server problems continue to get worse. The site has randomly started timing people out and etymxris struggles to fix the problems. (link)
  • Skye is angered by her bus driver's complete disregard for her comfort. Vissario brings it up that she's black and thus she's treated differently. *sigh* (link)
  • What started out as a trippy thread by frosty about fruit ends up with drahnier and IF0 having a fight or something. They really should just get a room at this point. (link)
  • Dante creates a thread for newbies from HG to congregate in. Beware, various newbies spam and oldies being nostalgic ITT. (link)
  • Vissario announces that he's off to Mexico for vacation. Hallelujah! There's general mockery of him ITT. (link)
  • IF0 stalks Flaming Arrow and finds his address. His criminal history is brought up, while others lament that he's no longer around. (link)
  • Girlsgonedocile took psych and now wants to be James Bond. Artzilla advocates joining the military. others suggest good tweed suits. Jesus pays a visit. (link)
  • Etymxris notes how some scientists are trying to redefine banning drugs. Vissario brings up gays and AIDS and bickers with artzilla. (link)
  • A newbie, catjaneu (only post) wants to cause pain to men's testicles, so INTLers describe the gut-wrentching testicle pains they've had. Ten minute cumming is fascinating. (link)
  • Dante tries (unsucessfully) to create a thread worthy of the Hall of Fame. Drahnier is not impressed and has a spat with STFU. A cat theme starts. (link)
  • Amphy starts a "Photo a Day" thread. Kayte loves it and posts a ton of closeups. Lots of nature and architecture ITT. (link)
  • Alloy and ZBrisk meet, and their relationship sparks a dramatic thread about internet dating and social behavior. Dante is fascinated. (link)
  • Wandering Idiot speak out against President Bush. Alloy tries to get some facts straight about it all. Vissario baits Drahnier and Alloy into a fight. (link)
  • Hoff has a secret sex dream involving INTL! He also demonstrated a lap dance to Dimi. Kayte loves when people dream about her. (link)
  • Skye is (now) angered by "Survivors" choice of having races compete against one another. Against all others, she tries to convince people that it's bullshit. (link)
  • Ztolk meets Trofozoito at a urologist conference. They didn't do much, if anything. Exciting times. (link)
  • Baggy Brad eats a lot of cereal. INTLers describe their favorite cereals. Hasty takes a chance for the title of Iron Chef of Cereal. (link)
  • Mr Excitable convinces the admins to delete all of Snowy's positive karma.
  • Regulars Registered: Dio, KaosDeath
    Known bans: inuyasha, kayte, vissario (x2)
September 2006
  • The server goes down at the beginning of this month. It is one of a number of server crashes to come for the next few months.
  • Steve Irwin dies. General mocking about his death by a stingray. Science Brad and Soccy argue whether he can be compared to a soldier risking his life. (link)
  • Vissario claims Islam is a religion of hate and makes other stereotypes about Arabs. Skye claims something similar to Christianity. (link)
  • Hasty decides to write a novel. Vissario finds it boring. He's accused of trolling, especially from Dante. Eventually there's some constructive criticism. (link)
  • Dimi hates popped collars. While most see it as a shitty fashion trend, Soccy likes doing it. He thinks it makes him look good. (link)
  • Dante is robbed! He is encouraged to seek revenge to get into the Hall of Fame, but does nothing. (link)
  • TPC calls IF0 on the phone. Others then feel the need to prank him, too. Six months later, IF0's still getting prank calls. (link)
  • Baggy Brad wants people to describe their life in one noun and one adjective. Pretty boring shit but maybe someone will find it great. (link)
  • IF0 has a bad college teacher who doesn't give a fuck about his grades. He gets upset when everyone starts mocking him for throwing a tantrum. (link)
  • Snowy starts her first "Post a Song a Day" thread. It ends up being super popular with practically everyone, and gives a chance to show off some cool music. (link)
  • Cunterhosen makes 'his' debut with a poll about the least liked forumer. Smokey and Snowy catfight. Nobody really cares. For the record it's STFU who wins. (link)
  • Sandamnit is released from active duty in the US Army.
  • Regulars Registered: cunterhosen
    Known bans: vissario
October 2006
  • There's a bunch of school shootings. Thread derails to a discussion about Weird Al. Snowy claims a lack of empathy is a sign of a psychopath. Sunny and her deck it out. (link)
  • Neon wants people to post pics of their rooms. Smokey and Snowy insult Sandamnit's poster choices as being 'childish'. (link)
  • After IF0 sends dick pictures to mmac's girlfriend "AMAC", mmac is pissed. Turns out she asked for it. IF0 is then mocked for send dick pics to random chicks. (link)
  • IF0 asks how you'd like to die. The near consensus is short and painless. (link)
  • British Agent asks for INTL's help in finding a pipe. Wandering Idiot provides him with a piece that looks like a butt plug. (link)
  • Cunterhosen wants people to make up stories of long gone INTLers. Dimi gets the idea that cunterhosen wants to prove 'he' knows shit about INTL. (link)
  • Dimi asks how many commandments you've broken. The majority have broken all but 'thou shalt not kill' whose meaning is then argued over. (link)
  • Dio is going to try weed and needs to know how to smoke it. Dimi and Snook advocate that there's better things than drugs. Tyr disagrees. (link)
  • Kayte makes another "Post Your Picture" thread. Expect a ton of attention whoring and petty drama about the way people look ITT. (link)
  • Adam wants to debate suicide. Vissario is peeved people are trying to dictate his life. Vissario is banned. Jimmy is banned when he flames Adam. (link)
  • Mmac worries about what's going to happen when he leaves the military. Wandering Idiot feels much the same. Dimi, Sukkit and Surt argue over Danish 'socialism'. (link)
  • Nickolati makes a poll on whether he should keep a beard or not. Cunterhosen baits vissario into a fight over black people. (link)
  • Lyle starts a thread about Nintendo's upcoming console, the Wii. There's a ton of enthusiasm and general Nintendo praise ITT. (link)
  • Cunterhosen needs help planning 'his' 21st birthday. Vissario bitches about typical party behaviour, calls partiers shallow. (link)
  • Adam asks for help learning video game shit for a new job. Antpocas and ice try to confuse him with fake info. (link)
  • Sukkit makes a thread about cannibal movies. Vissario makes his debut as a martyr for Holocaust Revisionism. Bon supports him, but that's nothing new. *sigh* (link)
  • Snook brings up "New Atheism" - a movement that wants to eradicate religion. Sunny takes on etymxris and Science Brad who strongly support it. (link)
  • Hoff gets mugged! Surt and Drahnier don't get mugged. Cunterhosen baits drahnier into a fight. Hoff is not impressed by the derail. (link)
  • IF0 appeals to forumers to stop flaming in Serious Discussions, so they decide to flame him instead. Bwahahaha! (link)
  • Skye tries to figure out who cunterhosen is. Sunny thinks it's a guy named TerminusEst, but it eventually turns out kayte is right and it's really Zippo in disguise. Aha!
  • Wandering Idiot and mmac are released from active duty in the US Army.
    Known bans: girlsgonedocile, Tazzo
November 2006
  • How much of a procrastinator are you? Most people on INTL procrastinate. STFU and Snowy get into a bit of a spat. (link)
  • The US midterm is happening! Vervet and etyxmris have a strong interest in ballot measures. the hot topic this year is gay marriage. (link)
  • Vissario claims Saddam's execution was not legal. The future of Iraq is brought up, but most people think Vissario is an idiot. (link)
  • Cunterhosen hosts the 2006 Hottest Female Forumer contest. Zippo wins. ;) (link)
  • Adam holds a 2006 Hottest Male Forumer contest. Surt wins. (
  • Which TV shows are INTL watching right now? Turns out it's mostly Lost, Dexter, House, and Battlestar Galactica. (link)
  • Zippo makes a 'Microphone Party'. Generally popular, nothing really interesting happens except Snowy and Zippo talk sexy to one another. (link)
  • Adam asks a bunch of questions to every INTLer about how they found INTL and how things have changed. A bit of an interesting thread for historical reasons. (link)
  • Mr Excitable wants INTLers to send Christmas cards. It's a success, and those who gave/got cards are generally pleased, though their families are bewildered. (link)
  • Dimi shares his cover of Britney Spear's "Hit Me Baby (One More Time)." Smokey is confused. Snowy is, well, being Snowy. Zippo and Hasty are impressed! (link)
  • Angus is turning 18! He's thinking of going to college in Indiana. There's general talk about whether that's good or not. Sure beats Alabama though. (link)
  • Sandamnit is planning a trip to Seattle, but no INTLers live there so he has no one to have sex with. Vervet is noticed as missing from INTL. (link)
  • Adam brings up Kramer from Seinfeld's recent racist remarks. Vissario trolls and states those remarks were true. In AIM, Skye admits she's had enough of INTL. (link)
  • IF0 makes a thread for the sole purpose of flaming vissario. Complaints are made about how vissario argues - he always picks the most controversial side. (link)
  • Many forum names are changed to incorporate the letter X into them. It is later believed that Sunny's name change to Xunny sparked the additional interest in the 24th letter of the alphabet. (link)
  • IF0 holds an election for moderator of Comments & Suggestions. Pretty useless moderator, but Adam really, really wants it and gets it. (
  • Skye steps down from moderator of TEZ, and leaves INTL indefinitely. Sunny replaces her. (link)
  • Dimi becomes an administrator. Yay for him! Wheezy is reinstated as a moderator of Inside Discussions.
  • Regulars Registered: Ryan
    Known bans: Adam, cunterhosen, Jimmy, Smokey, vissario
December 2006
  • Following multiple threads describing the lack of Christmas cheer, Dimi changes Inside Discussion's color scheme to mint green and light red. It's later changed again because it's ugly.
  • INTLer display names are changed to reflect either the food of the holidays or gay pride. The colours of the names are also changed to yellow, pink or purple.
  • Adam polls the server to ask how they're finding INTL. A slim majority find it a bit worse than they remember. Most really appreciate INTL for its people. (link)
  • Zippo sends IF0 a birthday present that confuses a bunch of people he knows. She calls him a "Waffleslayer" and apparently Nova Scotia is hell. (link)
  • Jesus gets super angry at Scarlet for victim blaming. Smokey eventually has a fight with goatsnacks which leads to Smokey getting banned. Oops. (link)
  • Wandering Idiot gets a job at a porno joint. He seems proud. Various INTLers try to give him a porn name. Uh... (link)
  • Mmac appears to have gotten a job at Best Buy, or something. He also seems proud. INTLers ask him for computer help. (link)
  • Emtilt makes a game where INTLers have to identify the album art. Generally very indie. (link)
  • Dimi posts photos of an all-nighter in college. It becomes a thread where everyone discusses their upcoming exams. (link)
  • Etymxris gets peeved that a teacher was sacked for saying Santa Claus doesn't exist. Sunny and Smokey agree. (link)
  • Snook wants to know what your feel good song is. ALERT! ALERT! There's tons of joy and gaiety ITT. (link)
  • Dimi begins Forum Survivor: SPCA Edition in Retardation Station. Mr Excitable is the winner, and he is made a moderator of the forum. (link)
  • Sunny tries to compile some drinking recipes... again. Many coffee drinks, vodka mixers. (link)
  • DragonofTwilight returns from the military, says he's still alive. Surt et al start bitching at him. Vissario joins in on it. Artzilla backs DragonofTwilight up. (link)
  • FD2 begets a thread about superheroes. It becomes an all out discussion about Superman vs. Batman. It remains indecisive. (link)
  • There's something growing in drahnier's toilet, and nobody knows what it is. (link)
  • Emtilt asks INTLers to compile lists of their favorite movies/music/books/shit of 2006. Again very indie. (link)
    Known bans: Adam, Smokey, vissario
January 2007
  • Flaming Arrow makes a triumphant return! (link)
  • Sunny suggests removing the "bandwidth leeching" automatic ban. Sandamnit sees it now as archaic. Chimp feels it should still be warnable, and so it's kept but made less harsh.
  • Smokey mentions the new Rocky movie. Vissario claims Americans only like it when good guys win. Wheezy, Smokey et al argue/bait him. Smokey is banned. (link)
  • Seatbeats: Do you feel unfairly punished by them? Surprisingly, the forum is split 55% to 45% in favour of punishing people for not wearing seatbelts. (link)
  • Adam makes the "2006 INTL Forum Awards", which he is unable to tally up because he ends up getting banned (see below). (link)
  • Sandamnit buys a 2007 Scion TC after asking the forum to help him choose a car. Most are impressed with it, but were initially worried it was the boxy scion. (link)
  • Etymxris posts a video of a horse being castrated. Most INTLers can handle it, some are just disturbed that the testes were torn off, not cut off. (link)
  • Adam argues with IF0 over a recently implemented rule in the TOS. IF0 sees Adam's side and removes the rule, but Adam continues to complain, so IF0 bans Adam. (link)
  • Wandering Idiot brings up conspiracy theories, and artzilla is heavily into it until vissario brings up the Holocaust as a conspiracy theory. (link)
  • FISHMANPET makes a token iPhone thread. Yogi is hyped and looking forward to it. (link)
  • Wandering Idiot discovers a shoplifter while working at a porno joint. Snowy gets upset at the military forumers, and vissario watches 80 year old men bang 19 year old kids. (link)
  • IF0 and Chimp are stuck in a strange weather phenomena that has pretty much frozen everything in the region. It leads to cold appendages and allegedly buttsex (kidding, no really). (link)
  • Flaming Arrow brings up celebrity trainwrecks, particularly Emma Watson. Mingan claims people are being retarded because all she is doing is drinking. Bitching ensues. (link)
  • Hillary Clinton is officially running for US president. Acheron is pretty damn happy about it. Snowy somehow brings up the British monarchy for some reason. (link)
  • President Bush gives his annual State of the Union. It receives some acclaim at INTL. Vissario, Snook and Kitabatake debate destroying the environment. Sigh. (link)
  • Is the US egocentric? Most say yes. Squareknight says no. He spends the rest of the thread arguing about foreigner perception of the US. (link)
  • Adam asks for the general opinion of Canada from the INTLers. Muzta dislikes French people, and vissario brings up the Holocaust again. Bitching about Canada goes on, eh. (link)
  • Zippo makes Valentine's Day cards for everyone... 15 days before the holiday. Mira shows up and is way too nice, making everyone think it's one of Zippo's smurfs. (link)
  • Following Adam's ban, Dante asks to be made the moderator of the Suggestions & Comments forum. It is done. (link)
  • Boston has an "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" bomb scare, and Dante is pretty pissed over the idiocy of it. Others don't really see eye to eye with him, and can see a reason to be concerned. (link)
  • Regulars Registered: Awenydd, goldorak, pl0x
    Known bans: Adam, Smokey

Chapter IX: INTL v3.3

After five years of slowly declining traffic, INTL's activity reaches its worst point yet; there was but one lonesome user celebrating New Years Eve on the forum. It was at this desperate time that things took a change for the better, and by early 2008 INTL would see the return of such staples as the Arena and the Bitching Battleground; as well as the addition of new features and various reforms in moderation.


