The INTL Forums FAQ


Section 1: For Newbies
Section 2: FAQ
Section 3: Glossary
Section 4A: Pre-INTL Timeline
Section 4B: Origins of INTL (September 01 - February 02)
Section 4C: INTL: Version 1 Timeline (March 02 - July 02)
Section 4D: INTL: Version 2 Timeline (August 02 - June 03)
Section 4E: INTL: Version 3 Timeline (June 03 - Present)


Do not complain about how plain the layout of this document is; this document is not meant to win innovative web design awards, it is meant to inform you on the history of INTL and the forums which helped shape this forum into what it is today. At the moment, this document is in beta phase and is subject to change due to help from various forumers that are contributing to this document.

Section 1: For Newbies

If you're new to this forum, there is a ton of history that you've missed. It is not mandatory that you know this history, but it helps out to understand some of the inside jokes that some of the oldies may make. Just about everything you'll ever need to know about this forum's history either is or will be contained within this document. That said, you can only learn so much from reading old interactions and events. You are encouraged to lurk around the forum reading current conversations to see how regulars here interact with each other before expecting to buddy up to everyone.

First of all, if you're new, you'll need to read the fucking Terms of Service in order to not get banned five minutes after registering. Once you finish reading the Terms of Service, read it again.

If you compulsively psot liek thiz u'll find dat u wont b vary welcum @ thiz froum! ROFLOLMAO This means you strongly encouraged to put some thought and structure into your posts. Spelling, punctuation and grammar are key to making a post worth reading.

If you want to make a thread, do yourself a favor and check out the Hall of Shame and see what kind of threads are shunned here. Also, check out the Hall of Fame and see what types of threads are embraced. This does not mean that you should make a copy of a Hall of Fame thread. That's stupid and you will be treated as such. Keep in mind though that pretty much everyone here knows each other from another forum, thus we are likely to look down upon new comers that act like complete fucking morons or as if they run the place. You have to earn our respect after registering, not get handed it upon registering.

Just do yourself a favor and don't register an account, if you're going to post a "Hi, I'm new" thread and expect everyone to just warm up to you and offer to bear your children, this is pretty much exactly the opposite of what will happen. If you must, lurk for a few days in order to see how everyone interacts with each other (this is a strong recommendation), then start posting when you are fairly familiar with the regulars. The best thing you can do to be welcomed is to make intelligent and/or hilarious comments in order to win favor with us; otherwise you're going to get flamed back to the AOL chatroom in which you spawned.

Due to advancements in forum technology, there are multiple sub-forums contained within this forum! Yes, it's true! Keep that in mind when you post and make sure you are in the correct forum. Do not post a thread about Warcraft 3 in Theater of Sound. Alternatively, keep most of your flaming in Bitching Battleground and all stupidity, trolling, and spamming within the Retardation Station forum, because that's what it's there for.

If you are a girl and think that just because you have a pair of tits and a vagina that you are somehow above the rules and can do whatever the fuck you want, because OMG ALL THE BOYZ LUV GRRLZ HEHEHE ^_^ :). Fuck you. We do not give a flying fuck whether or not you are a girl. If you act like a retard, you WILL get banned and I will personally see to it that your firstborn hellspawn dies of SIDS. Any questions? Let's hope not.

With that said, let's move on, shall we?

Section 2: FAQ

I'm a newbie, what should I do to "blend in"?
You're on the right path by reading this. Most newbies end up violating one of the rules outlined in the Terms of Service within their first few days here and end up wondering why they're banned from the forum. However, had they actually read this FAQ, they likely wouldn't have been banned.

So what happens if I get banned for violating the Terms of Service?
When you're banned, you will not be able to access the forums for a certain amount of time, which is determined by the moderator or administrator that bans you. This information is available in the Hall of Rejects in the corresponding BANNING thread for that month. For the most part though, you'll be emailed and informed of your banning and ban length.

Why is there an obnoxious image that says "NEWBIE" by all of my posts and how do I make it go away?
Upon registration, until you have contributed a total of 50 posts, this avatar will be displayed by all of your posts. This is an indicator that you are, in fact, new to the forum, thus making it absolutely unnecessary for you to point out the fact that you're new. In fact, if you read the Terms of Service, creating "hi im new" threads is a bannable offense.

What the fuck? Why are "im new" threads bannable?
"im new" threads are pointless and annoying. Everyone here can tell that you're new when they see your nice little NEWBIE avatar, thus pointing out this fact is pointless. If you don't like it, leave. It's as simple as that.

I see a link at the top that says, "Upload" but it won't let me upload files. When can I upload files and how many files can I upload?
Much like with avatars, you'll need to reach 100 posts before you are allowed to upload files. This is due to the fact that in the past, people would register accounts, merely to upload files without making a single post whatsoever. Initially, you'll be granted only 5MB of upload file space, because well, in the past, people would reach 50 posts (the old post count minimum for uploading files), stop posting, then upload 10-20MB of images.

Okay, that makes sense. What about avatars? Is there a quota on them as well?
Yes, you are only allowed to upload a total of 5 avatars total. Each avatar must be smaller than 40k in size and smaller than 100x100 in resolution.

So once I upload files and avatars, how do I delete them?
There is a "files" link at the top menu, you can delete any and all of your uploaded files and avatars though there.

How do I get more space to upload files and avatars?
You can upgrade your account. Upgrading your account will cost you $10 and you'll be granted an additional 5MB of upload space and an additional 5 avatars. There are various other perks to purchasing an upgraded account; they are listed in the link provided earlier in this answer. Alternatively, you may also purchase additional space through the donation section of the site.

Hahaha, you've got to be joking! Why the hell would I want to give you $10?
Believe it or not, but running INTL is not free. I pay money out of my own pocket to run INTL, thus putting a damper on me financially, so by upgrading your account, you're basically saying, "hey, I appreciate your hard work and effort that allows me to waste a few hours of my day without being burdened with popup ads and annoying banner advertisements at the top of every single fucking page." You are not required to purchase an upgraded account, but you are highly encouraged. However, publicly bitching about not being able to access certain features that are only available by upgrading your account will get you banned.

Okay, I'm interested in upgrading my account, but I don't have Paypal, are there any other ways to send you the money?
Yes, you may send your donations to the address below. Do ensure that you enclose a letter noting who you are, what feature the money is for, and any required information needed to activate the feature for you.

Richard Hamilton
512 SE Miller St.
Lee's Summit, MO 64063

Sold! How do I upgrade my account to Premium?
First off, go to the upgrade account page and click on the "Paypal Donate" button in the "Upgrade Account to Premium Account" section. This will take you directly to the Paypal page, which will allow you to send $10 to INTL's Paypal account. Please, and I can't stress this enough, PLEASE include your username in the Comments field. That way, when I receive your payment, I know who to give the Premium account to. SAVE YOUR RECEIPT UNTIL THE PREMIUM ACCOUNT IS ACTIVATED!

It's been about three hours and I still don't have my Premium account activated. I want a refund, asshole!
Be patient, dickwad. I'm not a fucking robot that sits at a computer all damn day, holding my dick and waiting for Premium account payments to come through. I work, sleep, and have a social life. It may take anywhere from 24-48 hours to activate, depending on when you send the payment. However, if it's been more than 48 hours, contact an administrator via private messages and let them know the situation. Be prepared to send them your receipt, because if you don't provide it, YOU WILL NOT BE GRANTED YOUR PREMIUM ACCOUNT BASED ON YOUR WORD.

