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  The Hall of Fame
This is the forum where all the great threads reside. This forum is a shrine to all those awesome threads that have existed within this forum's history. For those of you new here, take note of these threads, because these are the types of threads that everyone should be making.
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156 32592 09-26-19 10:27:25 AM
by D
  Retarded Hall of Fame
This forum is where all those great, yet retarded, posts from Retardation Station go when they die.
39 4497 08-24-20 12:23:13 PM
by C
  The Hall of Shame
This forum is a shrine to all the pointless, idiotic, stupid, moronic, fucking retarded threads that have ever existed on this forum.
754 11122 02-11-20 03:56:43 AM
by Guy Tuttle and Ass
  Archived Forums
These are the burial grounds for old forums' threads.
Subforums: Pretension Palace: i don't like that band because you've heard of them Serious Discussions: Too serious to have a double entendre in the title Rejection Station The Linkery Linux Corner: computers for something other than windows? WHAT Bitching Battleground: The God Damned TV Channel The Arena: Bunch of dudes talking about balls Health & Beauty: chances are you possess neither of these The Drunken Voyageur
Also Here: 1 guest.
5474 104076 05-28-15 06:01:56 PM
by D
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