February 2007

  • INTL's server goes down. Sunny donates her server to be used as a backup until INTL's server can go back up. (
  • Mmac wants to know what you've bought tech wise. Laptops, Cameras, CRTs oh my! Yogi bought an Xbox 360 to kill his friends online. (link)
  • Baggy Brad posts an image of his Asian friend with greasy meat. There's quite a lot of Asian, not a lot of meat. He advertises his writing blog, too. (link)
  • Anna Nicole Smith dies. Much of INTL does not care, some are happy, few are sad. INTL is a heartless, cruel place. (link)
  • After a week of INTL's ritual newbie hazing, Mira, a 'new' forumer, makes a farewell thread and leaves INTL. She's later revealed to be one of Zippo's smurfs. (link)
  • Following the forum's treatment of Mira, it's debated and decided as a community to lay off our overzealous hazing of newcomers. Adam is upset that he got hazed! (link)
  • Arnok makes a "Hi, I'm new" thread. Wheezy remembers when he used to ban people for that. Otherwise, people say "hi" back to Arnok. How nice! (link)
  • Quebec, love it or hate it, it's Canadian. And... anything Canadian is open territory for a typical vissario Holocaust denial thread, I guess? (link)
  • IF0, Arnok, ice and others create new colour templates for the forum. Some go over well; others not so much. Bebop: "It's disgusting and hurts my eyes." (link)
  • Inside Discussions is given the subtitle 'The Beverage Forum' after Dimi's Favorite Soda thread sparks multiple other liquid-related threads. (
  • Who knew there was so much hassle in donating blood? Artzilla knows his shit about blood donation. Angus has slept around with some dirty girls. (link)
  • What's your poop like? While most have level 3, Sunny has level 7 diarrhea. Click here for more diarrhea-filled stories of poop. (link)
  • KaosDeath tripple dog dares you to do shit. Some forumers take the challenge, and do what is asked. Dimi kisses a helmet. Greek_marquis applies lipstick using her boobs. (link)
  • In preparation for a new server, etymxris asks for donations for computer parts. Nemesis donates a number of parts, though it's still not enough. (link)
  • Are you high maintenance? INTL's women generally are, while the men are (usually) quite basic. ETH is emotionally high maintenance. (link)
  • IF0 is forced by Zippo to post a weird survey... so if you're into random surveys, this thread is for you! (I don't even know what forced here means...) (link)
  • Dimi holds an 'epic music battle' featuring some well-known bands. It's a very close (near) tie, with the Beatles winning the 1st round. (Where is the 2nd round?!?) (link)
  • British Agent suggests creating a Hall of Drama. Zippo suggests a DRAMA tag instead, and with IF0 and Chimp's permission, Sunny makes it so. (link)
  • Was Jesus' tomb just found? Zippo and emtilt say no. Others say maybe. It probably was nothing. Phew! (link)
  • DJ arrives, and he's proud to be (half naked and) in Bosnia. He is interviewed on what it's like to be Bosnian (and half naked). (link)
  • Zippo calls drahnier out because she's sick and wants him to 'take care' of her. Drahnier thinks IF0 is teasing him. The rest try to help Zippo with her cold. (link)
  • A number of INTLers smoke pot. This should come as no surprise for INTL. Those who don't are strongly against it. (link)
  • Do you use INTL's ignore feature? An inquisitive Dire Carrot wants to know! 89% don't, the 11% left justify why they do so and how they ignore Fisher. (link)
  • Sunny steps down as a moderator of TEZ and becomes a technical advisor to INTL; basically the person who fixes shit. Amphy takes her place as TEZ moderator.
  • Regulars Registered: DJ
    Known bans: Adam, vissario (x2), Mira, titanium, Watchwood
March 2007
  • Turns out Sunny is a slut. Who knew? (link)
  • Sunny suggests applying the same rules as the BANME and ATTN tags to the DRAMA tag, too. It's eventually decided to make it a mod-only tag.
  • Chimp gets mormons at his door. He instinctively blames IF0. Everyone else assumes Jesus sent them. Soccy is in everyone's bed. Tee hee. (link)
  • DJ jokingly references the crap that is Conservapedia. Vissario justifies making bullshit up, so Dimi and Sunny ruthlessly bite into him. Not literally because vissario is gross. (link)
  • Ice challenges everyone to a "hot or not" contest to see who can get the lowest score on that infamous website. Bearded Zippo wins. (link)
  • Vissario blames immigrants for giving him tuberculosis. DJ and him fight. Soccy and ice crack jokes: "Maybe you have AIDS vissario." (link)
  • Amphy starts up another round of "INTL Dating." A bunch of INTLers try to go on fun fake dates, but they end up mostly awkward and just really, really weird. (link)
  • Dante posts the "Power of 10" video. Science Brad answers scientific questions. Vissario and Sunny attack eachother over agreeing with eachother. (link)
  • Hoff asks "what are your pet peeves?" INTLers have a lot of annoyances. Bon and vissario are prejudiced bigots. (link)
  • What are the best music albums of 2007? Turns out that the year was a fine one for both Snowy and Sandamnit. (link)
  • Goldorak is sick of PC culture. Once again, vissario acts devils advocate for British Agent, wheezy and Flaming Arrow. (link)
  • IF0 wants to know your deepest secrets. Instead, most forumers decide to give their tips and tricks to various life problems. IF0 is probably disappointed. (link)
  • Snook wants to know where INTLers fit in the Myers-Brigg test. Almost one third are 'Masterminds' somehow... (link)
  • Dimi discovers Star Wars for the first time. Before he thought the series was stupid, but afterwards he thinks it is awesome! He's been converted! (link)
  • Would you rather be ugly but good, or hot but immoral? INTL is nearly 50/50. The big question, though, is how ugly would you be? (link)
  • Baggy Brad humorously solves two of your problems with one solution. (link)
  • Amphy is thinking of shaving off all her hair. Dante and Tazzo caution against it. They like her just the way she is. (link)
  • Pl0x is having difficulties transferring a large file between PCs. She decides to use FTP. Exciting stuff in Geek's Corner. (link)
  • Snowy posts a lolcats thread. Etymxris joins in on the fun. Immaturity abounds! (link)
  • IF0 makes a thread in Retardation Station entitled "Who wants to play a game?" Some forummers post in it, and are soon after abducted and placed in a subforum called The Game.
  • Like a game of Survivor, The Game involves challenges where you get voted out (in this case, returned to normal INTL). Drahnier socially engineers it so that he ends up winning. (link)
  • Despite not participating, Dante posts in one of The Game threads and is banned for failing to be smart. He is unbanned a couple days later.
  • Adam is banned for posting a thread called Philosophy with a title post saying "Why?" (link)
  • Snowy has a stalker from another community show up. Behind-the-scenes the mods take every effort to ensure that he cannot access INTL.
    Known bans: Adam (x2), Dante, guest123nc
April 2007
  • Adam is banned yet again, this time for posting a thread with an ATTN tag entitled "Adam is leaving INTL forever. April Fools!" (link)
  • There is a debate about Adam among staff. He knowingly breaks rules, and Dimi gives him a 999 day ban. Some feel that's too harsh and it's rollbacked.
  • University of Florida wins the NCAA basketball championship game. Zippo is happy. Angus, Hoff, Dante and wheezy are on her shit list. (link)
  • Someone is inside pl0x's computer, and she blames it on her friend... A male friend who probably looks at porn. (link)
  • Ryan is bored. Nobody knows who he is. Snowy attempts to haze him... and then vissario... to no avail. He just brushes them off. (link)
  • Amphy is getting married to Sukkit... but only on the internet. Sukkit has an affair with Arnok in the middle of the wedding planning. How deplorable! (link)
  • Flaming Arrow hates spring. Everyone else hates winter. The Californians brag about not having any seasons. Canadians complain about snow, as usual. (link)
  • British Agent begets a 'Grand Theft Auto IV' discussion. It becomes a console war thread, with an emphasis on the PS3. (link)
  • Hasty's cousin has diabetes, and as a diabetic tried to give advice of deaf ears. Zippo agrees with him, but kayte plays devil's advocate. (link)
  • Flaming Arrow doesn't understand why we don't eat dog. Drahnier doesn't like it when people give human characteristics to animals. Mingan calls all vegetarians idiots. (link)
  • A JesusBot pays INTL a visit. Arguments about whether God exists are made. Yummy pizza toppings are also brought up. God is delicious! (
  • Arnok is in Japan! Smokey allegedly has Japanese prowess. Vissario bickers about culture and gets called a fascist. Why is he so awful? (link)
  • Books... do you read them? A significant portion of INTLers do - some even learn other languages. Amphy flexes her Latin muscles. (link)
  • Virginia Tech Massacre. Sunny is scared etymxris, who goes there, was killed. Fortunately he posts, so the rest of the forum decides to speculate as to why it happened instead. (link)
  • Kayte goes to Europe. Tazzo claims to have missed her call to meet up, but I don't believe that shit. He just didn't want to hang out with kayte. (
  • For the most part, it's Dimi, Hasty, Mr Excitable and Tartarus that end up discussing the finer points of the 2007 NHL playoffs. The Ducks win. (link)
  • Snook hosts the "Coolest INTL Username v2.0" contest. Sukkit wins in a close battle with ETH, Amphy, and Mr Excitable. Surt and Tazzo find this so boring. (link
  • Etyxmris is having a hard time paying for a new dedicated server for INTL. After some crazy ideas for raising money, the new server begins operation in May. (link)
  • IF0 and kayte get into a bitchfest in the staff forum over how he feels she is snappy towards him. They argue and (unsurprisingly) they both get defensive.
    Known bans: browser2243, goatsmack, Snowy
May 2007
  • It's decided that people making "Hi, I'm new" threads will no longer be banned-on-sight. Instead they'll be warned, and the thread put in the Hall of Shame.
  • Wandering Idiot wants to begin an adult store. Some wish him luck, others provide names for it. Mr Pixies suggests as a backup he should just sell porn to us. (link)
  • Angus is trying to choose between post-secondary in Michigan or Indiana. He chooses Michigan. Vissario derails it over the value of higher learning. (link)
  • Flaming Arrow has overheard people say the most random shit... Mainly of the sexual nature. Others give their own experiences in eavesdropping. INTL: A bunch of creeps. (link)
  • IF0 wonders if downloading is bad, per se. Sunny and vissario argue that it isn't and is, respectively. Emtilt also wonders when it's ethical to steal. (link)
  • If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound? The answer: maybe, it depends. (link)
  • What disease are you named after? IF0 fails at this thread, and he's made fun of by Tazzo and Surt (whom are promptly banned). He hides the thread in the Hall of Shame. (link)
  • Jerry Falwell dies. Vissario makes drama while most forummers are happy enough about the event. I guess most people don't like him or care. (link)
  • A breakdancer kicks a baby in the head, so there's a thread about it. A funny GIF is made about it. Others try to show compassion. (link)
  • Hoff asks what type of person you hate. Each person has their own preferences. I suppose that's not really very surprising? (link)
  • Smokey creates a "remember when" thread. INTLers reminisce about the good ol' days. The drama of the past is especially worth reflecting upon. (link)
  • Which political affiliation would you fit under? There's very few Democrats and Republicans, and many Libertarians. (link)
  • Pl0x is having boy problems. Chimp, Surt and others mock the name "Telitha" that apparently comes up in her post. The poor girl. (link)
  • Some guy is taking INTL posts and posting them as his own on other forums. This shocks drahnier, who can't explain it or fathom why. Kitabatake discusses art and black artists. (link)
  • To lighten the mood, IF0 makes a thread about the miserable lives of roadkill. Revealed are the many roadkill atrocities which INTLers have committed. (link)
  • Snook has finished high school! It becomes another "what is your major in college?" thread, revealing a high level of science/math/physics majors. (link)
  • Who here is from SPSW? Blacksun wants to know. It seems not a whole lot. INTLers have tried to visit there, but most can't endure its pretentiousness. (link)
  • Regulars Registered: The Drunk Knight, candicecan
    Known bans: Bango, British Agent, maria22, Surt
June 2007
  • Emp and Soccy move in together in Los Angeles. Oh dear. (link)
  • After BB_2 is banned from Retardation Station, Zippo makes a thread threatening to car bomb INTL if he's not unbanned. It works. Zippo: "I kinda wanna blow it up anyway." (link)
  • Etymxris notices the bandwidth INTL is using is somewhat high. It is later revealed that INTL's activity has been steadily decreasing for years. (link)
  • Vissario argues about black people in society and anti-semitism, which causes Menion and the rest of the forum to lash out at vissario's arrogant views. (
  • Science Brad answers all the questions you would ever want to know about 'Unparticle Physics'. Yeah, it beats me, too. (link)
  • There's a snake in Menion's apartment! The snake dies. :( (link)
  • Wrestler Chris Benoit murders his family and then kills himself. Was it roid rage? Let INTL decide! (It was roid rage and depression). (link)
  • Dante makes a joke thread. Widukind posts an extremely long joke and folks are shocked by the length. Etyxmris makes Virginia Tech jokes. Too soon, bro. (link)
  • Asthetik tries to justify British and American involvement in Iraq. Sunny and vissario take him on. Snowy speaks gibberish. (link)
  • Minor arguments are sparked as Acheron berates Fox News as untrustworthy. What about BBC or CNN? Dimi: "How the hell do we know which ones closer to the truth?" (link)
  • Peach reveals that she's had a baby! The second generation of INTL (officially) begins! (link)
  • We all bitch and moan about our shitty jobs. Lots of menial work, mixed with the occasional person quitting or being fired. (link)
    Known bans: BB_2, Tazzo, vissario
July 2007
  • INTL takes some downtime while etymxris kills the dedicated server for good. INTL moves full-time to Sunny's server.
  • American forumers celebrate the 4th of July. Vissario and Sunny spar over the issue of law and justice. (link)
  • The Muslim black cube apparently looks like a vagina, according to Snowy. Oh, and Hillary Clinton is apparently hot, at least according to Angus. (link)
  • Some crazy black people symbolically put "nigger" to rest. All but Pluveto are astounded by the stupidity. What is the meaning of empowerment? (link)
  • Wheezy's computer has gone to shit. INTL's techies (etyxmris, pl0x, Shadowe, Nemesis, Science Brad and mmac) try to fix the problem. (link)
  • Black women are scientifically fat. Perhaps its social status? Amount of work? EDUCATION?! Allow vissario and Smokey to share the truth. (link)
  • Is marijuana bad for you? Others justify that pot is fine. Kayte thinks it's stupid. British Agent laughs at the idea of "weed addiction." (link)
  • Trofozoito visits America! He is thoroughly impressed! Sadly he failed to meet up with any INTLers for the sex. (link)
  • A random newbie wants to know all about ball and dick torture. It leaves some male forumers queasy. The women of INTL are fascinated. (link)
  • Agon brings back another round of sending eachother mix tapes. It seems to be a reasonable success. It appears there were at least half a dozen participants! (link)
  • Snowy is banned after she posts a BANME tag.
    Known bans: It is zippo's birthday, Lyle, Snowy
August 2007
  • IF0 makes an executive decision to remove kayte as the moderator for TEZ. She is not replaced.
  • IF0 is worried that he, Chimp, Sunny and etymxris will be busy in the near future due to school. He urges the other mods and admins to step up and help out.