Why do some people's names show up in red, green, orange, blue, and black?
These people belong to certain usergroups that have been assigned a special color to distinguish them from the rest of the members of this forum. Below is a list of current distinguished usergroups:
INTL Alumni
Premium Members
Regular Members

Whoa, what's a usergroup and how do you get into them?
A usergroup is just that, a group of users. Pretty simple, eh? Basically, it's a small little "clique" of people that band together to form organizations to distinguish certain likes and dislikes. In the past, there have been mini-"gangwars" between certain rival usergroups for sheer entertainment purposes. There are two types of usergroups, public and private. Anyone can join a public usergroup; however, only an administrator and usergroup owner can add new users to a private usergroup.

So how do I start my own usergroup and get people to join it?
You can start your own usergroup by clicking here. You are limited to only one usergroup. You will be able to set a title for the usergroup, make it public or private, give it a description, and automatically add certain people to your usergroup. Depending on which type you create (public or private), you will need to invite people to join. You should do this via private message only. DO NOT CREATE THREADS ADVERTISING YOUR NEW POKEMON USERGROUP!

Can I get a color for my usergroup?
No. We did that in the past and the entire forum ended up becoming a rainbow of pain. Now, only the usergroups that represent people who actually work for, have worked for, or have donated to INTL have their own colors.

Okay, so I've started a usergroup, what now?
You'll need to recognize your usergroup. You can do this by editing your profile and selected your new usergroup from the "Recognize User Group" section and then actually editing your profile. This will now make your usergroup's name appear next to your posts, above your avatar.

Cool. However, I've noticed that some people have titles above and below their avatars, how do you get those?
There are two types of titles. Custom titles and user-given titles. Custom titles appear above the avatar; user-given titles appear below the avatar. User-given titles are assigned by other members of INTL and may not be altered by the forumer in possession of the title. Alternatively, custom titles can be assigned by administrators as a reward or a punishment; also, Premium members may change their own custom title at any time.

Am I allowed to change my custom title?
No, you are not. Custom titles are a privilege, not a right. Much like breathing. If you want to change your custom title, register a Premium account, end of story.

So if I decide to change my custom title by upgrading my account, what restrictions are there?
You may use HTML, as long as it's only used for formatting purposes. Basically, only use bold, underline, strikeout, italics, size, color, and font family. As far as font sizes go, don't specify anything too large, or it will be toned down a bit.

Wait a second, so I can give other people titles, but I can't change my own? That is correct, once you reach 50 posts, you will be allowed to change other people user-given titles. You may only change user-given title every 24 hours. If you upgrade to a Premium account, you will be able to change one title every 12 hours. On the same token, you may not change your own user-given title, but at the same time, other users may not change their own user-given title either.

What the hell are there (+1/-12) numbers by all of my posts?
That's karma. It's basically digital popularity for INTL.

Okay. How do I earn karma and why do I have so much negative karma?
You earn karma merely by posting. If people like your posts or you made them laugh, they'll give you positive karma; however, if you make stupid, pointless posts, they'll likely give you negative karma. If you have an abundance of negative karma and very little positive karma, it's probably because you made a stupid post, so stop making dumbass posts, dumbass.

Why can't I give karma to anyone, yet they can give it to me?
You must have at least 30 posts in order to assign karma to other users. This is due to the fact that some people in the past have registered fake accounts merely to give themselves positive karma or to give other users more negative karma.

How much karma can I give out?
You can give out as much karma to as many users as your little heart desires. One catch though: you may only give out 1 point of karma to each user once every 7 days. So if you give User A one point of negative karma, you can't give him anymore until 7 days are up; you may still give User B and User C karma though.

What is the point of karma?
It's a semi-decent way to determine how well accepted you are at INTL. If someone with (+1/-100) flames you, it's likely that it's not very warranted and the user is generally very disliked, so merely just disregard their comments. However, if someone with (+500/-10) flames you, it's likely that you're the one in the wrong, so just shut up and listen to them.

Flaming? Huh?
Flaming is when you attempt to brutally assault someone with words, yet ultimately fail, because you then realize that you're sitting in your room in your underwear insulting people over the Internet. Flaming when it is warranted is somewhat tolerated at INTL, unless you're in The Great Debate, where flaming is totally unacceptable.

Wait a second. So there are specific rules for each forum? What about the Terms of Service?
Yes. Each forum has its own distinct rules and regulations that you need to be familiar with if you intend on posting at INTL for more than one day. Each forum's guidelines can be found stickied at the top of each respective forum. It would be wise to read each guideline, so that you don't get banned, because saying the word "the" is a bannable offense in that forum. As far as the TOS goes, the TOS is merely a guideline as to the overall rules for the entire forum to cover our asses when we want to ban you. Certain forums ignore certain rules in the TOS; where as other forums add some rules to the TOS. Simple? I thought not.

I think your rules are fucking stupid!
Then go somewhere else and stop wasting my bandwidth. If you don't like or agree with the rules here, there are plenty of other AOL-type friendly forums out there that would love to greet you upon creating your very first "hi im new" thread.

I read the TOS and I don't quite understand what "bandwidth leeching" is.
Bandwidth leeching has resulted in many bannings since the rule was set in place. Bandwidth leeching is the act of posting images that are stored on websites that you do not directly have control of. That is to say, if you do not have the ability to modify and/or delete the file that you are linking, you are bandwidth leeching. I'm sure that confused a few of you, so I'll go more into detail. Let's say that you started your very own webpage at Geocities, any images that you upload to your Geocities directory, you have complete control over, thus linking any images from that source will not be considered bandwidth leeching. However, if you go to Google, search for an image and just directly link it from its original source without mirroring it on your own webspace, you will be considered a bandwidth leech and promptly warned or banned.

That's all fine and good, but why have such a dumb rule?
Directly linking images via [img] makes your web browser automatically download the linked image from the server it is on. Thus, by linking images from places where you don't directly control and/or are not authorized to link from, you are in essence wasting the owner of that server's bandwidth. Bandwidth costs money. Therefore, you are, in fact, wasting the owner of that server's money and out of respect we don't do that here. In fact, if you get caught bandwidth leeching from INTL's server at other sites without prior authorization, we'll simply replace the image with gay sex porn, then sit back, watch, and laugh, while you get banned and/or humiliated.

Fine. But I don't have webspace, what am I to do now?
You can link the image via the [url] BBCode tag, just not the [img] BBCode tag or wait until you have 100 posts here and upload your images to your own filespace on our server.

What the hell are signatures?
Signatures are small bits of text and images that get included with your posts. You can use your signature to display your favorite quote or advertise your webpage, and so forth. You may not, however, advertise in any fashion that would benefit in cash or gifts. For example, do not post links to ad clickthroughs, Amazon wishlists, Paypal, and so forth. This is attention whoring and you will be banned.

I just updated my signature, yet my signature isn't showing up in any of my posts. What am I doing wrong?
You must check the "Insert Signature" checkbox when you submit your post. Your signature will then be displayed.

That's a pain in the ass, is there a way I can automatically include my signature with all my posts?
Yes. This option is in your preferences.

Awesome! However, I changed my signature, yet my old signature is still showing up next to my old posts. What the hell is up with that?
In an attempt to increase this forums archival value, the signature that you have upon making each post will be inserted alongside your post, so that in two years, you can look back and see what your signature was. Some people like it, some don't. If you don't like it, tough shit.

So I can use images in my signature, what restrictions apply to this?
The images in your signature may not be larger than 20k in size and may not be obnoxious in size. There are no dimensional limitations; these are handled on a case-by-case basis. If a moderator warns you, change your signature and deal with it. If you're warned again, you'll be banished. As far as the amount of images, you can have as many as you want, as long as they total less than 20k in size.

All this talk of moderators makes me want to become one. How do I become one?
Contribute to the overall INTL community. If you are known for making good, thought-provoking posts, you'll come to mind when a moderator position becomes available. Most moderator positions are filled almost immediately upon becoming vacant, so competition is stiff. If you truly want to be a moderator, your best bet is not to bug the administrators about becoming one. If you bug the admins, you'll likely be ignored and put on a list of people that will NEVER become moderators. Much like danielle, who'll never be an admin! HAHAHAHA!

