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Quoted from Flaming Arrow:
My race was obviously much better.

My race, which I ran all by myself, is in white.

You can see I went to all the cool places you guys bypassed.

[img-/uploaded/Flaming Arrow XI/myrace.JPG]

I stopped in Philadelphia to have sex with Wheezy's girlfriend, then I stabbed Chooch while I passed through Boston, I was arrested and jailed for three hours in Antwerp after I put my cigarette out on the Dutch Prime Minister's forehead, I caught AIDS from a young African boy named Bumtiki who lives in Zimbabwe, I was urinated on by several Hindu women in Sri Lanka, I was drugged while chit-chatting with two strapping young men in a bar in Taiwan, thus causing me to get hopelessly lost in the former soviet union, but I eventually found my way back on track. Once in Tokyo I firebombed Nintendo's headquarters, then in Auckland I was molested by a young Korean boy and several of his sheep, and then I arrived safely in Sydney. All in all the race only took me a year and twenty-six days. And since I fell through a rip in the space-time continuum while sight-seeing in Seattle, I actually finished the race in 1993.

Therefore, I beat all of you by about nine years.
Holy fucking shit. I hereby nominate this post for the "Post of the Year 2K3" Award.

"Sandamnit is the kind of guy that can chase a bad guy across three blocks worth of roof tops, finally catching up with the fucker to jam a gun in his face. The bad guy always says "Pull the trigger! Pull it!! I know you can't do it, pussy!" at which point Sandamnit, unlike some other phony superheroes, shoots him dead... I like it." - Mingan
Air Bud
Internet Superstar

Some plants even masturbate into their own vaginas in order to reproduce.

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This thread reminded me of how much i used to love "connect the dots" games.

First its a bunch of dots, than its a cow!

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There are no sheep in Korea.

Moribus antiquis res stat Romana virisque[/w]
[w]Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

I cybered with Kayte

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There are no Aucklands in Korea, either.

dooooooooood I'm like soooooo high

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fuck up the srevers
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wtf is this doe
look at the little dudes?
codey beat his wife
have no life?
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