  • Etymxris starts a thread about radical feminists. The thread soon becomes a debate about feminism in general. Kayte tries desperately to defend her views. (link)
  • A video surfaces showing men pulling down womens' underwear in public. Vissario shows no remorse, and is berated by wheezy and Adam for his ignorance. (link)
  • IF0 figures out what's wrong with vissario. Thank god. Apparently it has something to do with molestation... uh, OK, IF0. (link)
  • Residual4life is a newbie and he's here. He and Smokey have a talk. Eventually the standard questions of "do women have orgasms?" and "why did I get -k?" are brought up. (link)
  • In light of the latest Simpson's movie, Zippo wants you to simpsonize yourself. Compliments are made, and the movie is discussed, and a fad is born! (link)
  • Skizzles returns briefly after a hard life of drugs. He's upset to find his private forum dead. Vissario is revealed to be a creepy fucker. (link)
  • BB and Adam are unbanned. Adam returns with a thread on pets, and reveals that his dog Maggie has died. INTL mourns Maggie's death. :( (link)
  • IF0 begins a wrestling tournament between INTLers, only to have one battle before it devolves into kayte calling us all fat. (link)
  • INTL on IRC has been revived! Sadly, by this point most of INTL now uses AIM group chats instead. Zippo tries to keep it alive, though! (link)
  • Dimi tries in vain to try to understand Snowy's garblygook. Let's just say his attempts are not very successful. (link)
  • IF0 finally gets pussy! No, not that pussy. It's a cat, her name is Lily, and she's 10 weeks old. D'aww. (link)
  • Ryan tries to entice others to play Bioshock. It is a flawed, but a seemingly popular and fun game. (link)
  • Amphy notices a problem with the avatar feature. Sunny pledges to fix it. Vissario doesn't understand why anyone would waste time fixing INTL without pay. (link)
  • Mmac, Ryan, Woadie and Nemesis dwell on their tech support woes. They've had quite the experience working call centers. (link)
  • Dimi wants to know if kissing is at an all time high. Zippo, ever the siren, takes this as her chance to woo the male (and female!) forumers. (link)
  • IF0 decides to write a research paper on INTL. Kayte doesn't want to be in his paper, nobody cares, and the thread dies a sudden death anyway. (link)
    Known bans: Jimmy, John Edwards
September 2007
  • Pl0x wants to know what she can do with C++. Sandamnit, Shadowe, antpocas, Jesus and FISHMANPET give varying advice on it. (link)
  • Should defective people be eliminated? Some say yes, and this sparks a great debate on eugenics and then Nazism. Take a guess who made this thread. (link)
  • BB has a broken heart. Facebook hasn't treated him well. He's given some well meaning advice and also some criticism from folks like Jimmy. (
  • BB is celebrating his 21st birthday. Everyone tells him to get laid because he so obviously needs it. (link)
  • The President of Iran visits New York. Of course, vissario is his biggest fan and makes a big fuss about it. Few others really care. (link)
  • Adam tells vissario and the rest of INTL to shut up and is eventually banned. He's given a disparaging custom title that everyone finds funny. (link)
  • Some guy attributes personal vandalism and death threats to his personal information being posted on INTL by Fisher years ago. OK. (link)
  • Snowy loves her sports cars, but Snook doesn't love her. It's a YouTube posting thread! Wooooo! (link)
    Known bans: Adam
October 2007
  • Sunny does a bunch of stuff to improve INTL, including increasing upload quotas, offering INTL emails, and even providing webspace for those interested. (link)
  • BB meets Richard Dawkins. BB, Jesus and vissario argue about the existence of God and militant atheism. Turns out Smokey agrees with vissario here. Huh. (link)
  • Sandamnit publicly releases the INTL v4 code. It's unfinished, and in much need of improvement, but free for whoever wants to work on it. (Probably nobody) (link)
  • IF0 wants to know what you have in your 'files' folder on INTL. It turns out most have comic strips or porn or memes. (link)
  • Yogi supports Ron Paul. Antpocas is against him. Somehow the discussion builds up anti-climatically to dissing the UN. (link)
  • KaosDeath wins $20 on McDonald's Monopoly. McDonald's appreciation thread? People do love those Big Macs. (link)
  • Snowy is afraid the US wants to spy on her... as she masturbates. Giant argument over privacy and spying by Dimi, ice and Snowy. (link)
  • A random, BabyJayne, loves her men from Myspace. On the other side of the coin, Sandamnit and Jimmy don't like eachother... at all. Old grudges die hard. (link)
  • Wheezy wants to know which INTLers are missing. Lots of sadness about those who are MIA. Sukkit defends Skye from vicious attacks from vissario. (link)
  • A really old man tries to force a 19 year old to have sex with him. Acheron and vissario bitch about how they style eachother's messages. Vissario lacks TACT. (link)
  • Guitar Hero 3 is released! Is it too similar to Guitar Hero 2? Are these games lame? Do real men play real instruments? Find out here. (link
  • It is revealed the Zippo and Science Brad are a couple! After a fierce reprimanding by Snowy, they both escape from INTL to spend more time offline with eachother. (link)
  • Regulars Registered: webturbo
    Known bans: vissario
November 2007
  • Vissario makes a thread in TEZ complaining about a girl who likes him. After we all give him advice, he ignores it all and does what he wants. Good job! (link)
  • A thread intended to address Finland's latest school shooting evolves into a discussion on Dimi's views on music. Bob Dylan appreciation ITT. (link)
  • Wheezy needs a Christmas list and enlists INTL to help. Vissario attacks him for his consumerism. JustWaiting tries to figure out why vissario is even around. (link)
  • You all suck at driving because Dimi says so. Also Boy Meets World appreciation ITT. (link)
  • Shadowe argues that virtual memory (what even is that?) is the be-all end-all of modern video cards. He is picked apart ruthlessly by ice. (link)
  • Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is out. Nemesis bemoans it. Ryan loves it. Turns out it'll be a classic. Bunch of nerds ITT. (link)
  • Ztolk wants to know your favorite INTL memories. In between Snowy bashing, many fond moments of the early days of INTL are remembered fondly. (link)
  • Ryan, Smokey and IF0 organize a PS3 meetup. Smokey learns how to play Call of Duty 4. He expects to be drunk and killed a lot. (link)
    Known bans: kayte
December 2007
  • Acheron has had enough of vissario and claims he makes too many straw man fallacies. Vissario gets stuck with the strawman as his avatar. (link)
  • Hoff desires the Sun-Maid Raison Girl. Plenty of grape innuendo is made. Hoff: "She is gorgeous looking but not sluttly." (link)
  • Nemesis decides to become a firefighter. Mr Excitable suggests becoming a volunteer firefighter first. Trofozoito admits firefighters are hotter than doctors. (link)
  • And so it begins... the US primary season for the next presidential election. Ice is hopeful (a little) for Obama. There are so many Ron Paul fans ITT. (link)
  • Angus calls for never banning anyone ('cause activity sucks lately). There's shitposting, game shitposting, and Sunny and kayte serious shitposting. (link)
  • Vissario vents his displeasure at Snook's apparent lack of funny. Most agree Snook is not funny, and vissario is retarded. (link)
  • Kayte wants to know what you got for Christmas. Sandamnit got pajama pants. SmallFry got a Ukelele. Others (yes multiple) want a banjo! INTL is eclectic! (link)
  • Adam shares paintings, and wants you to do so, too. OK. Why is this a poll exactly? (link)
  • Snook spends New Years Eve alone on INTL. :( (link)
January 2008
  • Flaming Arrow returns and wants to be an admin again. With IF0's approval, Sunny makes it so.
  • INTL's server, Dreamhost, fucks up and charges its users an excess of 7.5 million dollars. INTL is not impacted at all. Phew.
  • Dio wants advice on how to force his girlfriend to have sex. INTL collectively calls him an idiot. Rape isn't cool, mmkay. (link)
  • Snook tries to build a computer, and FAILS! The motherboard fries, a PSU fried, compounded by slow UPS service. Shadowe and Nemesis attack eachother's computer expertise. (link)
  • Thoughts on presidential candidate Obama? Opinion is split whether he'll actually bring real change. Ice is hopeful, vissario is not (unsurprisingly). (link)
  • Etymxris tries unsuccessfully to get INTLers to make mugshots of themselves. Ztolk's looks like ice in his. (link)
  • Vapidtea makes its debut with a thread on its health problems. Surt and Flaming Arrow bicker like old men. (link)
  • Kayte makes INTL's 4th "Post Your Pets" threads. Lots of adorable cuties ITT. Seriously, it's fucking adorable. (link)
  • Adam berates vissario (and Jimmy too!). Others, including Snowy and wheezy join in. This is the best of INTL right here, folks. Truly. (link)
  • There is yet another thread about who should be POTUS. Hoff is pissed Ron Paul is being ignored. Acheron pleads for more Hillary! (link)
  • Heath Ledger dies. Some mourn the loss. Others don't care. A certain forumer who we have grown to love stirs up more trouble, as usual. (link)
  • Dimi tries unsuccessfully to get INTLers to play Age of Empires II again. Eventually Dimi, BB and drahnier have a horrible game. RIP. (link)
  • Sandamnit brings back the INTL Film Festival, this time based on Cloverfield and other horror cult films. It's a mild success. (
  • Sunny is in a deep freeze, with temperatures plummeting below -40C/F. Others discuss their experiences with extreme weather: hurricanes, earthquakes, and John Bolaris. (link)
  • Can you define the INTL identity? British Agent: "I don't despise all of you enough to not post here." (link)
  • Begging for it, Dimi gives Adam his own forum. It fails and is given to Hasty and then to Tartarus, who successfully turns it into the Titty Palace. Boobies!
February 2008
  • IF0 brings Soccy on board the staff as an "advisor." Soccy has no idea what this means, but he suggests creating INTL merchandise. It never happens.
  • Sunny and IF0 have decided to bring back The Arena and Bitching Battleground. There is also a number of cuts made to inactive staff. Ex-admins are made "admin advisors."
  • Superbowl XXII thread! It's Patriots vs. Giants, and most people don't want to see either win, but expect the Patriots to do so. WRONG!! Giants win, and Yogi wins a bet. (link)
  • Smokey is impressed by the movie Juno. Wheezy likes it. Amphy has a few qualms about whether it's realistic. Sandamnit is intrigued. (link)
  • Apparently, the secrets of the Internet seem to be that Adam is a horrible vegetarian and vissario thinks there's a competition with every conversation. (link)
  • A random newbie dislikes shitty usernames. Some suspect he's goldorak again because he stole the post from somewhere else. He doesn't return. Good. (link)
  • A couple bitchy freshmen make a YouTube video about their qualms with university. Sandamnit and Arnok see them as whiny bitches. (link)
  • IF0 discovers a chick who wants to commit suicide in 90 days (on May 9th). She's pathetic. The Great Depression is her. Surt wants to sue for libel if she fails. Wow. (link)
  • In the last year or so, Hoff has gone from short-haired preppie to long-haired lumberjack to short-haired frat fuckboy. He documents his progress. (link)
  • Adam asks who is the better villain: He, Salamando or vissario. Everyone calls him pathetic. Sunny argues semantics about villainy. (link)
  • Dimi, Hoff, drahnier, Tartarus, Alyantis and Adam spend the next few months discussing the NHL season. It's tame stuff, even for hockey discussions. (link)
  • BB makes a thread asking where people would go to school if they could go anywhere and in what they would major. Amphy says she would major in Latin (which she already does). (link)
  • Baggy Brad celebrates Valentine's Day. For those who don't have the privilege of a partner, it becomes single's appreciation day instead. (link)
  • Wheezy, Ryan, and Acheron discuss the more intricate details of the game Mass Effect and its move to PC. (link)
  • Acheron is planning to go to Germany and wants to know what all the cool kids wear there. It's generally what you'd expect anywhere. Globalization at work! (link)
  • Kosovo declares independence. Should it? Vissario claims it's American imperialism at work. Major threesome between DJ, Muzta and vissario... vissario loses. (link)
  • Sunny finds porn to be too saturated and mediocre. It's eventually realized, after some agreement and disagreement, that Sunny really just wants viking porn and can't find any. (link)
  • Adam suggests that the US has a gun problem. Shady, Dimi and others get defensive of America, attacking Canada instead. Adam responds. Vissario is picked on. (link)
  • Wheezy calls out Adam for being an attention whore. Eventually after arguing with IF0, he comes to an agreement to act less so. Sunny bores, as usual. (link)
  • Ice hates Germans. After some agreement and German mockery, it ends up leading to the most important question: What whiskey is your whiskey? (link)
  • Ztolk begins a lifting log. People are impressed by his ability to gain strength as he does and some ask for fitness advice. (link)
  • Baggy Brad takes a look back at Australia's greatest moment in speed skating (during the 2002 Olympics). Good times. Some ask if it's fair. Snowy mocks cricket. (link)
  • Battlestar Gallactica is on TV, and everyone is just dying to know who the five cylons are. Lots of speculation, and lots of mindfucks. Good (now forgotten) show! (link)
  • LBH returns! There is much rejoicing. He and Snowy talk breasts. It's later resurrected for Retardation Station shitposting. (link)
  • BB decides to stalk Sunny... obsessively. Yikes. (
    Known bans: Adam, vissario
March 2008
  • There's a big debate about the future of Titty Palace. It's eventually decided to expand it to include all porn and to make Snowy its moderator. She has a knack for boobs. (link)
  • Where were you Saturday March 1st 2008? Most INTLers were planning to go out with friends. Others discussed Spaceballs. Many woke up late and hungover. (link)
  • IF0 is tired of poor people. Drahnier is offended. Snook, vissario, and Hoff fight. Surt truly believes that the best things in life are free. (link)
  • Another "Post Your Picture" thread is made. It lasts for three years and includes 4000 posts of the finest, most beautiful people around. (link)
  • IF0 asks for a built-in forum chat and Sunny delivers. This, and drunken Skype, lead to a lot of fun times. Sadly few chatlogs survive. (link)
  • Find out in this thread whether INTLers would rather have a small dick or a nasty disease or never listen to music ever again. (link)
  • What's your life plan? Some want to win the lottery. Others want to be powerful and successful. All are gonna end up working until they die. :( (link)
  • Tartarus, Science Brad and Ztolk talk physics. Same with emtilt, Snook, Ryan, Sandamnit and others. It's a long, complicated discussion full of MATH. (link)
  • How do you sleep? Or, more accurately, do you have sleep problems? Turns out that a fair number of INTLers struggle to get a good night's worth of sleep. (link)
  • Hoff sets up an INTL Fantasy Baseball Team, and it is easily the most popular thread INTL has had this year. (link)
  • EnyRod1990 registers and describes her experience with a boy six years older than her. Is it true love or should she post tits? You decide! (link)
  • An attempt is made to figure out what makes vissario tick. The thread is moved to Bitching Battleground, so that he can be thoroughly roasted. (link)
  • Regulars Registered: EnyRod1990
April 2008
  • A new movie, There Will Be Blood, sets off bickering between kayte, Sandamnit and Nickolati over whether it's OK to not like a movie you don't 'get'. (link)
  • EnyRod1990 makes the mistake of kissing a man! She thanks the rest of the forum for their good boy advice, but will she listen to it? Find out... soon. (link)
  • Ztolk finishes his last undergraduate exam. There's wishful thinking from others who want to be done, too. Dio and Angus are still in high school. (link)
  • A newbie named jackattack shows up and creates picture threads for sad and happy photos. He's 15. That doesn't stop Surt from calling him an idiot. (
  • Russian or Arabic... which language should Angus learn? It's inconclusive, and everyone just recommends Spanish and Swedish anyway. (link)
  • Kayte, wheezy, vissario and Surt get into a fight about the value of books and librarians and whether a degree to become a librarian is worthless. (link)
  • Zippo is going through finals week at university, and wants to share the misery. The ones who are done brag about it, but the rest are stressed as fuck. (link)
  • What do you hate about the person that posted above you? You would probably expect the worst, but it's actually a pretty tame thread of roasts. (link)
  • While bored in class Hasty draws comics and shares them. It's some good shit. He faces friendly criticism from Dimi and Sukkit. (link)
  • Dimi wants to know... have you ever seen your friends naked? Should Hoff be worried? Almost everyone has seem some level of nudity! There are very few prudes. (link)
  • Regulars Registered: jackattack, DragonQ
    Known bans: Dio

Chapter X: INTL v5

Ushering in a new era for INTL, Sandamnit and Sunny released their two-month project (codenamed INTL5) to wholly reprogram, redesign, and update INTL; in the process, releasing an extensive list of user-orientated features. The immediate aftermath saw a resurgence in activity, and for a time the future of INTL seemed bright and full of promise... though, sadly, all good things must come to an end and activity once again declined.