You know, this forum software is neato-keen, where can I pirate myself a copy of it?
You can't. Sandamnit wrote the forum software for INTL all by himself whilst naked. A friend of his and he are thinking about releasing the source code eventually, but it's not likely to happen anytime soon. If it ever does get released, I'm sure pigs will sprout wings and bombard London with shit.

Can I use HTML in my posts?
Hell fucking no! That would be suicide. Only administrators and very few moderators can use HTML in their posts. You may, however, use BBCode in your posts.

Yes, BBCode!

Got it! Can I use BBCode in my signature?
Yes you may. You used to not be able to use the [img] BBCode tag in signatures, unless you were a Premium Member, but those dark days are over.

Can I use Macromedia Flash in my signature?
You can use Flash in your signature, provided that it is no larger than 20KB in filesize and is not obnoxious in resolution and you obey the "no auto-insert signature" rule in the Terms of Service.

I see that you have a private message feature here. Exactly how "private" are they?
Private messages are fairly private. Only you, the user you sent the message to, and administrators may read the PM.

Wait. Administrators can read my private messages? Isn't that a violation of privacy?
Hahahahah! Privacy is an illusion created by those in charge of the shadow government. There is no such thing as privacy, especially here at INTL. At any time, admins may sift through your private information, such as files, private messages, and so forth. This rarely ever happens though; so don't freak out, you paranoid nut. We will not distribute or publicize your private information unless it is in violation of some kind of law, in which case, you will be reported to the proper authorities.

Is there any way in which I can organize my private messages?
Yes there is, but you need to purchase a Premium account. You'll then be able to organize your private messages into subfolders. That way your inbox doesn't get cluttered with five-month-old messages.

I'd like to search for any and all mentions of my username. How can I do that?
INTL has a neat little search feature, but you need to be a Premium Member to utilize it. Ha!

My email is no longer valid, is this going to be a problem?
Yes, if, at any time, an administrator or moderator sends you an email and the email is returned with an error, you will be banned until you can provide us with a valid email address. Likewise, if a moderator or administrator discovers a dead email upon sending you a "ur banned" email, you'll be banned beyond your specified ban length.

Wait a second. If I'm banned and can't find out that I have an invalid email in my profile, how am I suppose to know that my email is invalid?
Sounds unfair, I know. Just make sure you don't use some random fdaf9a0[ email address and you'll be fine. Your email here is not going to be sold or otherwise distributed and the only time you'll receieve email from us is when you register an account, do a password recovery, change your email address, and get banned.

What's the point of the calendar?
It was originally designed to allow users to submit events, such as forumer meets and multiplayer games, but it has basically just become a birthday announcement list.

How do I get my birthday on the calendar?
Edit your profile with your birthday in the specified "Birthday" entry and it'll automatically show up.

What's the point of the map?
It was originally intended to be a visual representation of where INTLers are located, but now it's a textual representation of far you are from other forumers base on your latitude and longitude.

Google 100? What's that?
Well, ever since I started INTL and submitted it to the wonderful Google search engine, it has brought in tens of thousands of hits. Most of these hits are pretty twisted, considering the types of conversations that go on here, so I decided to display the most recent 100 search strings that have resulted in a clickthrough to INTL.

I keep seeing people's posts quoted, but don't know how to do it. So, how do I do it?
Each post has a link by it that says, "Reply w/Quote". All you must do is click that link and it will automatically quote that post for you. However, please only quote the pertinent parts of their post, if the person you quoted made a long post. We're sick of seeing eight paragraphs quoted, when you should've only quoted one sentence.

What's up with this "Report This Post" link?
You know how in some countries, children are rewarded for turning in their parents, if the child hears their parents slander the government? Yeah. Same thing here, if you see a post that violates the Terms of Service, report the post, so that the moderators and administrators can take care of it. Filing obviously false or satirical reports will result in YOU getting banned. Heh.

How can I keep up-to-date with threads that I post in without having to go to the forum ever few hours to check for updates?
There is a built-in RSS Feed at INTL that integrates itself with the Thread Subscription feature.

Wait, what is an RSS Feed?
An RSS feed is an XML document that is retrieved by an RSS Reader program that you would run on your computer and configure to retrieve that XML document at specific interval of time.

What the hell did you just say?
Download and install an RSS Reader program, then configure it to point to the INTL RSS Feed. When prompted, provide your INTL username and password in the appropriate entries. While that program runs, it will access the INTL RSS Feed periodically and when updates to threads you subscribe to are found, it will display a message on your screen, notifying you of an update in those threads.

Okay, I got it. How do I unsubscribe from threads though?
If you are subscribed to a thread, you can go into that thread and click on the "Unsubscribe From Thread" link provided.

I noticed that INTL has its own Flash arcade, what is the point of that?
Basically just to provide some entertainment for INTL members who are bored and want to compete against other INTL members in the same games.

That's cool, but why do all the scores disappear at the beginning of each month though?
They disappear in order to maintain a form of competition each month. If none of the scores were purged, as time went by, it would become harder and harder to get on the Top10. However, each month, the Top10 for each game is archived on the server, I just haven't set up the ability for everyone to view these monthly and overall top scores.

I find that most of the things you people talk about here offends me and makes Baby Jesus cry!
Fuck off.

Section 3: Glossary

AOKH: Age of Kings Heaven. This was one of the most popular old school Heavengames sites.

Ager: A player of the games Age of Empires, Age of Kings or Age of Mythology. This is a term given to some ex-forumers from Heavengames.

Angel: A staff member at Heavengames that has FTP access to the Heavengames server. Their names show up in red at the forum.

Bandwidth Leecher: A person that posts images that are not hosted on their own webspace on other webpages or forums without prior permission. When caught, the images they originally linked usually get replaced with gay porn and/or sick fetish images.

Cherub: A general staff member at Heavengames that doesn't have FTP access to the server. Their names show up in green at the forum.

e;fb: edit; fuck, beaten

Flaming: Excessively insulting and generally unwarranted nastiness towards another user.

GC: Geek's Corner, the first of INTL's specific discussion forums. Discuss things related to computers, computer games, video games, and the like.

Halo: A person that is part owner of Heavengames.

HG: Heavengames. The site where most of the original people at INTL migrated from or still frequently visit.

HOS: The Hall of Shame, where all of INTL's bad, horrible, completely suckass threads are sent to die.

ID: Inside Discussions. The main INTL general topic forum.

IG: Imperial Games. A Gaming network created by IClan_Emporer, (a former HG forumer), which ended up hosting the infamous IGoD.

IGod: Imperial Games Outside Discussions. A forum started by IClan_Emporer. This forum is now defunct.

INTL: Interesting NoneTheLess. This forum. Other acronyms include "IN" and "Inno". INTL is the most popular acronym used though.

ITT: In This Thread.

KoRT: Knights of the Round Table. A series of Off-topic forums at Heavengames, where a large group of INTL forumers migrated from. It was later replaced by OD

LOL!: Laugh Out Loud. An expression, usually used in RS, to express laughter, sarcasm, or naivety.

NWS: Not Work Safe.

OD: The main HG community forum that replaced KoRT. Many INTLers still visit it on a regular basis, although it is regarded as a lameass forum.

OMG!: Oh my god/Oh my gosh. An expression, usually used in RS, to express surprise, naivety, annoyance, or blatant sarcasm.

Otnot: Created by several current INTL members long ago at HG, Otnot was a group of KoRT forumers which formed to combat against the ignorance, which they believe came from an Age of Kings clan, Tonto.

PP: Pretention Palace. INTL's art, music, and movies forum. RS: Retardation Station. INTL's spamming, trolling, flaming, all out anarchy forum.

