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  Pretension Palace: i don't like that band because you've heard of them
Are you an artist, critic or merely just a reveler of art? Be it music, movies, tv, drama, books, photography, writing, drawing, poetry; here you can go to discuss the intricate details of your artistic fancies. Be sophisticated. Show some culture.
1575 23491 12-27-13 10:32:52 PM
by D
  Serious Discussions: Too serious to have a double entendre in the title
Debate a wide range of topics here: religion, politics, philosophy, and other serious subject matters. Absolutely no flaming or spam.
Also Here: 1 guest.
578 15071 11-08-13 04:01:02 PM
by Smokey
  Rejection Station
for sucks This forum is not work safe. There is no age limit, just beware.
73 985 05-28-15 06:01:56 PM
by D
  The Linkery
O come all ye faithful Diggers and Redditers (?), this is the forum where you may post links - just links - so that we may comment on them. No spammers or trolls, please. Be diligent and respectful.
442 3935 10-25-11 11:04:57 AM
by Trash Mod
  Linux Corner: computers for something other than windows? WHAT
If your life revolves around video games, computers, and/or the Internet, this is where you belong. Discuss all aspects of gaming, computers, and other technological things that make you a geek.
Also Here: 1 guest.
1510 19968 11-08-13 03:18:19 PM
by Smokey
  Bitching Battleground: The God Damned TV Channel
This is the forum to rant, whine, bitch and moan in. Pissed at a forumer, got cut off on the way to work or did your roommate steal your iPod? This is place to let it all out. Flaming is allowed here, but only in moderation.
Also Here: 1 guest.
947 28242 12-16-14 01:04:06 AM
by atlas sighed (at me)
  The Arena: Bunch of dudes talking about balls
Some of man's greatest feats have been accomplished on the medium of competitive athletics. Millions of people have watched with bated breath as their heroes performed above mortal limits. Come here to discuss your athlete or team extraordinaire. Discuss what is perhaps the most renowned pastime of the world - sports.
268 10386 12-10-14 08:18:55 AM
by flaming arrow
  Health & Beauty: chances are you possess neither of these
A place for all discussions about beauty and the beast that is your body. Are you diseased, or had to deal with the diseased at work? Did you buy those brand new shoes and want everyone to notice? Did your gf/bf break up with you? Think you suck at fashion, and want some expert advice? This forum, it was made for you hun!
62 1639 06-10-11 11:07:04 PM
by Trash Mod
  The Drunken Voyageur
Travel Forum. For all travel related discussion.
19 359 04-12-11 08:10:33 PM
by poop
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