May 2008

  • INTL v5 is released by Sandamnit and Sunny. It features a total re-write of the forum software and numerous new, awesome features! (link)
  • Nickolati starts up a "what did you do today" thread which turns into everyone's personal dairy for May. Nothing exciting happens. Really. (link)
  • Ice makes a hip-hop thread. He is so excited for Obama since he loves hip hop. Nickolati, Baggy Brad and Tartarus join him. (link)
  • Adam is now a vegetarian. Nobody cares, and just see it as yet another attempt at attention whoring. Wheezy calls him out. (link)
  • Hoff sets up a fantasy baseball league. Drahnier, emtilt, Sukkit, IF0, Dimi and Tartarus join him. (link)
  • A new wiki is launched with INTL v5. Sukkit, Sunny and kayte take the lead on adding info. Someone adds Melanie's nude pics, but kayte removes them. (link)
  • Who would you bang? INTL edition. Most women prefer mmac as #1. Hasty, sadly, gets ignored. Kayte and Sunny flirt. And Snowy gets banned for pissing off IF0. Dramarama. (link)
  • Iron Man is out; Sandamnit and goatstack like it well enough. Little do they know it would spark a whole universe of endless spinoffs. (link)
  • Moustaches: yes or no? Most people vote no. Beards are determined to be better. It's also NHL playoff beard season, too, and Dimi sports such a beard. (link)
  • Smokey has gotten lazy and fat. He wants to be healthy, but his love for soda and smoking isn't helping. (link)
  • Adam visits America and everyone calls him out for attention whoring. He gets into a spat with Snowy. IF0 is upset that he doesn't listen to him, but will listen to wheezy. (link)
  • Adam whines that the staff are abusing their powers and breaking rules! While the staff are breaking rules, nobody else cares, and his whining is atrocious. (link)
  • The staff decide to ignore Adam's whining and ban him just to piss him off for shits and giggles. It's only temporary though.
  • IF0 starts up a forumer survivor game called 'Alpha Complex'. Ice thinks there's too many words. Zippo, Hasty, and Snook participate. (
  • Ice wants to know what lazy shit you do. INTL users are a group of disgusting people. Or, at least that's what Mingan thinks. (link)
  • US Senator Ted Kennedy is dying, and so ice starts up a death pool! He dies over a year later, and Widukind wins. (link)
  • Dimi just saw Indiana Jones 4 and he likes it. But, like, emtilt and others are skeptical. Despite this it seems universally loved. How weird. (link)
  • Tartarus lives in the Canadian ghetto or something. The Americans are shocked by this. The Canadians are not; it's Hamilton life. (link)
  • Snowy asks for the shit you found on the Internet today. It's all random memes and YouTube videos, but man is this a popular topic. (link)
  • IF0 tries to start up a game of Nation States, but it doesn't seem to catch on at all. (link)
  • Rejection Station is created for threads that are just too awful for Retardation Station. Sunny and BB make up a lot of the posts here. :(
    Known bans: Adam (x2), Angus, Snowy
June 2008
  • Smokey is worried he has erectile dysfunction brought on by a porn addiction. He's told to stop masturbating. He vows to never, ever stop. (link)
  • Obama wins the Democratic Party nomination for president of the US. Ice is so happy, but Acheron is so sad that Hillary didn't win. (
  • IF0 sets up an INTL Fantasy Football Team. It's a major draw for Zippo, Dimi, wheezy, and Hoff. (link)
  • Psychadelics. 11 people like them. 12 people have never tried them. There's a pretty good discussion about the taste of shrooms ITT. (link)
  • NASA found some shit on Mars. Snowy spouts off some conspiracy theory bullshit about NASA faking shit, which sets off a whole debate about it. Ugh. Why. (link)
  • BB is horny. He makes a thread about INTL women. He masturbates furiously. Rinse and repeat at least a dozen times. (link)
  • Hoff wants to talk about Euro Cup 08, but few people want to talk about it. He then asks why INTL doesn't like soccer. It's because they're American, obviously. (
  • In a thread where Dio asks for relationship advice, both Sukkit and Sunny battle over whether HG sucks or not (it does). Some drama ensues. (link)
  • Mmac has a near death experience. It starts off with people talking about their near death experiences before vissario stinks it up. (link)
  • Antpocas is so excited for Diablo 3. Only Tartarus really shares the love. Little did they both know the game wouldn't be out for four years. (link)
  • BB remarks that the forum is missing certain types of characters in it. The lack of a 'Ladies Man' makes everyone want to say they're actually ladies men. (link)
  • Snook tries to get people to use INTL's new chat feature. For the next few years we tell eachother we're bored and that they should chat with us in the chat. (link)
  • Amphy is torn: does she move to DC or stay with her sick mom? Tough call. Both Nickolati and mmac offer her some good advice. She's still conflicted. :( (link)
    Known bans: Adam
July 2008
  • IF0's girlfriend Kimmie registers on the forum. Hilarity ensues in Retardation Station when people finally learn about this.
  • Nickolati wants to switch places with Surt. Of course vissario brings up that Nickolati's black. And Surt and Sandamnit get into a spat. (link)
  • Some guy nearly drives into drahnier's house and presumably dies. Ztolk brings up an old HG thread where drahnier lied about his mom dying in a car accident. (link)
  • BB makes another series of threads where he fawns over INTL women. Oh and there's talk about pastries and racism, too! (
  • Sandamnit got his first Macbook and wants to know if he sold out. Other than ice, the rest of the forum is suspicious about its price and capabilities. (link)
  • So Nickolati decides to create a "I'm a black guy AMA" thread. Snowy and vissario stink up the thread, surprise to fucking no one. (link)
  • The Dark Knight comes out. INTL almost universally acclaims it. (link)
  • Amphy and ice get into a fight about Obama and whether he's a secret muslim. Amphy leaves open the possibility. Dimi also thinks Obama's a socialist. Damn dudes... (link)
  • Dimi isn't impressed by antpocas' hate for Libertarians. Who knew there were so many Libertarians on INTL. Even vissario isn't that bad. (link)
  • Should mmac get a cat? Amphy finds guys with cats hot, but Surt vehemently disagrees. Greenidentity doesn't get why people make it a big deal. (link)
  • A bot tries to sell its tender butthole, but it's actually just a list of a bunch of mobile phones. So mad. So sad. (link)
  • Snook misses EnyRod1990. Angus wants to nail her so bad. BB wants Kayte and Amphy as usual. EnyRod1990 enters totally confused. (link)
  • Vissario makes a thread to mock the way kayte looks. BB loves kayte. Nickolati pleads not to do to kayte what was done to Skye. (link)
  • Nickolati suggests that BB should be banned from posting pics, and most agree. Hoff suggests removing his ability to find kayte attractive. FUCK. (link)
  • Baggy Brad has his first and last Starbucks experience. BB and Sandamnit talk about Starbuck's atmosphere. Man we really were so mundane. (link)
  • Regulars Registered: Benjee, Kimmie
    Known bans: electronics_ltd
August 2008
  • Drahnier asks to be an admin. He gets really upset when both IF0 and Sunny insist that there's no need for more admins.
  • BB is considering being an army medic. Should he do it? Nickolati and Sandamnit dole out the advice. It's unclear if he actually did it. (link)
  • Sandamnit, with Science Brad and etymxris, mess around with fractals. No idea what those are even, but this thread is the nerdiest thing I've ever read. (link)
  • The 2008 Olympics begin! China knocks it out of the park and wows everyone with the opening ceremonies. Niche sport discussion ITT. (link)
  • Tartarus sets up a INTL Fantasy Hockey Team. It's popular with Dimi, Hoff, emtilt, drahnier and Alyantis. (link)
  • Kayte starts a 'Manga Internet Avatar Machine' avatar fad. It ends up being very popular. (link)
  • Antpocas discovers Sunny's test forums for INTL5. They're set to private, but staff can see them. They're named 'Heaven' and 'Hell' and are deleted shortly thereafter.
  • Dimi makes a smiley guide. It's damn informative, and years later the thread still holds up... at least according to Dimi. (link)
  • Obama picks Joe Biden as his running mate. Amphy and others aren't sure who they'd vote for; Ice is just flabbergasted that people would choose McCain over Obama. (link)
  • Dimi starts up a cute animal avatar fad. He tailors them to each user. It proves to be very popular. (link)
  • EnyRod1990 is getting her driver's license but her instructor keeps touching her inappropriately. She insists she can't find another school in Germany. Really. (link)
September 2008
  • A newbie arrives wanting to know what happened with PR. He's assumed dead, and Sunny and others argue about the definition of "viking metal." (link)
  • Book threads! Here, the most literate of us tell us what they're currently reading. (
  • Google Chrome is released, and most INTLers are okay with it; though some nasty bugs make it laughable. (link)
  • Just_dandy is interested in your family situation. It turns out her family is big, and Sandamnit's is fucked up and greenidentity's is a bunch of addicts. (link)
  • Dimi questions: Are there people you like, who you think hate you? Social anxiety is rampant in the thread, and vissario picks a fight with Nickolati. (link)
  • Ztolk begets a discussion about Canadian election woes. He bemoans the Green Party, while Hasty lauds it. (link)
  • Snook is peeved that his "Rock Band" guitar is broken. Sandamnit, Amphy and others argue whether or not emulating instruments takes skill. (link)
  • Siret proposes that the world is going to explode because of the Large Hadron Collider. People are not idiots, and Science Brad proves such assertions wrong. (link)
  • Ensemble Studios, the glorious game studio that pretty much kickstarted the events that led to INTL, shuts down for good. (link)
  • What do you not care about? Apparently not caring about feminism is equal to not caring about your ancestors. Give it to vissario to care about ancestors. (link)
  • Facebook releases a new layout, which causes Angus to quit Facebook. Umm... alright? (link)
  • Flaming Arrow shit his pants. He is thoroughly ridiculed, and then people begin asking about his time in jail. (link)
  • Sarah Palin is made John McCain's VP. There's so much ridicule of her and Alaska that it is not confined just to one thread, but at least two. (
  • Do cigarette companies advertise to kids? Zippo wholeheartily believes so, while others are more wary. (link)
  • Who is Mr. and Mrs. INTL? IF0 creeps out Snowy, which leads to Snowy and Amphy getting into a spat with IF0 watching from the bleachers. Drama! (link)
  • Ice is going on a roadtrip through the southern US, and wants to know what is worthwhile seeing down there. There's a surprising amount of good advice. (link)
  • Finger foods - what's good and what's not? A delicious thread. Flaming Arrow is again ridiculed for his trailer park tastes in packaged foods. (link)
  • The US economy begins its downfall into recession! All the stocks are dropping, and this turns into a blame fest over shitty fiscal policies. (link)
    Known bans: Agon, Tazzo
October 2008
  • EnyRod1990 is sad that a boy doesn't invite her to a party. So sad. People mock her. Dimi states the truth: she doesn't listen to us when we try to help her. (link)
  • Vissario is homeless! Snowy banters him, while others either offer assistance or mock him for getting his just desserts. (link)
  • What random useless skills and abilities do you have? Just_dandy is a freak, and so is byc. Greenidentity knows how to lucid dream. Neat. (link)
  • Vissario's roommates are legit assholes. The roommates find out, visit INTL, berate and doxx him, and are banned. (link)
  • Greenidentity has decided she won't have kids. This sets off a rather mature debate between Amphy, Nick, dramamine and greenidentity about what that means. (link)
  • Nickolati is having trouble wooing women. Snowy and vissario are needlessly bitchy towards him, call him ugly and BLACK. Vissario really was the worst. (link)
  • Regulars Registered: 3ms
November 2008
  • In a thread about the most valuable things you've found, Benjee admits that he once smoked a nug that he dug out of his semen-encrusted keyboard... (link)
  • How many squares of toilet paper do you use when taking a shit? Either you use more than 13 or about 7 or 8. There's little middle ground here. (link)
  • Obama is elected US President, and Nickolati pledges to go to his historic inauguration. Vissario doesn't buy Obama's 'hope and change'. It sets off a fight. (
  • Mmac wishes he could grow facial hair for No-Shave November, but alas! Others have no problem, and pics of their progress are posted periodically! (link)
  • Yo, white guys: black or asian chicks? The vast majority prefer asians. How about chinegros, instead? (link)
  • The most passionate, biggest, loudest, angriest fight of the year comes down to... do you put the toilet seat down or keep it up? (link)
  • Change one word of a sentence, and see where it goes. This was a lot more fun than it seems at first. Trust me. (link)
  • Dramamine has come to the realization that people on INTL are old; just_dandy shares a life story, which causes Science Brad and vissario to bicker. (link)
December 2008
  • Ztolk creates a Q&A for weight-lifting. Lots of good fitness advice is given ITT. (link)
  • Snook uses his staff powers at HG to post pics from an HG admin forum. Sukkit feels OD is better than INTL because people actually post there. (link)
  • Dramamine wants to know about your tats and piercings. There's a huge debate about whether tattoos are art, and almost no pics of anyone's tats. (link)
  • Work personality flaws? Vissario hates everyone, surprising no one. Sandamnit has a thing against liberal arts majors, or did. (link)
  • Dramamine is trying to catch-up with what's new with INTL. Vissario takes credit for scaring away Skye. Emp is confirmed to be at university. (link)
  • BB is heading up to Philly and wants to meet with Dimi. Dimi's in. Not entirely sure if this ever happened cause there's no follow-up. Also hi BB. (link)
  • What are your favorite alcoholic drinks? Lots of whisky, lots of gin, lots of run, not a whole lot of beer. (link)
  • Mr Excitable wishes everyone a Merry Christmas. Folks share their gifts: mostly gift cards and books. Vissario is the grinch, of course. (link)
  • Sunny asks how everyone's 2008 went. It's mixed. Some people just really want 2009 already, and others had the time of their life in 2008. (link)
  • As 2008 comes to a close, Nickolati thanks everyone for still being around. He's grateful to have grown up with INTL. INTLers as South Park characters ITT. (link)
    Known bans: Jimmy, vissario
January 2009
  • At this point, Bitching Battleground is pretty much just the place where vissario bitches and gets roasted. (
  • IF0 asks: what would your personal Internet have? Porn, Wikipedia, all of the accumulated knowledge of human society... you know, the usual. (link)
  • What would your name look like as a face? Ice is the Persian king in 300, Zippo is Oded Fehr (!), and Spiff is probably spiderman. (link)
  • Sunny launches a stats page for INTL. At the same time, she also gives the posts per year for INTL, showing the largest decrease in posts was in 2006. (link)
  • A new Forumer Erotica is created. Probably INTL's last one, it'll be used periodically for at least the next decade. Sunny finally posts a nude! :O (link)
  • Nickolati might be a dad soon... except no, it didn't happen after all. Vissario makes a condescending lecture anyway. (link)
  • Riots break out near where ice lives, due to the killing of some dude. British Agent posits that it's because he was black. Nick and ice wonder what will happen. Nothing. (link)
  • Vissario is still upset that a black guy Obama was elected president. Sandamnit calls him out, saying nobody cares about his baseless arguments. Nice! (link)
  • A lady threatens to sue INTL for her pics being on INTL? Oh, turns out it's one of vissario's former roommates, and she's just an awful person. (link)
  • Angus attends Obama's inauguration and found it cold and crowded. It doesn't appear as though Nickolati ended up going. Sad! (link)
  • Interested in performing songs for INTL? Zippo, Dimi and Mr Pixies are all game, but the only one who contributes anything is Yogi. (link)
  • Vissario starts a AMA, which uh... eventually leads to him answer "no" for pretty much every question, and he gets into a spat with 3ms. (link)
  • IF0 introduces two forum games, Black Nova Traders and Legend of the Green Dragon. Snook, Zippo, Dimi and Nick seem to be the only only ones playing. (
  • Vissario once again complains about Obama, and about how Republicans are the only true capitalists. Big debate about whether capitalism is good for America. (link)
  • Unbeknownst to all but just_dandy, Sunny and Ryan meet and would end up growing to become good offline friends.