SA: Something Awful. A hilarious site that some of us visit on a regular basis and/or have forum accounts at.

SD: Serious Discussions. Previously known as The Great Debate. This forum is used mainly for serious, on-topic discussions. Flaming, spamming, and other no-nos are strictly forbidden.

Seraph: The term that denotes that someone is a webmaster of a particular sub-site at Heavengames.

SL: Skizzles' Lounge. The first user-owned forum. Spam: An utterly worthless post. Ranging from one word posts to unwanted advertisements.

Spankmag: A teen chat magazine/website. A few notable users have wandered over to INTL through this site.

SPSW: Someplace Somewhere. A debate forum started by Iron Heart.

TEZ: The Erogenous Zone, the INTL sex forum. Discuss things of a, shall we say, personal matter. This forum is serious, like all the other specific discussion forums, and is not an RS clone.

tl;dr: "Too Long; Didn't Read."

Trolling: A deliberate attempt to provoke a response from someone by baiting them with comments not germaine to the discussion.

YYW: Yeah Yeah Whatever. The name that this site used before Sandamnit came up with "Interesting Nonetheless".

WT: Witty Tirade. A site that is run and maintained by IClan_Emporer. It's a pretty damn unfunny site.

Section 4A: Pre-INTL Timeline

Some of this information in this section isn't really all that relevant, but it makes for an interesting read and gives a good backstory to what has happened in the past. Skip to Section 4B if you only want to read INTL's history.

July 1979
  • USENET: The first newsgroup is created. Similar to message boards, newsgroups were used to converse on specific topics prior to the World Wide Web becoming popular.
July 1987
  • USENET: The 'Great Renaming' occured. Most newsgroups go through a profound change in purpose. Sex, Drugs and other controversial topics are first allowed.
September 1988
  • USENET: First reported use of spamming, ROFL and LOL (which is said to be deprived from the Dutch word for fun).
July 1989
  • WWW: The World Wide Web is invented by the CERN group. Newsgroups rejoice.
May 1992
  • WWW: The first graphical web browser is created - Mosaic (which would later become Netscape).
June 1993
  • WWW: Lycos, the first search engine is created. It indexes 800,000 webpages.
March 1997
  • HG: Alaskan webdesigner, Mike "Archangel" McCart, creates 'Heaven's Web' - A popular gaming network.
April 1997
  • HG: Civilization II Heaven is founded, creating more interest in 'Heaven's Web'
May 1997
  • HG: Age of Empires Heaven is founded. It would later become the largest AoE fansite of all time.
August 1997
  • HG: Seeing the increasing popularity of AoEH, Archangel terminates several of the of the original 'Heaven's Web' sites.
  • HG: INTL Forumers Socrateius, Sunny, Dimi and his brother Shady become HG regulars.
September 1997
  • HG: 'Heaven's Web' changes its name to Heaven's Gaming Sites, (HGS).
  • HG: Vidguy becomes Administrator for the HGS forums.
March 1998
  • HG: AoEH reaches its climax of popularity.
  • HG: Citybuilder's Heaven is opened, creating a psychological split in HGS forumers.
July 1998
  • HG: Archangel leaves HGS to pursue a career with Ensemble Studios.
October 1998
  • HG: Age of Empires II Heaven (AoKH) is opened, administered by Omnivac.
  • HG: Draco, with the help of Zen, abolish the old forums and replace them with UBB.
February 1999
  • HG: The new HGS forums open, but all previous data is lost.
March 1999
  • HG: AoKH forumer, Pieman, uses satire and sarcasm to insult other forumers in HGS. Most forumers ask him to be banned.
  • HG: Zen bans Pieman, however he would continue to come back and get banned as the months progressed.
July 1999
  • HG: HGS's first off-topic forum is created in AoKH. It becomes the haven for debate and casual conversations.
  • HG: Omnivac is hospitalized and resigns from being AoKH's webmaster. Washizu ends up taking his place.
  • HG: AoKH staff members, Zul and Seraphim, get involved in several flame wars, and they are forced to resign from HG.
August 1999
  • HG: The off-topic forum was closed once it turned into a medium for flame wars and religious debates.
October 1999
  • SA: The modern version of Something Awful is created by Richard "Lowtax" Kyanka.
  • FARK: The modern version of Fark is created by Drew Curtis.
February 2000
  • HG: HGOD, a new off-topic forum, is created at AOKH. Two main 'cultural' groups begin to form, the debaters and the 'Psychos.'
  • HG: AoKH forumer, Harpoon, considering Pieman as one of his heros, mimics his activities until he is banned.
  • HG: AoKH forumer, Vlad, begins a campaign of spamming which would not end until July 2000.
March 2000
  • HG: AoKH staff member, DSC, deletes a substantial percentage of forumers from AoKH. He is later forced to resign.
July 2000
  • HGOD: Religious debates between Cherryfunk and Salahudeen becomes the key topic within HGOD.
  • HGOD: AoKH staff member, Iron Heart, initiates the Forum Elections - An event which is popular, but causes strife.
  • HGOD: The Forum Elections are forced to end when Legion, and a number of other forumers begin flame wars against it.
  • HGOD: HG's largest thread (at 10000 posts), The Party Thread, is created by AoKH forumer Dimi. It becomes a symbol of HGOD.
September 2000
  • HGOD: HGOD forumers, Fully_Completely and Da_Psycho get mockingly engaged, creating a trend of 'forum weddings.'
  • HG: Heaven's Gaming Sites becomes a business, and changes its name to HeavenGames in effect.
October 2000
  • HGOD: HGOD forumers, ElCid and Cherryfunk, start a flame war amongst each other, and are later warned by Sunshine.
  • HGOD: AoKH staff members, Sunshine and Rasher, start planning a mock marriage, which would set off more trends.
  • HGOD: Cherryfunk, angry at the result of the previous flame war, initiates a flame war between him and Sunshine, which would later involve a large majority of HGOD forumers. It is ended once it begins to get personal, and attacks are made against HG.
  • HGOD: Zen closes the forums during Halloween to investigate the aforementioned flame war.
November 2000
  • HGOD: Zen bans Cherryfunk, Sunshine loses some staff privileges, and Iron Heart resigns from HeavenGames.
  • HGOD: HGOD forumer, Mr. T, becomes a symbol of OD after mimicking celebrity Mr. T in a number of HGOD threads.
February 2001
  • HGOD: Sunshine resigns from HeavenGames. BiggN takes her place.
March 2001
  • SPSW: 'Someplace Somewhere,' created by Iron Heart, is released. Cherryfunk and other HGOD forumers go there to debate.
May 2001
  • HGOD: Wheezy and Emp initiate a debacle with BiggN, eventually causing him to be forced to resign.
  • HGOD: Sandamnit stumbles upon HGOD and registers a forum account there.
July 2001
  • HGOD: Sandamnit and Flaming Arrow get mockingly married, after a brief encounter in the Party Thread. This shocked and appalled a lot of people.
  • HGOD: Games such as SimCountry, and Mafia become a focus for many HGOD forumers.
August 2001
  • HG: Chooch, Zen, and Icefyre drive from Boston to Philadelphia to meet Wheezy and PsychoRabbit.
  • HGOD: Emp initiates a smear campaign against an AoK clan, Tonto, creating the 'Otnot' group.
  • HGOD: Emp, Wheezy and other Otnot members get banned from HeavenGames for flooding.
  • SPSW: SPSW reaches its climax.
  • HGOD: HGOD gets split up into the KoRT forum, and 'The Library.'

