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(Originally posted on: 08-06-04 04:46:30 AM)
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Bitching Battleground Forum Rules

1. Stay on Topic.
This forum is for bitching, complaining, whining, and ranting. You can post a rant about getting your wisdom teeth removed, bitch about missing your favorite TV show because you had to work late, complain about how stupid Soandso is, or whatever. This forum is not for anything else. Posting threads that don't fit with the forum's topic will you get your thread HoS'd and you humilated. DON'T PUT YOUR E-REPUTATION AT RISK!

2. Be Sincere, and Don't Spam.
This is not RS. Do not treat this forum like RS. There will be no posting of pointless, 'RS-style' inanities. Also, you can rant all you want, but only if it's sincere. Wheezy said it best, "Don't make a thread ranting about a spoon because it didn't make you a sandwich." Spamming or posting other bullshit will either get you warned or banned, depending on how moody the moderators are at the moment.

3. Feel Free to Flame.
Unlike the other forums, flaming isn't discouraged here. If somebody pissed you off during a religious debate in SD, come here and bitch about how ignorant they are because they believe that Jesus was a white supremacist. But, again, the "don't make pointless posts" rule applies. Don't come out and say "Joe is gay! Because...well, just because!" The only forum where stupid, baseless attacks are welcome is RS. There is only one caveat concerning this rule: Be careful who you flame. If you flame an INTL staff member, you might end up on the "Sudden Death" list and find yourself banned for a few months when you accidently post a thread in the wrong forum or break any other minor rule. Don't go against the family.

4. BB is not "NO-RULES-LANDIA".
Just because the INTL flaming and trolling rules don't apply to this forum, it doesn't mean that all the other rules don't apply as well. They do. Sass a mod? You're banned. Post kiddie porn? You're banned. Get my drift? I hope so.

Other Guidelines:

- Do not post like you're in an AOL chatroom. You're expected to use good grammar and spelling. Butchering the English language with chatroom abbreviations is not welcome. Posting like that will get you a giant, flashing "IDIOT" avatar and a big shiny title proclaiming what a dumbass you are.
- Lurk before posting. Please don't start right into posting within minutes (or even hours) of your registration. Take a few days to check out the place and get the hang of it.
- No purposeful thread-hijacking. Sometimes a thread can go off topic naturally, and that's ok. But purposefully trying to steer a thread off topic will result in a warning or a ban.

Questions? Suggestions? Send a private message to a mod or admin.
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Reply 1 of 1 (Originally posted on: 02-19-08 02:13:06 PM)
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Yes, we have revived Bitching Battleground. Start bitching.
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