    Known bans: blah, British Agent, Fender86, Mr Inconsiderate, ronaldlikesballsinhisface, simplysinister, tnc0712
February 2009
  • Behind-the-scenes, IF0 and Sunny have spats over how INTL is led. IF0 feels he's not respected as an owner, and Sunny feels she's not respected as the one who pays for INTL.
  • A volcano is feared to erupt soon in Alaska, meanwhile Tartarus and Ztolk contemplate taking Greenland for Canadian glory! (link)
  • On February 2nd, Denny's plans to give out free grand slams. Hell yeah! Big debate about whether Denny's is good, and if this was a publicity stunt. (link)
  • Jackattack makes booze. Snook reveals that he's in AA. Rest assured it's just sarcasm. He still has a problem and needs to stop, tho. (link)
  • Ztolk dreams of Tartarus. Sometimes... there are things that should be left unsaid. (link)
  • A 15 year old named Found Missing registers. Prepare yourself for one of the creepiest, weirdest, bizarre fellows INTL has ever had. (
  • Found Missing proceeds to be really fucking creepy; asking users about their personal lives, whispering through Skype, telling stories about stalking fellow female students.
  • After an absence of a few months, Snowy returns and finds out IF0 changed around her permissions. Sunny returns them back to normal. (link)
  • Vissario is determined to get fit and so sets a 3 month challenge. Wheezy and Ztolk give him some solid advice, and he uses the thread as a log. Good on him! (link)
  • Found Missing is banned from OD. Sukkit tries to defend HG, unsuccessfully. Stormraider joins in, and gets roasted by Sunny. Shitty HG drama ITT. (link)
  • Mmac wants to go somewhere for spring break, but isn't sure. Should it come as any surprise that most INTLers recommend their own places of residence? (link)
  • There is a most peculiar gentleman from a far away land (ie. HG) who ventures on INTL only to wonder, "who are the womenfolk, and how may I impregnate them?" (link)
  • IF0 brings back the confessional booth. Everyone tries to guess who is who. Apparently someone claimed to have masturbated to drahnier. (link)
  • Found Missing finds INTL terribly inactive. Both he and 3ms spam the thread. It's times like this that Sandamnit regrets making INTL. (link)
  • Chimp shares stories from his time in the US military. TPC wants MORE! Dimi and vissario get into a minor spat. Good shit otherwise. (link)
  • In a thread about who makes their own Wikipedia articles, it's revealed that Sunny wrote a disseration about herself in the INTL Wiki. Disturbing. :( (link)
  • Regulars Registered: Found Missing
    Known bans: BanMePl0x, Found Missing
March 2009
  • After months of inactivity, The Erogenous Zone is closed and archived. It is replaced by a Health & Beauty Forum, and a private forum, The Champagne Room. (link)
  • There's a general feeling among staff that INTL has gotten too negative by this point. IF0 gets into a fight with ice about what trolling actually is.
  • Part of this growing negativity is reflected with karma, where some people systematically give out -k every week. Should premium accounts come back? It's decided no.
  • INTL is briefly invaded by HG users who follow Stormraider after he is banned from HG. There's resentment by INTLers towards Stormraider for being a two-face Judas towards INTL.
  • On the heels of the recent HG invasion, Sunny attracts a goody-two-shoes, who thinks he was invited to INTL to be a mod! (link)
  • Acheron makes a totally not serious thread about wanting to create the second generation of INTLers. 3ms spams the thread and nothing of value is lost. (link)
  • Drahnier is promoted to be INTL's first global moderator; now he can moderate all the forums. (link)
  • What medical ailments do you have? Zippo wants to know if the INTL ladies have had their sugar tested. Also lots of check ups when it comes to cold season, too. (link)
  • Ztolk didn't win the pie eating contest, but he had a fantastic time eating pie. (link)
  • IF0 and Dimi organize a INTL Fantasy Baseball Team. It is just as wildly successful as the previous season. (
  • What have you bought recently? Zippo, Amphy, greenidentity, neon and Dimi share the clothes, shoes, soap, bags, and other wares they've acquired. (link)
  • Stoffel starts a cooking thread! Plenty of recipes for grilling, bread, ramen, even Katii's Lazy Mexican Rice are posted. Sounds delicious. (link)
  • IF0 decides to host a contest for someone to become mod of the Comments & Suggestions Forum. Ice doesn't get it. A vote is had anyway and Ztolk wins. (
  • Stoffel has decided to be a cop. Muzta, ice and Stormraider get into a fight about guns. Stoffel is called a fascist. (link)
  • On MSN, IF0 and Sunny have a fight over Sunny's choice in moderators and IF0's tendency to play around with INTL users' accounts, files and permissions. They go to bed in anger.
  • The next morning, IF0 quits. Drama erupts as their fight moves public. They eventually make amends and apologize, and IF0 returns to being an admin and dejure owner again. (link)
  • EnyRod1990 announces that she has been in a relationship for one months, and everyone assumes it's her driving instructor. Sukkit tells stories about linguistics. (link)
  • Vissario bitches about INTL because that's just how he goes. Stormraider joins him and is insufferable. Somehow ice is banned for trolling. (link)
  • Sunny tries to recreate HG's The Party Thread and is rightfully ridiculed. There's lots of spamming and it gets moved around all the forums like the village whore it is. (link)
  • Ztolk has dreams involving people from INTL. Found Missing is, of course, being creepy. We all share our INTL-related dreams. (link)
  • How do you cook your steak? Most people go for medium rare. As a vegetarian, Snook prefers it alive and munching grass. (link)
  • TPC and Nickolati divulge us with stories of drunken chicks. OK. (link)
  • Dimi starts the Penis Game: Replace movie titles with the word "penis" and magic will happen. (link)
  • Would you join the military? You got everything in here. Arguments about the draft, about torture, about military justice. So much divisive drama. (link)
  • Do you like bikes? Well so do ice, Ztolk, and several others. Amphy and antpocas don't know how to ride a bike! Egads! (link)
  • Game of Thrones comes out, and Flaming Arrow is worried George R.R. Martin will die before it's finished. Rest assured, a man has no death. (link)
  • Do you smoke? Most do not. Only 5 people smoke. Nickolati and Chimp would like to quit. Jackattack is trying too, but he relapses. (link)
  • Acheron is upset that a moderator, antpocas, keeps spamming his threads. There's general discussion about how much INTL has changed and is declining. (link)
  • Snook organizes an Age of Empires II game night. There's problems trying to find a program that would host the multiplayer, but eventually there's some games played. (link)
  • What's in your email spam? For the most part, Sunny gets a ton of spam about her penis, Ryan gets ones on his finances, and Amphy gets told she sucks. (link)
  • Following a request from ice for larger avatar sizes, Sunny makes it so. (link)
  • Regulars Registered: Minus
    Known bans: ice, vissario
April 2009
  • As an April Fools joke, Sunny makes drahnier an 'admin' to the err of vissario. Mediocre hilarity ensues, and drahnier is left confused and belittled. (link)
  • Snook finds a site that lets you make videos. Although none of them survive, they were almost all famous INTL tropes and stories in video form. (link)
  • Apparently Dimi keeps giving vissario -k, and vissario is unimpressed. TPC and ice call him out on being annoying. Vissario roasting ITT. (link)
  • Marilyn Chambers dies. Amphy is surprised she did interracial scenes, which sparks a typical argument from vissario. CNN's news credibility is questioned. (link)
  • Ice rants about the growth of this "Tea Party" movement in the US. The movement is growing. Muzta doesn't like the media coverage of them. (link)
  • Chimp, TPC, and ice give advice to Snook about how to find and apply for jobs. Snook eventually finds a job - at Walmart! Oh and newbies derail the thread, too. (link)
  • Mmac wants to get a custom license plate, but doesn't know what yet. All the suggestions are made to mock him. LOLITT. (link)
  • Hoff gets pulled over by a cop and he mad. TPC likes to stick it to THE MAN whenever he can. And then Dimi and ice talk about how much other US states suck. (link)
  • Nickolati, vissario, Amphy and Muzta get into a prolonged argument about the importance of college and how it correlates to a good life. (link)
May 2009
  • Finding INTL not their type, and with Stormraider unbanned at HG, most of the recent invaders from HG cease to post at INTL.
  • Smokey dwells on how old he is beginning to feel. Suddenly it dawns on everyone else how old they are, and how much birthdays suck. (link)
  • IF0 and Kimmie get married, and Sunny wants pics! Photos are given. Congratulations doled out. Photoshops are made. (link)
  • Muzta shares some of the random shit he's learned in school over the years. It's all science and math until candicecan shows up and then it's all BOOBS. (link)
  • Dimi learns what really happened with the Monica Lewinsky scandal and it blows his mind. People try to remember if they remember this scandal, or even the 90s. (link)
  • Vissario visits just_dandy and Snook in Colorado. Ice insults Lyle. Whether just_dandy/Snook and vissario had sex is never answered... completely. (link)
  • Chimp's younger brother, Minus, is graduating high school soon and going to college. IF0's past antics with Chimp in college are revealed and ridiculed. (link)
  • How do you wear your watch? Most people wear it on their left arm, or don't wear one at all. Flaming Arrow wears his facing down. (link)
  • Sunny is suffering from depression and doesn't have much drive lately. Amphy and vissario tell Sunny just to go out, but it doesn't really work. :( (link)
  • What do you drink for beer? Some go for cheap, some go for imported... Sandamnit and Jimmy, on the other hand, argue why people drink at all. (link)
  • Following a conversation with drahnier, vissario wants to know if INTL has made him a better person. Some say it probably has, others say he still sucks. (link)
  • A religion thread. Not unusual, most INTLers are atheist. Ryan tries to defend militant atheism against Vissario and Ztolk. (link)
  • Flaming Arrow hates the latest Prego commercial. A bunch of newbies eventually show up to share how much they love Prego. Everyone assumes they're bots or crazy. (link)
  • Antpocas and vissario get into a major fight over contemporary US politics. It's a pretty standard vissario roast thread to be quite honest. (link)
  • Beyond the vegetarians, most INTLers are divided as to which meats they like most. But goddamn, there's a lot of talk about salmon. (link)
    Known bans: Benjee, Found Missing, jeffturner
June 2009
  • Vissario leaves to join the US Navy. Nickolati gives him one last kick in the ass before he goes. How sweet. (link)
  • Sunny asks what can be done to maintain activity at INTL. There's a few good suggestions. Ztolk suggests a forum like Reddit, so The Linkery is born. But the decline continues... (link)
  • How is your summer so far? Ryan is having a blast with his photography. Amphy has a job. Sukkit travels. Chimp finds it too damn hot. (link)
  • Ztolk makes a bunch of custom flash movies, most of which are based on the last year's worth of INTL fads and memes. (link)
  • Just_dandy's parents put pictures of Jesus around her room. Chimp is hostile, Sandamnit is uncomfortable, but Jimmy thinks her parents LOVE her. (link)
  • Sunny posts more INTL stats, this time for the number of visitors. At this time, most visitors still use Firefox and half only visit INTL once. (link)
  • Flaming Arrow attends his first protest to show support for Alaska's queers! Jimmy picks a fight with everyone because he thinks protests are gay. (link)
  • Nickolati starts up a racist custom title fad as a way to get rid of 3ms' shitty titles. Both Arnok and Chimp think 3ms' titles are AIDs. (link)
  • Michael Jackson dies suddenly. Stoffel is banned for calling him a child molester, and there's a lot of disrespect for the dead ITT. (link)
  • Found Missing can't cum while awake. Why does this thread even exist?!? Fuck my life. (link)
    Known bans: Stoffel, vissario
July 2009
  • Flaming Arrow tries to reignite the "Best Avatar Contest" but nobody is really interested in it anymore. (link)
  • Following Nickolati's request to be a moderator, there's a re-assessment of the staff. Inactive staff are dropped. It's a pretty laissez affair. (link)
  • IF0 hates the fact he can't help everyone at the domestic violence shelter where he works. Others say he should have done something, but he couldn't, really. (link)
  • MSPaint famous art and try to guess the original. Apparently just_dandy is a cheater, and Amphy is surprised Ztolk - the master of such threads - didn't make it. (link)
  • There's a serial killer on the loose, and he might kill Amphy! Dimi is really, really confused. The serial killer ends up being killed... irony wins! (link)
  • What did you do today? Work, masturbate, work, masturbate, school, work, oh and Dimi found out he's officially taking grad school courses. Woohoo! (link)
  • Sunny starts up a Star Trek/Star Wars avatar/username fad. Flaming Arrow and Arnok love it! Antpocas rages over being called Wesley. (link)
  • Wandering Idiot is heading out to protest with Lemon Party by his side; unfortunately nothing really comes of it. (link)
  • Nickolati encourages others to use INTL's subforums. Jimmy gets angry that there's so many subforums. Sunny and Dimi remind him that they've already scaled back on them. (link)
  • What are three things you've done that most people haven't? Well apparently travelling, being awesome and nearly dying rank at the top of most people's lists. (link)
  • Everyone has gone (fast) food crazy. It's split as to which fries/fast food places are better. Oh and Flaming Arrow hates McDonalds. (
  • What are some of the things you've overheard from strangers? Sex, nerd stuff, crazy shit... we at INTL have heard it all. (link)
    Known bans: daviddoten
August 2009
  • Hoff and Dimi make a video about Mountain Dew, and win a contest to taste test new flavors for Mountain Dew.