Section 4B: Origins of INTL

September 2001
  • IGOD: Upset by his banning, Emp decides to create Imperial Games (IGOD) in spite of HeavenGames.
  • IGOD: Wheezy pulls a practical joke on The Hogs, fooling him that he has been promoted to an Angel. Hilarity ensues.
  • IGOD: Sandamnit finds his way over to IGOD, offers up his services, and becomes its new Forum Administrator.
  • General: Two planes crash into the Twin Towers, thus resulting in weeks upon weeks of people posting Flash Animations featuring the likeness of Osama bin Laden getting killed.
October 2001
  • IGOD: The Acts of Gord is discovered, resulting in Gord gracing IGOD with his prescense.
  • IGOD: Pascal discovers Chick Tracts.
  • IGOD Sandamnit resigns from his position, because he can't stand being Emp's little bitch.
November 2001
  • KoRT: GPA_Breat Benze creates his first "suicide thread". He is met with mixed reactions. Some lend a sympathetic ear, others push the envelope and ridicule him. Here is what he wrote:
    If you are reading this post it is already too late. Call me weak, a coward, I don't particulary care. It is all to much for me. The world is much better off without me, and I will be happier than I am now.

    I thank you all for the time we've spent, it was great, it really was, and I wish I could live through it again. But my time has come, my time is now.

    I will not be reading any posts after this. I want to lay in my bed and die, die knowing that I have made a difference by ridding the world of my poor, pathetic self.

    Goodbye everyone.
  • KoRT: Sandamnit becomes an Angel at Heavengames, much to the dismay of most people that visited the rival IGOD forum.
  • KoRT: Kitabatake posts a thread that was supposedly posted by Woolly Mammoth's brother. Apparantly, Woolly Mammoth died in a car accident, so his brother posted the following letter:
    September 12, 2001,
    If you're reading this than something has happened and I'm dead. Since yesterday I started thinking about my own mortality alot more and I decided to write a letter to be posted on the forums. I did'nt want anyone to think I just got sick of you guys and left . Anyway, the other point of this letter is to thank everyone here for some great times. It was a blast playing AoK and TC with the clan. But even after I lost interest in the game I still came. It's because all of you have been such great people. Tonto Clan is a truly special place. I would like to thank a few of my closest clan mates in particular. _real your founding vision and leadership made this place possible. Even when you were wrong I respected you. _Sting you rock, and you should realize it. _Marechal you may be slightly nuts but you were still awesome, keep those heathen liberals in line. _czarempire it was great playing AoK and Counterstrike with you. Also fill in the rest of the tonto roster for making this the best clan out there. Finally I would ask that someone post a message in AoKH OD to let anyone there that might notice I was gone know what's happened. Thanks for the great times.
December 2001
  • YYW: Sandamnit starts writing a forum software which he decides to call temporarily 'The Unnamed Forum'
  • YYW: Wheezy coins the name of the main TUF forum: Inside Discussions and is appointed moderator of it.
  • YYW: Sandamnit stops writing the forum software for fear that he might lose his newly found Angel position at Heavengames.
  • KoRT: Sandamnit flies out to Boston to meet Angel Zen, Icefyre, Chooch709, and Tonto Z, who are all Angels at Heavengames, for New Years Eve.
February 2002
  • IGOD: IClan_Emporer announces his plans to create a site called Witty Tirade. He keeps reminding people how many days left until it opens on a daily basis. It was originally slated to open on March 1st, but ended up opening on March 31st, due to Emp's immense sloth and laziness. During this time, Emp started delineating into senility and becomes increasingly irritated with just about everyone.
March 2002
  • IGOD: IGOD's database crashes, which IClan_Emporer ends up blaming on Sandamnit. Sandamnit denies responsibility for the database crashing. Sandamnit offers up a solution to the problem, which is then denied, thus causing a massive fall-out between Sandamnit and IClan_Emporer.
  • YYW: PsychoRabbit messages Sandamnit with the following: "inigmuh888: you should make a new forum thats better than the IGod".
  • YYW: Sandamnit reopens the forum that he had started working on last December out of spite for IClan_Emporer, temporarily names the forum "Yeah Yeah Whatever" until he can come up with a better name and continues developing the forum software.
  • YYW: Sandamnit then comes up with the name "Interesting Nonetheless" and registers the domain
  • IGOD: In the matter of a few days, most of the people that posted at IGOD started posting at INTL, thus destroying IGOD altogether.
  • YYW: The feature that you can only change other peoples' custom titles and not your own is announced.
  • YYW: The file uploads feature is announced. Much rejoicing ensues.
  • YYW: Geek's Corner is opened, Woadie is appointed moderator.

Section 4C: INTL Version 1 Timeline

April 2002
  • Sandamnit officially opens INTL to the public.
  • Theater of Sound is opened, PsychoRabbit is appointed moderator.
  • Sandamnit resigns from Heavengames and ends up dedicating most of his leisure time to continued development of the INTL software.
  • The On-Topic Discussions forum is opened, boutitben and PsychoRabbit are appointed moderators.
  • A few days later, after the OTD forum hardly got any traffic, Sandamnit deletes it. boutitben then becomes co-moderator of Geek's Corner.
  • Serious Discussions is opened so that people who want to debate have a place to debate without worrying about people spamming their thread with nonsense. No moderators are appointed at this time.
May 2002
  • The Terms of Service is originally drafted due to the influx is morons, people posting fecal porn, bandwidth leeching, and so forth. (link)
  • NNY creates a "drunk thread" which soon becomes INTL's version of the party thread. (link)
  • Sandamnit announces that he is going to enlist in the Army. (link)
  • Flaming Arrow and PsychoRabbit are appointed administrators. At which point, Ice becomes the new moderator of Inside Discussions.
June 2002
  • Pluveto is fired as moderator of Serious Discussions and is replaced by Ice.
  • Salamando takes Ice's place as moderator of Inside Discussions.
  • Shortly thereafter, Spurlin resigns as moderator of Serious Discussions and Kyrie is appointed moderator.
  • The frontpage is officially launched. This marks the end of INTL being just a forum.
  • The karma feature is added. Almost immediately people start distributing karma to their favorite and least favorite forumers. This creates a somewhat "popularity hierarchy" within the forum, allowing people to statistically determine who are idiots and who are cool.
July 2002
  • jimmy wins the first ever "Who Wants To Be A Moderator?" contest and is thusly made a moderator of Inside Discussions.
  • NNY creates another thread, which turns into a spam fest. This thread spawns the creation of Retardation Station.
  • Retardation Station is created. The purpose behind this forum is to allow people to vent their pent up immaturity without cluttering up Inside Discussions with crap threads.
  • "Who Wants To Be A Moderator? v2.0" flounders and jimmy retains his moderatorship.
  • Sandamnit has a brief run in with some thugs from the Detroit Luv forum, due to certain members bandwidth leeching images.
  • Forum Survivor begins. The contest begins with 15 people posting in a designated thread become moderators of Retardation Station. Each day one person gets voted off as moderator.
  • Forum database crashes. INTL is down for the better half of a day, but comes back with no information being lost.
  • Forum Survivor ends abruptly.
  • Upgrades to server and new PHP configuration causes INTL to go down again. Sandamnit feared that INTL would be down for good, but ends up fixing the problem and relaunching the site again later that evening. Much rejoicing ensues.
  • Forum Drama ensues when Salamando and Drahnier enter into a battle of post modification. You can read all about it by clicking here. Basically, Drahnier got fired, yet reinstated later the next day.
  • The INTL Illuminati makes it's debut. (link)
  • Forum drama ensues, which prompts Sandamnit to shut down INTL for what people thought would be indefinitely.