  • Can you MSPaint the captcha sayings at Recaptcha? Well, yes you can! But they are so, so, so incredibly weird. (link)
  • Do you have a business card? If so, Hasty collects them. It's a bit of a niche hobby/interest, but he already has well over 500 of them. (link)
  • Flaming Arrow begets a thread on celebrity look-a-likes among forumers. Nickolati is Rastafarian, Dimi sees Drah as John Lennon, and Soccy sees himself as Baggy Brad?!? (link)
  • Dimi tries to revive the INTL frontpage using a Wordpress blog. There's some initial interest in it, but not enough writers. (
  • Comics are awesome! DC and Marvel love and hate ITT. (link)
    Known bans: alendonald, Found Missing, Jimmy, Sara Pall, Sunny's Big Wang, unclebob
September 2009
  • Ice desperately tries to defend Obama after the Democrat-controlled US Congress puts forward a bill that includes an Internet killswitch. The more things change... (link)
  • Angus is in China! I guess he's teaching English overseas? Either way he answers some questions and desperately craves an INTL sex drama of his own. (link)
  • Some random newbie calls Stoffel and vissario Nazis. Muzta grows a soft spot for vissario. Sunny is a bot and reiterates the Wikipedia article on paper. (link)
  • INTL 5 year challenge! The photos no longer work, but everyone was comparing their contemporary selves to their beautiful young selves. (link)
  • Muzta shares his opinions on climate change. Jimmy doesn't believe in it. Ice takes the reasonable stance that it's real and it's anthropogenic. (link)
October 2009
  • Nick wants to know if anyone has a spare Google Wave invite. Once people discover what it is, they now all want invites of their own. (link)
  • Does America commit genocide? Tough question. Sunny doesn't think fighting terrorists counts as genocide. Ice disagrees. Sandamnit and Jimmy argue over WW2. (link)
  • IF0's Facebook gets hacked and begins spamming his friends. Zippo didn't actually think it was spam and fell for it. (link)
  • Do you give money to the homeless? Some do, some don't, and there's an argument over why people care so much about what homeless people spend their money on. (link)
  • Dimi organizes another round of sending mix tapes to one another. At least 10 people participate. No idea who got what and what were on them, though. (link)
  • Can you break Ztolk's code? Emtilt eventually figures it out, and Ztolk reveals the answer. It's ilikepieandyoudotooihopeyouhyffunbreakingmycode. (link)
November 2009
  • IF0 tries to create a thread about your favorite treats, only for it to be derailed by Jimmy and 3ms' trolling. 2009 is the year of the troll, I guess. (link)
  • Tartarus is fucking HYPED for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. It promises to be a helluva good olympics with a ton of great hockey! And it's Canadian! (link)
  • Nick is unhappy with the direction the History Channel has taken. Nobody seems to disagree, and 3ms is annoying as always. (link)
  • Vissario is shocked that a movie about aliens abducting and probing human butts isn't real. This is vissario's finest moment. (link)
  • So Dimi has been reading about plant sexuality and is now creeped out by flowers. So much shaming of plants' sexual deviance ITT. Bunch of prudes! (link)
    Known bans: 3ms, Found Missing
December 2009
  • British Agent almost lights himself on fire while trying to fill his zippo (hehe) with fluid (:O). Everyone wants to know if his ears survived the blaze. (link)
  • Ztolk is having some trippy as fuck dreams. INTLers share their dreams, especially about INTL. Also there's talk of sleep habits ITT. (link)
  • IF0, Amphy and vissario (!) wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah. Happy times! (
  • It's New Years Eve. Sandamnit and vissario share stories about living on a military base. Nick is moving! Jimmy bitches, as usual. (link)
    Known bans: Cunt In Exile (x2), giantmonster, revitol
January 2010
  • Somebody has signed Ztolk up to and he's getting a ton of matches! What a stud. (link)
  • Do you like tea? Dimi loves tea. So do Spiff, British Agent, Zippo and Soccy among many others. Tips are given about the best teas to drink hot and cold. (link)
  • Soccy's gotten huuuuuuge, and is unsure if he should continue to bulk or cut. He eventually decides that cutting is what fits him best. (link)
  • Dimi shares the music and art he's made. None of it works anymore, but it must've been interesting. I guess? (link)
  • Haiti is hit by a massive earthquake! The media kinda sucks at covering it, and so the discussion becomes about how the media suck. (link)
  • Baggy Brad is a dad! He posts a photo of him and his kid and now he looks distinctly Asian. Dimi wonders when did that happen? (link)
  • What was your favorite INTL thread? There's loads of nostalgia, especially for the drama. Emp is missed. BB is mentioned. Salamando pays a visit. (link)
  • Ztolk starts up a game of "Broken Picture Telephone," where you PM a phrase to someone and they draw it out and send it on. It's surprisingly a lot of fun. (link)
  • Is there such a thing as responsible polyamory? Albannach registers and rants about random shit. This is a very confusing thread. (link)
  • Soccy is noticing all the people he knew in high school are married and having kids. Everyone is sick of it. Why do we have to be so old?! (link)
  • This month ends with perhaps the last regular ever registered at INTL. At least for the next nine years no new person would register and accumulate over 100 posts.
  • Regulars Registered: Albannach
    Known bans: Cunt In Exile, iInspire
February 2010
  • Nickolati, ice, vissario, and neon all share random hip hop videos that they've found. (link)
  • Neon rants about the state of her life. HOLY SHIT. She's given lots of space. Zippo finally calms the old girl down! ;) (link)
  • Just_dandy is desperate for a road trip. She decides to go to Los Angeles. Emtilt is gonna be in the midwest soon, and a bunch of people are going to Utah. (link)
  • Arnok's car is broke. Thankfully ice and Jimmy (!) are here to help. Turns out that Jimmy's advice is actually the most useful. Who would've thought? (link)
  • Dimi is gonna cut his hair, but should he do anything with it first? He tries to get it cut on Valentine's Day, but the place is closed. That sucks. (link)
  • Some HG douche named Cunt In Exile spams the forums and is banned. Good riddance and nothing of value is lost. (link)
  • An all out fight happens over whether or not it's rude to have your chair all the way back on an airplane... oh and whether Mitt Romney sucks, too. (link)
  • Nickolati writes an open letter telling everyone how much he appreciates them. There's some general worry about whether he's OK. (link)
  • Despite her pleas not to turn her thread into shit, Amphy gets in a fight with vissario about how much life sucks for people who are in their 20s. (link)
March 2010
  • Some random dude's grandma dies, and Jimmy uses the thread as an excuse to bitch and whine about how much the other people in the thread suck. Typical Jimmy. (link)
  • All the random changes to usernames confuses Angus. Dimi's impressed his name hasn't been changed yet. Nobody is who they say they are. (link)
  • On request, Dimi is willing to draw something for you. The requests soon become really complicated. He half-asses a fair number of them. Still a great thread. (link)
  • Would you fuck a prostitute? Nah, nobody at INTL is that desperate. Sandamnit knew a guy once, and everyone assumes he's talking about himself. (link)
  • Obamacare passes and both Amphy and ice (!) think it's a bad deal. Nick is angry that it doesn't go far enough. Muzta is not optimistic about its future. (link)
  • Would you have sex with your gender-swapped clone? Dimi has to wonder if his best friend Hoff's female clone would be hot... would he fuck her? Hmm... (link)
  • Sukkit is not sure what to do with his life. Ztolk, Dimi and others try to provide suggestions for universities, but Sukkit is very picky! (link)
  • The forum briefly goes down for a day on March 30th. As an apology for the downtime, Sunny posts some 2009 stats! (link)
  • Muzta lands a job! He's so happy it comes with a salary. Trofozoito also got a job working as an ER doctor. Everything is coming up INTL. (link)
  • Are you hungry? Dimi's hungry. Ztolk's hungry all the time. There's talk about bratwurst and Easter leftovers. Fuck, now I'm hungry. (link)
    Known bans: Cunt In Exile
April 2010
  • Due to stress from grad school, Sunny expects to be less active into the near future. Nobody actually expects Sunny to go anywhere. (link)
  • A bunch of new emojis are added to INTL on request by Arnok, including "It's a trap" and the troll faces. (link)
  • Muzta is terrifying when he sleep walks. This leads to Dimi and ice telling him to get some xanax, see a doctor and try to work on it. (link)
  • Snowy is upset that IF0 is harassing her. Everyone expects it to be a drama bomb, but it fizzles. Oh, and IF0 now has an adopted kid. Nice! (link
  • Who is the prettiest among us? Muzta doesn't think he is, but Sunny disagrees. Just_dandy runs into her boyfriend. Arnok is hideous. All total lies. (link)
  • Sukkit and Dimi get into a fight over whether it's rude to not know how to speak foreign languages. It's also not OK to say oriental, too. (link)
  • What have you been up to? British Agent is surprised people still play World of Warcraft. Chimp went to school. Amphy is drinking, obviously of course. (link)
  • Ztolk challenges everyone to run a mile as fast as they can for the summer. Dimi, Yogi and Muzta join in and periodically give their results. (link)
  • Flaming Arrow tries to get everyone to play a flash game called Zombie Apocalypse. Dimi and Ztolk don't seem to mind it so much, but yeah... that's about it. (
May 2010
  • Ztolk sent a pic of his dick to everyone in his address book, and not only was it embarassing... it cost him a fortune in stamps! (link)
  • Project Euler. It's a math site or something. A bunch of people sign up and then talk about Matlab and C. Total. Fucking. Nerds. (link)
  • Sandamnit takes on the forum as he tackles that most delicate of topics with brute force: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. (link)
June 2010
  • Neon rants some more, and damn, does she know how to write. Intense family drama. Shitty work experiences. Bad frogurt. She has it all. (
  • Ice and neon suggest creating a travel forum, and so it is done. Neon is made its mod. It doesn't survive for long, but gives a chance for mostly neon and ice to share travel tips and pics.
  • Vissario's in Washington DC and wondering what he should do. He doesn't know if he should wear his uniform out. Sukkit thinks the military is full of retards. (link)
  • Webturbo returns and he's drunk and he notices how 'quiet' INTL has gotten. Ztolk doesn't remember him. In fact, nobody really remembers who this guy is at all. (
  • Hearing about INTL's reputation for nerds, a HG user stops by to ask for help picking an astrophysics-focused grad school. He's eternally grateful for all the (dorky) help. (link)
  • The 2010 FIFA World Cup has started, and it's hosted in South Africa. Hasty, Dimi, ice, neon, and vuvuzelas dominate this triumph of (not American) football. (link)
  • Ztolk wants to know how he can spend $9 on the Internet. It's the usual: Taco Bell, Haiti, donate to INTL. The latter being the best option, no doubt. (link)
  • How has your world view changed since you were a kid? It appears most people's views on race, sex, and the future are all things that have changed. (link)
  • Hasty, Ztolk and Tartarus were planning to meet up for a baseball game, but Tartarus doesn't show up. WTF. No one calls British Agent, either. Sad. (link)
  • Nick and Nickolati share tips and tricks as well as storylines for Dungeons and Dragons. IF0 used to play. Jimmy tries unsuccessfully to troll people. (link)
  • Where have you been around the world? Among INTL denizens, ice is among the most travelled. Arnok loves Japan. Dimi and Amphy feel disappointed. (link)
    Known bans: crazybuoy, Found Missing
July 2010
  • Plans for the summer? Ice is moving to Berlin. Amphy and Ztolk talk about the GRE. Something... something... druids and World of Warcraft. (link)
  • Dimi hates using public toilets. It's a glorious discussion about poo and all the things that go into making poo. (link)
  • Who still smokes? Those that do, like Muzta, have mostly quit. Others think it stinks. Ice seems to have picked up the habit lately. (link)
  • Inception is out and British Agent is absolutely floored by it. Sandamnit and emtilt find it forgettable. Movie snobbery ITT. (link)
  • Muzta and his girlfriend get engaged! Sunny already wants lil' Muztas. Peach's kid gets brought up, but people are blown away that she has a kid and she's gay, maybe? (link)
    Known bans: Cunt In Exile, Found Missing
August 2010
  • By this point Jimmy is purposefully being annoying, trolling threads, harassing random people, and stalking Sunny from thread to thread. It's infuriating and he knows it. He is banned.
  • Jimmy returns with a bunch of smurfs. He again continues his annoying tirades, especially against Flaming Arrow and Sunny. All the smurfs are banned.
  • Amphy is planning her first trip to Europe! Flaming Arrow tries to suggest Alaska, but she ain't going to Alaska. No idea if she ever did go to Europe. (link)
  • Nickolati calls for some peace in the forum. Jimmy is unbanned. He bemoans that Sunny is acting as his babysitter. I like to think 'parole officer' instead. (link)
  • This culminates in a prolonged flame war between both of them. Jimmy picks a losing battle with Sunny, though Sunny chooses not to ban him again. He loses some permissions, however. (link)
  • Nick really wants to go to Spain, but is worried it wouldn't live up to expectations. Ice reassures him that Spain is awesome. And neon's in Spain right now and having a blast! (link)
  • The INTL Wiki goes down. Sunny took it down because it was getting spammed to shit by bots. Jimmy uses this opportunity to complain about Sunny. (
  • Sunny decides to increase permissions on a bunch of things, including the ability to change your screenname. Shit just got real. People expect it to get silly. (link)
  • Nickolati wonders if anyone would like to create a debate club. Nobody would want to debate Sunny. Sunny compares INTL to a frat, and sets off an Animal House avatar fad. (link)
  • Glenn Beck is an asshole. Also does teaching about gay people make people gay? Some believe so, but Dimi and Nickolati believe it just lets them be more open. (link)
  • Ztolk's joining a frisbee team and needs a team name. Many science-y names are offered, but it's unclear if he ended up choosing any of them. (link)
  • Thanks to Jimmy and Sunny's flame war, August was INTL's most active month in a year. That also includes a bunch of spam now deleted from Retardation Station too... (link)
    Known bans: boblogiii, FA_, sunnyneverlearns, therealFA, whatislove, whatthefuck, yaaaaaawn
September 2010
  • In Berlin, ice sets up a taco cart in a park. It is pretty awesome. Nick applauds the bomb tacos. Jimmy is upset by the lack of sanitation. Typical Jimmy. (link)
  • INTLers share their stories about how they've been arrested or nearly been arrested. While most haven't been arrested, they all have something to share. (link)
  • IF0 once again regales the forum with stories of dorm life with Chimp. It's uh... gross and homoerotic. Shit involving razors and cameras and no homo. (link)
  • Agon returns to update us on his life! He had a rough go, and thanks INTL for its support. Vissario is banned for roasting his life choices. (link)
  • Nick loves women! Amphy and Nickolati are creeped out, and help to make it more creepy. Oh, and should you help a girl fix a tire? (link)
  • Iran. Israel. Palestine. Why should the US even get involved? Jimmy fights with everyone, and Flaming Arrow still isn't sure he's going to college. (link)
  • Nick has a kid, and therefore watches a ton of Disney films. He reviews Snow White... and that's about where the thread ends... (link)
  • Another Sexual Orientation Thread. 70% of the forum is straight. Ice and IF0 get into a fight over IF0 restricting his access to The Champagne Room. (link)
    Known bans: RitaWatson, vissario
October 2010
  • California decriminalizes weed and Nick voted for it. Ice celebrates with a joint, but his journey from idealism to apathy regarding Obama has been pretty rocky. (
  • Ice shares his recipes for soups and stews. He likes making soups cause it gives him a chance to experiment with shit. Dio really likes his style. (link)
  • Muzta doesn't feel fat people should be proud of being fat. It somehow ends up with him explaining how best to measure weight and uh... there's math and equations and shit. (link)
  • Hasty starts up "The Gate of Things." It's mildly successful, with at least 5 regular participants. Ice doesn't really understand it, and Sunny goes inactive and forfeits. (link)
  • Mmac's roommate's girlfriend is fucking nuts! There are no easy solutions to this, and it just keeps getting worse and worse. (link)
  • Wikileaks leaks thousands of secret US military documents. Ice finds their strategy of leaking articles over time brilliant. Amphy thinks Wikileaks is doomed! (link)
  • Drahnier and IF0 have a lovers quarrel that gives bromance a bad name. Drahnier wants to know who missed him; most didn't. NNY briefly returns to say he would've missed him. (link)
  • After 16 years Drahnier finally beats Super Mario 3. Nick hasn't beat the second world in Legend of Zelda. Sukkit hasn't played it. Lots of talk about old video games ITT. (link)
November 2010
  • Nickolati suggests creating a forum for encouraging people: INTL Endeavour is born. He's made its moderator. It lasts for a year before it's closed.
  • Shady discovers Minecraft. He and his brother Dimi set up their own server. Flaming Arrow and Sunny share their early experiences with this brand new game. (link)
  • Ztolk begins another lifting log. Like his previous one, he keeps track of his lifts, his runs, and the size of his muscles! INTL's resident strongman! (link)
  • Nick and Nickolati make threads to track their efforts to lose weight. The rest of the forum offers recipes and encouragement. (
  • Sandamnit makes it a goal to apply for grad school. He wants to go into mathematics. After some advice and encouragement he successfully does it! (link)
  • North Korea attacks South Korea and Flaming Arrow thinks there'll be all out war. Chimp doubts that. Turns out Chimp was right; nothing really happened. (link)
  • Flaming Arrow is hit by a truck while walking! Luckily he isn't really hurt. TPC regrets not driving faster. (link)
    Known bans: liumingzhu
December 2010
  • Amphy and Zippo hope to send Christmas cards out to other INTLers. Vissario is a grinch as usual, but everyone else appreciates the cards a lot! (link)
  • Vissario is trying to learn C. TPC, Nick, Sandamnit and Chimp give advice, as well as share their own code. (link)
  • Turns out Obama's economic and foreign policies have been pretty much par for the course as far as US presidents go. So much for hope and change. (
  • MSPaint your childhood experiences! There's a few contributions by folks like TPC and Dimi, but people quickly lose interest. (link)
  • TPC steps up to fix bugs on INTL now that Sunny isn't around much, and both IF0 and Chimp don't have access or know how to fix INTL. His work on INTL is appreciated. (link)
  • Nick makes a thread criticizing Obama. Vissario tries to make it a debate, but nobody cares. General disappointment that Obama wasn't what was hoped for. (link)
  • Webturbo returns. A bunch of old guys get confused, have no idea who everyone is or where they are, and Chimp makes fun of neon's posting style. (link)
  • Benjee returns to post a bunch of articles he wrote that nobody cares about. He is criticized thoroughly for being so demanding about asking us to read them. (
January 2011
  • NNY once again returns. He shares pictures, talks about life, gets to know some of the regulars he didn't know before. There's a lot of love shared between him and the rest of us.
  • Benjee posts a truly creepy thread about young women. He tries to defend his perversions, but no one is having any of it. To the depths of The Hall of Shame with you! (link)
  • Salamando shows up and spams a bunch of gibberish. Nickolati: "This is like the INTL version of drunk dialing, isn't it?" (link)
  • Arnok is planning to get another tattoo, but where should he put it? Smokey suggests the neck; Amphy the butt. Maybe the back of the neck? Arnok is unsure. (link)
  • Dimi makes it a goal to go 40 days without eating any meat. With some advice and encouragement, he goes all the way until May as a vegetarian. Awesome! (link)
  • Neon's in the UK and English people are wearing her down! Oh and she's drunk, and she's uncertain about the future of her eurotrip. (link)
  • Greenidentity is going to New Orleans! Nickolati is moving to New Orleans. How awesome. She gives a day-to-day break down, but it turns out as one of her least favorite trips. (link)
  • NNY is found dead. He had committed suicide. Goodnight, sweet prince... (link)
    Known bans: James32
February 2011
  • There are discussions about sending flowers for NNY's memorial service. Amphy takes the lead in handling it. Thank you, Amphy.
  • Both Smokey and vissario are learning how to use Linux systems. Nick and Shadowe give advice. The forum's name is changed to Linux Corner, and it stays like that forever. (
  • Ztolk is upset by shitty bathroom etiquette. It evolves into a discussion about whether INTLers enjoy using public washrooms. (link)
  • Shadowe wants to learn the guitar. He gets callouses pretty quickly. Webturbo and Sukkit provide some much needed advice. (link)
  • What's your plan for Valentine's Day? It's either going to a nice place with your significant other/fiance or sitting at home in your underwear. (link)
  • There's a bit of a reunion when blacksun, Smokey and British Agent briefly return to INTL. That's about it. (link)
March 2011
  • IF0 tries to set up a 2011 Fantasy Baseball Team. Jimmy outright refuses. Few people go for it, and it doesn't go anywhere. (link)
  • Know of any TV comedies that don't suck? Tartarus wants to know. An argument between him and Sandamnit erupts over "Parks & Recreation" on whether it is a rip-off of "The Office." (link)
  • Tartarus rants about how Charlie Sheen isn't crazy. Chimp's sure he's just nuts and manic. Sandamnit gets caught up in an argument about big name actors and drugs. (link)
  • Ztolk asks whether his meat is bad. He's told to wash it and smell it. British Agent gives some professional culinary advice. Ultimately, Ztolk chucks his meat. (link)
  • The US is invading Libya and Muzta is conflicted. Ice is just absolutely disgusted with the US right now. It resolves pretty quickly but beware BENGHAZI is coming... (link)
  • Neon links some bullying drama from Australia. This sets off a discussion about bullying and being bullied. Sukkit denies that bullying is a big problem. (link)
  • TPC and IF0 repost a bunch of memes from, probably, Reddit. This is what INTL has come to, folks: Reposting funny memes. (link)
  • Just_dandy is trying to prepare for her upcoming wedding, but is worried about finances. She's urged to save her money. Lots of financial advice ITT. (link)
    Known bans: roygrimes50
April 2011
  • Agon is on his longest bender yet! Others have had benders for weeks or even entire years. INTL is full of ex-alcoholics, unsurprisingly. (link)
  • Nickolati gets into an argument with Sandamnit and Ztolk over whether flouride is actually bad for you, because Nickolati genuinely believes that. (link)
  • Try to guess one another's fears! Tartarus, ice and Sandamnit get into a spat over nothing, really. Many irrational fears are shared ITT. (link)
  • A video of a deer attacking a dog and cat is posted. Sandamnit blames the owners. Tartarus blames the cat, defends the deer. Others agree that cats are arrogant. (link)
  • Baggy Brad tries unsuccessfully to call Adam back to INTL. Coca-Cola does come back though, and is now living in Halifax doing a IT program. (link)
  • Take photos? Post photos. A simple thread that quickly turns into a discussion about the US military, pics from Soccy's visit with ice, and loads of travel and party pics. (link)
  • Wandering Idiot is going to college! Some solid advice is given about what classes are best for an engineering degree. He's damn appreciative. (link)
  • Etymxris asks if someone wants to take over INTL's domain: It's renewed for two years... and then promptly forgotten about. (link)
May 2011
  • Osama Bin Laden is killed! It's a bittersweet end to the hunt for Osama. Sukkit gets into an argument about whether or not it's right to cheer his death. (link)
  • Apparently the rapture keeps not happening. Well, I guess there's always the Mayan prophecy for the end of the world in 2012... (link)
  • Joplin, Missouri gets hit by a massive tornado. IF0's work is swamped with casualties. There's an effort by INTL to donate to try to help out. Devastating. (link)
June 2011
  • What's your five year plan? Finishing school, finding a job, whoring rank among most people's plans. Ice has no plans because he's living the awesome life in Germany. (link)
  • Lizardbreath makes an appearance! She's lost 30 pounds and cut off her dreads! The rest of the forum 'ooo' and 'aww' over how beautiful she is. The more things change... (link)
  • After having hosted the site for years, Sunny steps down from INTL and hands over the server and forum to Chimp and TPC. Sic transit gloria mundi. (link)
    Known bans: alinak

Chapter XI: INTL v?

Sunny has resigned as INTL's defacto owner and handed over control of the forum and its server to Chimp and TPC. As its current caretaker, TPC continues to keep the forum alive, well enough for RS shitposting and the occasional thread from a returning user. Meanwhile, what remains of INTL's community thrives in places such as Facebook and HG, where many of the users who have grown up together continue to bond over life's daily struggles and the changes in their lives. INTL survives.


Late 2011

  • Mr Excitable and Ms PT are getting married! Lots of congratulations and best wishes for the future are given. (link)
  • INTL keeps getting malware warnings from Google. Turns out it's Dimi's fault and he's really, really sorry for (temporarily) breaking INTL. (
  • As a result of the above warnings, for the next few months anyone who tries to use INTL faces a big, red notice that the site is unsafe. TPC eventually fixes it. (
  • It's been 10 years. Where were you when 9/11 happened? Most people were in high school, while others were posting at HG... or both! (link)
  • By October, it's suggested by ice to archive all forums but Inside Discussions, Retardation Station and The Champagne Room. Dimi does it. (
  • Following the discussion about archiving the subforums, there's a general sentiment among INTLers that they should try to keep the community alive with social media, too. (link)
  • Flaming Arrow starts up a drunk thread. Drunken escapades are described in detail. After all these years, INTL is still a forum full of alcoholics. (link)
  • Ice joins the Occupy protests while in Germany. Dio joins one in the US. Vissario finds these protests absurd and useless. There's comparisons made to Tea Party protests. (link)
  • Which video games are INTLers playing these days? Skyrim, Minecraft, Mount & Blade, and... yeah it's mostly Skyrim. This is basically a Skyrim discussion thread. (link)
  • There's a ton of guests viewing INTL. It's assumed they're all actually Jewish ninjas bots. TPC turns off the Google 100; some of the Google searches INTL shows up on are bad. (link)
  • EnyRod1990 returns to ask for her account to be deleted. She finally realizes people were making fun of her. TPC says he'll do it if she confirms it, but she never does. (link)
  • Muzta believes in Tim Tebow. He believes in him so much. Along with Yogi, Flaming Arrow, Chimp, Dimi and a few others they all discuss the latest NFL season. (link)
    Known bans: jiahongde
Early 2012
  • What are your New Year's Resolutions? Nickolati reflects on 2011. Vissario is not having a fun time in the military. TPC stopped masturbating, but do his poops still burn? (link)
  • INTL's server host gets hacked, and fucks up all the permissions for TPC. TPC is pissed off. Bon trolls him and is banned. Also some random bot posts ITT. (link)
  • Muzta is slowly going blind due to pellucid marginal degeneration. Sympathy is given for what sounds like a terrible, sightless disease and depressing future. (link)
  • Muzta shares some personal conspiracy theories about 9/11. Everyone shares personal conspiracies. Oh, and Neil DeGrasse Tyson is the Nickelback of physicists. (link)
  • Drugs in sports. Sukkit thinks it's evil. Muzta, Dimi and Nick get into a discussion about stereotypes, racism, and the French. (link)
  • A bunch of music threads are created for people to dump YouTube videos of their favorite songs into. There's rap, metal, rock, and uh... country, I guess? (
  • It's another election year in the US, so inevitably this means vissario bitches and people compare their political compasses. (
  • INTL once again is infected with malware from some spamming fucksmear. TPC contemplates destroying and rebuilding INTL, but instead gives it a deep cleanse. It works. (
  • Nick makes it a goal to lose weight. Ztolk and others offer advice. It eventually grows into a thread for everyone to discuss their weightloss plans. (link)
  • Which shows are INTLers watching these days? Breaking Bad, Community, and Mad Men rank among the favorities. Dimi describes what makes Community so great. (link)
  • What's your favorite soda and favorite coffee? Ginger ale marginally wins favorite soda. Favorite coffee is more complicated. Espresso, cappuccinos, tea... caffeine rules divine. (
  • Uselessinformation drops by to say hi. He's married with a kid and works as a writer. How fitting! Memories of his past at INTL are shared. (link)
  • Some random newbie asks for money. Everyone tells him to fuck off. Ice suggests just busking illegally. Either way, the guy never returns ever again. (link)
  • Surprised to see INTL still open, Baggy Brad asks what would it take to get closure. There's a reunion of folks, and people are grateful TPC is footing the bill to keep INTL alive. (link)
  • Nick loves theme parks, do you? Dimi has never rode a rollercoaster. There's talk about the role of peer pressure and Disneyland, for some reason. (link)
    Known bans: Bon, yantang
Late 2012
  • Sunny wants to know what everyone's been up to? Sandamnit, emtilt and Dimi are doing grad studies (PhDs!). Others are working towards their careers, or are lost. (link)
  • Where have you travelled? Maps are made and shared, and we find out just how limited and expansive some people on INTL have been in their adventures! (link)
  • Dimi is off to Europe and wants some tips as to where to visit. Sukkit wants him to visit Spain, and it sounds like they'll try to meet up. Nice! (link)
  • The book nerds among us discuss which books they've bought and read lately. There's plenty of reviews given that go in-depth into the books. (link)
  • Sandamnit sparks debate on same-sex marriage and guns. Vissario returns to debate Sandamnit. Nick, Dimi and others discuss the 3D printing of weapons. (
  • The Curiosity Rover landed safely on Mars and a exoplanet is found around Alpha Centauri. Most everyone is in awe. Vissario questions why these missions exist in the first place. (
  • Upset at finding Bitching Battleground closed, vissario creates a bitching thread in Inside Discussions. It's not so much bitching as depressing stories about day-to-day life. :( (link)
  • Dimi notices a ton of bots have started registering at INTL. Tartarus makes life stories for them. He even somehow knows about their futures. He must be psychic. (link)
  • HG goes down for a hardware update and doesn't come back up when it's supposed to. Is HG dead? Soccy reassures everyone that it will go back up eventually. And it does... eventually. (link)
  • Barack Obama wins a second term as US President. Ice thinks the Republican Party is dying. Muzta, vissario, ice and Dimi get into an argument about the economy. (link)
Early 2013
  • INTL's domain expires! Turns out it wasn't renewed in time, and TPC is forced to choose a new domain. On Zippo's suggestion, he changes the domain to We call it BINTL. (link)
  • Basically at this point of INTL's history the backend of INTL is broken and in desperate need of being updated/fixed. TPC goes to great lengths to fix it all. (
  • Bon wants to know if anyone has Twitter. The ones who do share their links. The ones who don't see no reason to have it. Maybe INTL should have a twitter account? (link)
  • Amphy wants to know what you think of open carry? Ice thinks it's ridiculous. Muzta doesn't see why it's a big deal. Chimp does it already. There's a bit of an argument here. (link)
  • Nick sets up another round of "Broken Picture Telephone." It is marginally successfully. There's some confusion about who goes first or next, but the pics made are great. (link)
  • Who wants to be a moderator: "seriously I'm running out of people who even know the site exists anymore" edition. (link)
  • Zippo is welcomed into the club of people who must now wear prescription glasses. TPC tells her to stop calling herself old. Glasses vs. contacts discussion ITT. (link)
  • A thread is created to discuss your smartphones and how much you love or hate them. Muzta pretty much dominates this thread with his interest in mobile phones. (link)
  • ... And on that note, apparently mobile phone companies are giving your data to the NSA. Nick and Dimi are deeply uncomfortable with this. (link)
  • Amphy's mom suffers a serious accident. Zippo's fiance also suffered a near death experience. Fortunately, it sounds like things are going to get better. (link)
  • Muzta makes Star Wars fan fiction. It's... uh... something. Dimi corrects him on whether or not Darth Vader is evil. Nick also gives criticism. (link)
  • Nick claims he has never been banned on a forum before. Dimi bans him. But then he's back in short time anyway 'cause he's Nick and he's awesome. (link)
  • Ice suggests mass emailing everyone to ask them to return to INTL. He and TPC actually do it, and nimo and LBH and a few others return briefly. (
  • What's your favorite food? There is an overwhelmingly love of all things Mexican. Oh, and LBH just ate a kangaroo. How very Australian. (link)
    Known bans: Nick
Late 2013
  • Nick asks to see Ztolk's famous flash video of INTL's funniest drama. It is posted. It is both hilarious and disturbing. Vissario has no idea who Emp is. (link)
  • TPC and vissario get into a spat over how a bunch of INTL's features are still broken. Vissario throws a tantrum when he discovers his permissions are limited. (
  • Which shows are INTLers watching these days? Mad Men, Orange is the New Black, Star Trek, Archer and Oz are up there. Also lots of casual boobs. Booooobs. (link)
  • As a result of vissario's bickering, TPC fixes a bunch of shit. There's talk about bringing back the INTL Minecraft server, and about how we miss EnyRod1990. (link)
  • Vissario spams a bunch of threads mocking TPC, which goes from amusing to unfunny to amusing again. Nick: "I don't know exactly what happened but I know it's fucking magical." (
  • Sandamnit visits Newfoundland and posts some pics. This leads to others posting travel photos of places like Ireland and Croatia. (link)
  • What are your hobbies? Dimi's into coffee roasting and carving wood. Shady is into reading. Sunny does powerlifting. And Zippo loves shooting! (link)
  • Are you single/married/divorced? There's a number of marriages or soon-to-be marriages. Some kids. Surprisingly, I guess, few people are single. Except me. :( (link)
  • TPC opts to host a Minecraft Server. He, Dimi, Flaming Arrow, Shady, Sunny, Muzta and others join it. Over the years it goes down and comes back periodically. (link)
  • After tinkering for a bit, Sandamnit makes a flash game. It's really neat. Hasty likes it. The big beef is with controls and some problems with the lag. Overall, a cool game! (link)
  • Ice predicts that the Republican Party will collapse soon. Dimi wishes he could change the system. Nick is doubtful that there will be a death spiral for the party. (link)
  • INTL existentialism: Is there life after INTL? Are there other INTLs out there? Where does everyone go when they're not on INTL anymore? What even is this place? (link)
  • Nick sets up another round of sending mixed tapes to one another. Turns out only three people sign up. It still goes ahead anyway. Nice! (link)
    Known bans: vissario
Early 2014
  • The Summer of George starts in Retardation Station and quickly takes over INTL: avatars, usernames, and titles are changed to a George Costanza theme. It stays like this for 5+ years.