Section 4D: INTL Version 2 Timeline

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August 2002
  • A bunch of shit happens at others forums. People bitch and complain about Sandamnit shutting down INTL, blah blah blah
  • Sandamnit reopens INTL, but instead of opening it to the public, he decides to make INTL an invitation-only forum, in an effort to try and revive INTL back to it's former state. Most of the regulars are invited.
  • Sandamnit reopens INTL to the public.
September 2002
  • Thread tags make their debut. Much fuss ensues. Sandamnit makes a poll and allows the people that don't like thread tags to vote to get rid of them. The poll ends and not enough veto votes are tallied.
  • Salamando is banned for being a dumbass. Then, he is banned again just for safe measure.
  • mirthalac is made a moderator of Inside Discussions.
  • Sandamnit travels to Madison, Wisconsin for a Something Awful goon meet. He ends up meeting up with mirthalac, NNY, Vash the Stampede, and Nail Bunny.
  • pussinboots is the first person to be banned for using one of the MODS ONLY thread tags. Her thread is interestingly enough titled, "SANDAMNIT". It currently resides in the Hall of Shame.
  • Sandamnit leaves for the Army. Much sadness ensues, doves cry, and all that jazz.
October 2002
  • Flaming Arrow creates "Best Avatars v3.0" which ends up becoming a deathmatch between Sandamnit's hypnotic Cookie Monster avatarand Izzy's Mr. Sparkle avatar. Sandamnit prevailed, slaying the evil Mr. Sparkle with his chinese stars made of cookies.
  • "How to Create Worthwhile Posts" is published by Flaming Arrow.
  • Emtilt is banned by mirthalac for trolling one of mirthalac's threads. Discussions ensue and he is unbanned a week later.
  • Salamando is unbanned. On an unrelated side note, the average IQ of INTL drops by 17.5 points.
November 2002
  • danielle now becomes known as "peach". Cute.
  • Lovely_Insanity marries danielle in INTL's first ever lesbian marriage. Adorable.
  • Stoffel's girlfriend registers an account, creates a thread introduces herself, which is later sent to the Hall of Shame.
  • Thai Stick Nick finds his way to INTL and obviously decides to win over the hearts of everyone at INTL by posting about how wonderful his life is within a thread titled, "Is everyone's life as fucked up as mine." Flames immediately ensue. He is banned. This event results in Stevo and jimmy being banned.
  • uselessinformation posts a picture of his penis in a Retardation Station thread titled, "Ladies and gentlemen, my cock." Yep. INTL RAWKS!
December 2002
  • Wild Bill and antpocas insult a program called Sokkit, thus prompting the creater to register and literally own the shit out of them. (link)
  • The upstanding citizens of Detroit Luv attempt to invade INTL, but are defeated by the denizons of INTL. Again, INTL RAWKS!
  • pussinboots registers under the name "Dramamine".
  • Salamando creates a thread titled, "I'll leave if this thread hits 1000 replies" or something like that, whatever. The thread reaches 1000 posts, yet he doesn't leave. Finally, he is quoted saying, "please ban me," so Sandamnit does. Woops.
  • Inuyasha registers and creates a thread using the BANME tag. He is thusly banned. He then goes to SPSW, bitches about it, then cleverly dubs Flaming Arrow, "Flaming Faggot". Flaming Arrow owns the shit out of him. This whole fiasco results in a few people from SPSW migrating to INTL. Gotta love free publicity.
  • Forum Survivor II is created by Flaming Arrow.
  • Sandamnit comes back from the Army on a two week leave for Christmas.
  • Various new features are announced: an event calendar, new private message layout, "Most Recent Searches" which is then taken down due to it slowly down load times, and all incoming searches for "burger king christmas", a shitty Flash animation, from Google, Yahoo, and AOL are redirected to an image of tubgirl (NWS). Once again, INTL RAWKS!
  • Best Avatars v4.0 is created by Sandamnit.
  • The First Bi-Monthly Stanknogger Memorial Awards is announced by Flaming Arrow.
  • The Picture Gallery is announced. It's sole purpose is to centralize and showcase various personal images of various forumers. (link)
  • The INTL Map is announced. The INTL map can be accessed by clicking here. It's purpose is to give a visual representation of where various forumers live through the world.
  • Marcher starts a minigolf tournament in which forumers compete against each other in an online minigolf game. Eventually, people lost interest and it’s never actually finished. (link)
January 2003
  • Sandamnit taunts Danielle/peach with the idea of becoming an administrator. She has yet to become one.
  • Six new personal forums are created due to Sandamnit being way too bored on New Year's Eve. They are as follows: Danielle's Lesbian Orgy Fan Club, NNY's Drunken Irish Pub and Brothel, Sunny's Movie and TV Forum, Useless' Happy Fun Forum of Information!, Ztolk's Awesome Forum of Yamacas and Mozza-Balls, and Tyr's Secret Foot Fetish Hangout.
  • Tyr gets pissed off about the possibility of Danielle becoming an administrator, then decides to post a rather long chatlog between him and Danielle, which ensues in forum drama and the arrival of the notorious IClan_Emporer. This thread currently resides in the Hall of Shame. (link)
  • IClan_Emporer creates a rather fucking hilarious thread titled, "An Open Letter from IClan_Emporer to Danielle and Tyr". (link)
  • Flaming Arrow posts the sequel to the much-loved thread “Post Pictures of Beautiful Women.” Version 2 is not quite as successful, but still a hot-ass thread. (link)
  • FISHMANPET starts the thread “You give me characters, I write porn stories.” It’s quite successful, and several orgasms result from it’s creation. It also spawns a parody thread, “You give me characters, I write horrible porn stories.” by Dimi. (link)
  • Another referral redirect is added: "thong". Basically, much like the above "burger king christmas" redirect, anyone searching for "thong" will now be redirected to the following image: hot_bitch_in_thong.jpg (NWS).
  • After Dimi and Pascal both post their baby pictures, a huge battle ensues. Forumers must determine who is the cutest baby. In the end, Dimi beat out Pascal 25 to 6. (link)
  • Brad starts a Photoshop Competition, which becomes incredibly popular. Hundreds of entries are submitted, but in the end, Blacksun comes out on top. (link)
  • The INTL Graveyard is created in order to increase server speed and to lower CPU usage. It becomes a haven for threads that haven't been updated for approximately 150 days. The other alternative was to delete the threads, so yeah...
  • Sandamnit's two-week leave ends and he is forced to return to Georgia to continue his training.
  • The “OMG!” tag is altered slightly. It’s color is changed from orange to blue, and a small black border is added around the edge. (link)
  • After Zippo changes her avatar to a picture of Darkwing Duck's arch-nemesis Negaduck, JamesMartigo makes a thread asking her to change it back. In that thread, several people, for reasons unbeknownst to us, change their avatars to attractive female Disney characters. It starts out with only a few people doing it, but then quickly becomes a new forum fad. (link)
  • Our good ol' friend izzy generously offers to create some bee-yoo-tee-ful avatars for the use of the forum populace. (link)
February 2003
  • Flaming Arrow owns the shit of some lame legendary game designer at an Everquest forum. The people rejoice. (link)
  • Wheezy bans NNY420 for spamming and then deletes her account, much to the chagrin of the rest of the forum. He later apologizes and NNY420 reregisters as Spazz. (link)
  • The SpankMag invasion begins after a few forumers from tell all their friends back at the SpankMag forums to come and post at INTL. Resident INTLers are disgusted, and quickly repel the invaders. The few forumers who initiated the invasion, namely Nova and Skye, are shunned and doomed to be lapdogs for the rest of their forum lives. (link)
  • Swiss creates a thread in which he Photoshops the panties off of an attractive brunette. Two things happen. Si Nep is upset that's he too dumb to realize all of RS is NWS, and Nova gets creamed by Flaming Arrow for talking about his cock too much. (link)
  • The forum custom title craze is started when the name of Retardation Station is changed to "Retardation Station: Fucked Your Mother." (link)
  • Dramamine posts a thread in which you MSPaint valentines for your favorite forumers, in honor of Valentine's Day. The thread is incredibly successful, and eventually moved to the Hall of Fame. (link)
March 2003
  • Mr. Rogers dies of stomach cancer, and the entire forum mourns the loss of one of America’s greatest men. (link)
  • Sandamnit comes up with the CA-RAZY idea of marketing INTL merchandise. The forum loves the idea and backs Sandamnit, yet it never seems to take off. (link)
  • Balsawood Keyboard is accidentally banned after Sandamnit bans Salamando’s ISP. He is without the forum for hours until Sandamnit fixes the problem, and he then returns. (link)