  • What are your New Year's Resolutions? Muzta and Chimp want to lose weight. Nick and Ztolk want to figure out their futures. Dimi just wants people to post more. (link)
  • Do you still play Simcity? Ztolk does. Sunny has moved onto this new game called Cities Skylines. It's impressive and totally worth checking out. Honestly! (link)
  • A thread about science turns into a discussion about the merits of Bill Nye. Also apparently astrophysics science is really cool right now, says astrophysicists. (link)
  • PharmD returns to ask where the hell is everyone. Few people, except Zippo, seem to remember him. Coca-Cola pays a visit, and people talk about meeting kayte. (link)
  • Ice just now notices that he's a global moderator. He only notices because his name is now purple. (link)
Late 2014
  • Sunny reveals that he has been a man this whole time. Flaming Arrow reveals that she is a woman.
  • Muzta is bored, and so he and others pretty much shitpost for the hell of it. Somehow I feel like INTL has come full circle at this point. (link)
  • Uh, what do you think about smartphones? Oh, and uh, Mr Excitable ran into kayte in town and she still uses those Nokia bar style phones. LOL. (link)
  • Apparently our logo still shows our old domain on it. There's shitty attempts to make a shitty replacement, but nothing ever comes of it. Thankfully. (link)
  • Once again, INTL plays host to another game of INTL Diplomacy. There's at least five participants. It goes better than expected! (link)
  • What video games do you play these days? There's a ton of variety, attempts to start up multiplayer games, and even discussions about Skyrim. Awesome. (link)
  • Nick has ambitious plans to fix INTL. Is this the beginning of a possible INTL v6? He does an admirable job of fixing things and accounting for what needs to be fixed. (link)
  • Zippo and ice want to know your recipes and favorite snacks. Lots and lots of tasty foods ITTs. (
  • Shady asks for debaucheries. Zippo wows everyone with timestamps that indicate something naughty is happening! Dimi: "So naughty." (link)
  • A cop kills a black kid in the US. Flaming Arrow, Dimi and ice discuss the fine points of how cops suck and how American law enforcement is broken. (link)
  • Flaming Arrow makes an AMA. She answers all the questions you could ever want to ask her. It's a fairly insightful thread. (link)
  • There's a new Star Wars movie coming soon! Fan theories run abundant ITT. Once it's out, INTL seems to enjoy it. They especially like Kylo Ren and Rey. (link)
  • Flaming Arrow starts up another "Post Your Picture" thread. It's used as an excuse for INTLers to return, post what they look like now, and tell us about their lives. (link)
  • Nick and Dimi create threads to discuss Dr Who and Star Trek, respectively. Turns out Flaming Arrow and Zippo are big fans of both. (
  • NASA is doing space stuff again. Emtilt feels manned spaceflight is a waste of money. There's a bit of a debate about whether funding NASA is worthwhile. (link)
  • "Song a Day" thread. It gives folks the excuse to post YouTube links of any songs that interest them. It's highly popular and leads to the discovery of new, cool tracks. (link)
  • What should be done about Retardation Station? Is it worth keeping around? The answer is to lay off the porn and keep the serious stuff to Inside Discussions. (link)
  • Nick is made an admin and he promptly breaks something. It's OK, though, don't panic... this is just your normal admin right of passage. (link)
  • Found Missing returns. He's not as creepy as he was before, but he's still weird. It's now more endearing than obnoxious. Also he claims he has a girlfriend, and she posts. (
  • Found Missing roleplays an erotic blood elf in Retardation Station. It's better than it sounds. Trust us. Dimi and Nick get into it. (link)
  • Welcome to the INTL Wedding Reception. Nick gets is drunk. Dimi: "I should warn you, this thread might devolve into a lot of nonsensical rambling..." (link)
  • A thread is made for Muzta. It more or less turns into an impromptu Muzta appreciation thread. Also there's some random stuff that happens ITT. (link)
  • An INTL Facebook Messenger group is created. It remains somewhat active with at least some regulars for the next 4+ years.
  • Perfection (link) and ~Namaste~. (link)
Early 2015
  • What's your bucket list? What do you dream of doing? There's plenty of serious answers, and many more silly ones, too. Muzta just wants to live and die. (link)
  • There is an attempt to start up another round of INTL Diplomacy, but it turns out that there are not enough people left on INTL to play it. :( (link)
  • Ice organizes a writers' workshop. INTL is full of writers that just want to write, so this is perfect. No idea if anything ever came of this, though. (link)
  • What pet peeves do you have with movies? Muzta is not a fan of narration. Muzta's distaste for narration is thoroughly mocked by the rest of the forum. (link)
  • Zippo wants to know if you're loyal to any brands. Dimi and Muzta have terribly boring underwear. Also Dimi learns about credit unions ITT. (link)
  • Found Missing starts some weird thread about cars and science, and somehow gets Dimi's interest in some book that Dimi later buys. OK. (link)
  • Baggy Brad starts an AMA for TPC, with some questions like "Why do you pay to maintain this website?" and "Does your racecar go vroom vroom?" (link)
  • Sukkit lacks fashion sense and needs help. Ice, Nick and Dimi offer some help, and he later picks some shit out and thanks everyone. Yay! (link)
  • Nick starts up a D&D campaign for INTL. It starts out with promise before it fails. Found Missing: "For the record, is this project officially FUCKED?" (link)
  • THS stops on by to tell us he's gay. He, Shady, Found Missing and Sunny roleplay or something. I'm actually not entirely sure what's going on in here. (
  • There is a containment problem and Retardation Station leaks into Inside Discussions! Ice discovers Sunny speaks German, but that Sunny's accent is East Frisian. (link)
  • Soccy and TPC end up meeting up at the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade/Festival.
Late 2015
  • Flaming Arrow is excited for the upcoming Deadpool movie, but almost everyone else is not as excited. Muzta is excited though. Also who likes girls? (link)
  • After almost 14 years, Flaming Arrow has reached 16000 posts. Dimi is also getting up there. Nostalgia about old HG and IGOD happen ITT. (link)
  • There's another US presidential election coming up and its primary season. Everyone assumes it's gonna be a sane Republican vs. Clinton. Oh, my sweet summer child. (
  • Sandamnit has made another flash game! Hasty, emtilt and others provide him with some much appreciated criticism. Once again, a great game. (link)
  • THS: "So is this summer of Seinfeld shit over?" He is promptly banned (temporarily) for insulting the Summer of George. (link)
  • Found Missing is having computer problems, which prompts TPC and Nick to suggest that he get a new PC. Snowy also had something similar happen to her, too! (link)
  • Flaming Arrow starts a meme/funny video thread. It's OK. It pretty much just gives people an excuse to spam videos and pics. (link)
  • Windows 10: Is it worth getting? Apparently it's undeniably better than 7 or 8. Even Snowy likes it! Also, Nick moved to Linux. (link)
  • Age of Empires II: HD Edition is available through Steam. It looks cool. It later prompts a revival in that game's community (as well as new expansion packs!) (link)
  • Ice is once again convinced the Republican Party is DOA with Trump as its presidential candidate. The election doesn't go at all like what people expected. (link)
    Known bans: ice, THS, vissario
Early 2016
  • INTL is kinda dead. At least the forum is; the Facebook Messenger group is still alive and about half a dozen people talk on it daily.
  • PR makes a return! He's a head chef of a restaurant run by a relatively famous chef. Nice! Others share what work they do and whether it's the job they want. (link)
  • Flaming Arrow randomly wants her posts and account deleted. Nobody knows exactly what she's doing or why. It's all a little depressing, actually. (link)
  • Nick starts a cooking thread. Ice once again wows everyone with his cooking skills. Dimi makes numerous pizzas. (link)
  • Ice sends another mass email out to former INTLers to try to get them back, but only one person even clicked the email. It probably gets sent to their spam box. :( (link)
    Known bans: Flaming Arrow
Late 2016
  • Finally fed up with vissario, the staff decide to ban him for good. Vissario is initially upset, but he later accepts it.
  • What are you favorite seasons of TV? Dimi still likes Community. Lots of Dexter and Walking Dead fans. Also Star Trek and Stranger Things fans, too. (link)
  • Pokemon Go is out. Ice is confused. It kinda disappoints a bunch of people, and somewhat dies except for a hardcore group of people who still play it. (link)
  • Ice drove from Athens to Zagreb. Many pictures are posted. Ice pretty much lives the life that the rest of INTL wishes they could live. (link)
  • Luke returns and wants to know what's happened since he was gone. Well, Luke, I'm sorry it's so late but here you go. I've updated the timeline. (
  • Muzta tries to get another round of INTL Diplomacy up, but by this point there's very few people even around to play it. (link)
  • TPC drives all the way to help Nick, who has his car repossessed. He picked him up and took him to the tow yard.
    Known bans: vissario (x3)
Early 2017
  • TPC visits Albuquerque for its annual pride festival and he and just_dandy do a puzzle together. Happy times! :)
  • There's a war in Syria and Ztolk doesn't get it. Nick: "It's extremely complex so, sort of?" Flaming Arrow blames capitalism. Most users agree, also something about Russia. (link)
Late 2017
  • Nick visits just_dandy in Albuquerque. They have a fun time hanging out. Nice!
  • Some random newbie stop on by, and most everyone thinks it's vissario, but it turns out to be drahnier. He's shocked, SHOCKED, to find out Sunny is a man. FAQ is broken, too. (link)
Early 2018
  • After a long and courageous fight with colon cancer, just_dandy's husband Tim passes away.
  • A number of INTL regulars sign a card and draw art for just_dandy; it takes a month for the card to cross North America to get to her. TPC attends Tim's celebration of life.
  • Ice asks Dimi for his thoughts on Pennsylvania's recent gerrymandering issues. They bemoan America's horrible voting system. It is incredibly frustrating and anger inducing. (link)
Late 2018
  • At this time, it becomes impossible to register a new account because the CAPTCHA is broken. Everyone pesters TPC to fix it. It is eventually fixed, I think? (link)
  • Ice grows houseplants and wants to know if you do, too. Dimi, Nick and Flaming Arrow also grow plants. They all post pictures of their plants... growing... very slowly. (link)
  • Drahnier makes (another) return! Nick assumed he was dead. TPC tries to fix the forum software problems drahnier discovers. The remaining INTLers talk about INTL memories. (link)
  • Drahnier asks to be a mod again, and so he is made a mod of Inside Discussions. It doesn't really matter at this point though, since nobody is really around these days. Sad. (link)
  • Dimi is temporarily banned from HG by Civis Romanus for criticizing him. INTL regulars proceed to call Civis out on his hypocrisy and fascist sympathies. Drama ensues at HG. (link)
  • HG: By this point HG's Outside Discussions forum has turned into a haven for alt-right, ultra capitalist incels. Some INTL regulars continue to shitpost there.
Early 2019
  • Sunny makes the first post of 2019. He is asked about his experiences dealing with HG creeps as a female user. He says HG is in need of its own #metoo moment. (link)
  • Ice makes salsa and wants to know if you do, too. A bunch of folks share recipes for their own tomatoey concoctions. Flaming Arrow posts a roast. The food looks so damn good. (link)
  • Arnok makes a return! He got a haircut, and grew a beard, and now does roller derby announcing! His derby name is Rich Mahogany, which is very fitting for how he now appears! (link)
  • Nick meets up with Sunny in San Diego. They go for Mexican food and chat for hours about life, INTL, and memories of the past. Sunny agrees to fix up and update this timeline.
  • Simfish makes a brief return to ask to meet up with Dimi in person. Dimi isn't interested. The rest of the thread is dedicated to discussing bagels and pretzels as snacks. (link)
  • INTL temporarily goes down due to a bad script or something. Is this finally the end? INTLers once again share their memories of the place thinking it's the end. It isn't. (link)
Late 2019
  • INTL goes through long periods of inactivity on the forum. While INTLers continue to chat through Facebook, the forum is mostly dead these days. (
  • Sunny somehow wrestled control of the domain from the domain shark that sat on it for years. It redirects to INTL, but nothing else is done. (link)
Early 2020
  • By this point in time in INTL's history, its remaining users are mostly in their 30s, married and/or have kids, and have known eachother for at least a decade or longer.
  • The US is threatening war with Iran. Nobody on INTL wants this. In fact, Dimi is just utterly done with America now. Nick brings up cybersecurity and the US role in shit. (link)
  • Bernie Sanders is running for president again! Ice and others discuss volunteering for him. He's eventually screwed out of the nomination by cheap Democratic Party tactics. (link)
  • The remaining INTLers start wondering if INTL should recognize its problematic past and perhaps reconcile its past behaviour with the present. Old tags/memes are changed. (link)
  • A pandemic wrecks the world. It is absolutely devastating on people and INTLers are worried about everything. It is not good on our mental health and causes terrible anxiety. (link)
  • INTL's server host, Dreamhost, is upset at INTL for being a server hog or something. TPC handles it, but man, the server host is high maintenance. How long will INTL last? (link)
  • As part of the solution for dealing with Dreamhost, some features and images have been disabled. Nobody complains because Google 100 is dated and those photos are very old.
  • Once again, the INTL Minecraft server is brought back to life by TPC. Maps are also included for the old servers, all the way going back to 2011. No idea who still plays on it.
  • As a result of police brutality against black people, the world protests racism. INTL joins in and argues for action to be taken against police in the US and worldwide. ACAB. (link)
  • After dusting off the old inactive Discord server, remaining INTLers are encouraged to join it. There is an exodus from Facebook due to the way Facebook runs its operations. (link)


If you have read the timeline to reach this point, you surely are crazy. If you have any questions, please let Sunny know. That's it. Go home.