  • PsychoRabbit creates a thread calling out Nova and Idiot-Boy, which then results in Nova getting banned. When Sandamnit finds out about this, he reassesses the current INTL staff. In effect, PsychoRabbit and Wheezy are removed as administrators, mirthalac and Baggy_Brad are made administrators, NNY is made moderator of Inside Discussions, and Mojo is made the moderator of Serious Discussions. (link)
  • Flaming Arrow starts a thread entitled “Jokes about forumers!” in which you make jokes directed at specific forumers. It’s quite popular, and pretty dang LOL. (link)
  • Loudspoken Intellectual, an SPSW forumer, arrives at INTL and immediately flaunts his big brain to try and win over the forum populace. He fails terribly, and has his name changed to Loudspoken Fucking Retard. (link)
  • A bug in the karma system is discovered where if you click the link to give someone karma multiple times, you end up giving them loads of extra karma. This is immediately made a bannable offense if anyone is caught purposefully doing it. (link)
  • Sandamnit asks Xanadu (Spazz) if she will have sex with him for 500 dollars. She agrees, and they plan on having the sex when Sandamnit visits Madison in July.
  • After a suggestion by Baggy_Brad, a new forum is created, The Erogenous Zone.
  • Salamando gets banned from the Something Awful forums, then decides to come back to INTL and cause some havoc. He is then promptly banned by Sandamnit.
  • Sandamnit announces that he'll be going to Korea in July. In which case, he also wants to make plans to organize an INTL meet before he leaves.
  • Stevo starts the “What Do I Think of You?” trend with his similarly titled thread. (link)
  • Forum Survivor 3 kicks off. It ends with Blacksun and Jimmy at a tie, and they are both allowed to be moderators of RS for an entire month. (link)
  • Nova starts the Hottest Male Forumer (link) and the Hottest Female Forumer (link) contests. They’re incredibly popular but lead to some minor flaming.
  • Sandamnit announces his intent to add banner ads to INTL. (link)
  • Coca-Cola creates a thread entitled “Choose or draw a picture best describing the person who posted before you.” and it’s incredibly successful. It’s eventually moved to the Hall of Fame. (link)
April 2003
  • Mingan, who lives in Holland, decides to fly all the way out to Canada to meet Danielle, who lives in Alberta, Canada. The forum automatically assumes they both had dirty immigrant sex, but both parties vehemently deny it. (link)
  • Flaming Arrow creates a new "Post Your Photo!" thread. This one is rather popular and exceeds the 300 reply mark. It's later moved to the Hall of Fame. (link)
  • In honor of April Fools' Day, and out of sheer boredom, Flaming Arrow allows INTL users to change their screennames. Fecefactory07 requested the name "Ileus", Skye asked for "Cyanide", Nova requested several names like "Prisoner 129" and "Dr. Q", Comrade Stalin returns to being "Woadie"...and so on and so forth. The best name change goes to UnDefineD, who requested the screenname "Jesus", and the funniest one (though short-lived) was when Sandamnit changed Kitabatake's screenname to "Kitabukkake". (link)
  • Forum Survivor IV is created by Jimmy. It's not very popular, and I don't think it ever finished. (link)
  • MurphGuitar creates a really stupid thread, wondering why we're allowing Sunshine to remain a mod when she's staff at HG. He assumes that INTL is basically an anti-HG forum, which it isn't. He gets flamed, and then basically quits his job as TEZ mod. Vervet and Socrateius end up replacing him. (link)
  • Nova creates a thread asking people to rate his ugly female friend from 1-10. Most of the forum rates her a five. She finds out and threatens suicide, then disappears. Apparently she's found and is a dumb bitch. Blahblah. (link)
  • Sandamnit changes his avatar back to the much loved animated Cookie Monster, and celebration ensues. (link)
  • Uselessinformation returns, and the forum populace celebrates. Sadly, he doesn't stay long and ends up leaving again. The forum is sad, and several people commit suicide because of this. (link)
  • Nova creates a thread entitled "Classic Threads Over the Past Few Months," yet he only posts links to threads he made or was a part of. He is then terribly owned by PsychoRabbit and runs away in shame. (link)
  • Drahnier is banned for flaming and trolling in TEZ, and decides he never wants to return. Even after he is unbanned, he fails to return until much later in the month. (link)
  • Nova, after the aforementioned flame war is over, decides to take Flaming Arrow's suggestion to "Give up and leave" to heart and posts a goodbye thread in ID, with the BANME tag. He is promptly banned, permanently. (link)
  • The TOS is amended to list details about smurfing as a bannable offense after banned forumers created fake accounts and returned repeatedly. Also, the importance of an active e-mail account is stressed, and the word "banananation" is introduced after Nova returns with a smurf named "Banana". (link)
  • Mirthalac creates a Men-Only forum, and it's rather short-lived. Instead of being a macho paradise, it ends up collapsing due to the lack of estrogen and the overpowering amount of homoerotic tension. A female forum is also created, but is not quite as popular. (link)
  • Brad adds a new smilie. The Asian smilie. It's received by a lukewarm celebration, but people eventually grow to like it. ^_^ (link)
  • Danielle, in a fit of insanity, moves all the way from her boyhood home in Alberta, Canada to live with Calagorm and NNY in Madison, Wisconsin. (link)
  • Melanie, who lives in New Orleans, decides to drive out and visit Sandamnit, who is currently stationed at Fort Gordon, in Georgia. They stay in a hotel room over the weekend, and the entire forum assumes they had loads of sex. Surprisingly, neither parties deny nor confirm it. (link)
  • Jota starts a thread in which he expresses his desire to become a belly dancer. Unbeknownst to him, this would spark a small, yet very memorable, forum fad that would continue into the beginning of next month. (link)
  • NNY, who had previously lived in Madison with Peach and Calagorm, decides to move to Minneapolis to live with his sweetheart Greenidentity after being unable to find a job in Madison. Once he arrives in Minneapolis, he quickly finds a job at Target. Yay for NNY!
May 2003
  • One of INTL’s thread tags, the Satire tag, was unused and taking up space. Flaming Arrow creates a poll asking people if they wanted to replace the old Satire tag with the “Help!“ tag. The people agree to this, and it is done. The "" tag was also introduced along with the possibility of adding animated thread tags, but they never really take off. (link)
  • Several hundred tornadoes hit the region of the United States known as "Tornado Alley." Socrateius is MIA for a few days, but eventually calls Izzy to let him know he's ok. His house is undamaged, and his family is unhurt. (link)
  • Stormraider, after expressing his desire to return as moderator of Retardation Station, is re-appointed to that position. The new forum regime begins. (link)
  • Some of the biggest forum drama ever occurs between Sandamnit, Melanie, Flaming Arrow and Jimmy. Many flame wars break out, feelings are hurt, and some people leave the forum for good. (link)
  • Sandamnit, pissed at the way RS has become the only forum people visit, and at the way flaming is being discouraged, closes RS until people learn how to use it correctly. Time will tell if RS will return or not... (link)
  • A year-old thread was resurfaced by a newbie named sprUceWOLF in which Danielle/peach had posted a image that qualified as bandwidth leeching. Windex, Nova's newest smurf, points this out in a thread about recent bannings and Danielle is thusly banned by Sunshine. (link)
  • Sunshine mysteriously gets banned by an unknown source, which is later found out to be NNY. However, it was merely NNY's account which banned him. It turns out that Calagorm banned Sunshine using NNY's account, because of the fact that Sunshine banned Danielle a few days earlier. He was able to do this because NNY's account was still logged in on his old computer. You see, Calagorm and NNY used to be roommates, before NNY moved to Minnesota. Once it is found out that Calagorm did this, Calagorm's account was permanently banned, NNY was suspended temporarily as a moderator of Inside Discussions, and Danielle/peach was removed as a moderator of The Gallery and banned (but unbanned a few days later by Sandamnit), since she lived with Calagorm and it has become apparent that Calagorm could not be trusted around a moderator account.
  • In the wake of peach being removed as a moderator, Kitabatake was made a moderator of The Gallery.
  • An INTL v3.0 discussion forum is opened in order to possibly build up some hype and also to get opinions and feedback on the future changes to the site.
  • The Erogenous Zone and Retardation Station, which had previously been hidden from the public, become open to public view. Which basically means that you can view them if you aren't logged in.

Section 4E: INTL Version 3 Timeline

June 2003
  • Salamando is unbanned, and he is allowed to roam around INTL, espicially RS, in the hope that he may express what RS is supposed to be like.
  • Vervet bans herself, due to the fact that she wanted to get away from INTL for a bit, and believed that would be tempted to go back.
  • The Ratings Issue. Throughout INTL, people consistently rated any thread, may it be bad or good, fairly high ratings. This lead to the question whether having a 5 rating really qualifies for a thread to be in the "Hall of Fame." Eventually, to counter-attack this problem, Sandamnit set up the "Retarded Hall of Fame," for RS.
  • The "ITT, (In this thread)" trend becomes popular for a short time. This trend is when someone states that you have to act a certain way in a thread.
  • After several months of anticipation, Sandamnit releases INTL3, a new forum which is faster, and has many more features. Unfortunately for some people, a majority of added features are only available to those who pay money, (Premium Members, or "Blue Bloods").
  • Sandamnit, since INTL Version 3 was started up, had decided to unban everyone who was previously banned.
  • A new, public feature is set up called 'Usergroups.' Usergroups are 'gangs' created by forumers, just for entertainment. These gangs were given username colors, and set up their own 'gang wars' in RS.
July 2003
  • Around the 4th, after much trial & error, Sandamnit cuts back the abilities of the said 'usergroups'. First by removing all usergroup forums and colors. He later gives color back to certain special groups.
  • On the 8th,a new forum opens: The Bitching Battleground. It's an instant success. It's initial mods are wheezy and PsychoRabbit.
  • Shortly thereafter, Flaming Arrow disables posting abilities in RS for anyone with less than 500 posts.
  • On the 18th, Emp returns as New Emp.
  • Soon after, Mojo leaves her job as SD moderator on the 23rd, and Emp takes over by the 26th.
August 2003
  • INTL Frontpage opens. Much rejoicing by those who are looking forward to writing articles.
  • RS is now made completely invisible to anyone with less than 500 posts.
  • In the middle of August, ThePerfectCore becomes the 'butt' of a joke, when he mentions a conversation revolving around having a burning posterior and feeling gay afterwards. Eventually, he becomes annoyed to the point of public outrage.
  • PsychoRabbit is removed as moderator of Bitching Battleground and Pascal is made the new moderator of it.
  • On the 23rd, The INTL Quote Database is started.
  • Starting on the 24th, forum drama ensues between several forumers, mostly Flaming Arrow, Mojo, Smokey and Wheezy, when Scott, (another forumer), makes a joke about Mojo being ugly.
  • By the 27th, the above forum drama continues, this time getting personal between Flaming Arrow and Mojo. Soon after, New Emp decided to leave INTL, and is promptly banned for creating a Goodbye thread.
  • Jayhawk, a Halo at Heavengames, announces that any images posted at HG from INTL will no longer be displayed due to Flaming Arrow and Sandamnit having a bit of fun replacing an image posted at HG, linked from INTL, with pain4.jpg. (link)
September 2003
  • Sandamnit, mocking Heavengames' forum policies, creates a thread with a list of insane rules that satirically parallel rules at HG. (link)
  • Rumor finds its way to Sandamnit that Heavengames will be forcing all their moderators that are working at INTL as well to choose between HG and INTL, so Sandamnit confronts izzy, Sunshine, Dimi, and Socrateius and asks them which they will choose. By the end of the day, all four are no longer moderators at INTL. Sandamnit creates a thread at INTL ranting about the situation, which then spawns a thread at HG, which gets closed and hidden, yet mirrored at INTL for all to read. Dimi is the only one that got his moderatorship back. Sunshine and Socrateius did not want their jobs back and Izzy has yet to respond. (link)
  • Stormraider and wheezy become the new Inside Discussions moderators. Tyr is moved from moderator of The Arena to moderator of Bitching Battleground.
  • In the wake of Sunshine resigning, Serious Discussions goes unmoderated and becomes open to volunteer moderators. (link)
  • Due to the resignation of Socrateius, Smokey2003 is appointed the new TEZ moderator after a short-lived nominations thread that isn't even worthy of being linked.
  • Dimi gets his moderatorship back.
  • The Arena is purged and all threads that were in it were moved to Inside Discussions. Hessian loses his moderatorship.
  • Arnok is the first Serious Discussions moderator to be appointed. A few days later, Mingan is appointed as the second moderator.
October 2003
  • Yet another Retardation Station Forum Survivor begins. Dimi is the ultimate victor, and thus reigns as RS mod.
  • Sandamnit starts a week-long forum fad of changing the usernames of forummers to those of actors and actresses. A request thread is created, where a list of changes made still remains. (link)
  • Sandamnit also changes the color/background scheme of all forums to a "Gothic Halloween" theme. Topic posts are tiled with (rather ugly) pentagrams, everything else is darker.
  • Flaming Arrow creates, for the second time, Personal User Forums. Various usergroups not included begin whining. They are removed later in November. (link)
  • INTL Erotic Fan-Fiction Creating Writing contest kicks off where INTLers submit the best, most hilarious fan-fiction they can write. The winner wins a Premium Account. New Emp wins the contest. (link)
  • #INTL, an IRC channel created and closed in September, reopens. Real-time discussion is had by all, and it becomes the temporary official IRC channel. #INTL resides on
  • The Forummer Erotica thread is created in TEZ by Smokey. It runs with an amazing amount of participation for four-hundred posts. In the end, it collapses into mindless flaming and spamming and is thus moved to the Hall of Fame.
  • Due to popular demand, the INTL Gallery is brought back up. (link)
  • "Phil Conveys an Emotion", a thread in which Flaming Arrow acts out the requests of forummers in pictures, is created. FA runs the thread until the requests become repetitive. It's now in the Hall of Fame. (link)
  • Flaming Arrow finally permabans Surt for being a dirty, smelly European troll. Surt now joins the ranks of Salamando, who was previously the only person in the history of INTL to be permabanned.
November 2003
  • The Forummer Erotica thread is accidentally deleted. As no one had the full thread in their cache, Smokey decides to give the participants a second chance and reopens it as v2.0. (link)
  • The INTL frontpage is removed, due to lack of participation in the ranks of INTL writers.
  • A brief MSPaint fad in ID begins; hilarity ensues. (link)
  • The Chantry, intended for personal help/advice, is created. New Emp and Zippo are moderators. (link)
  • Smokey creates the CHAINSAWED thread which becomes quite popular for a while. (link)
  • antpocas is officially made a moderator of Geek's Corner.
December 2003
  • INTL Anti-Vanity contest kicks off where forumers are encouraged to submit their absolute worst photo to in order to see who can get the lowest rating. The winner is rewarded a Premium Account. Cyanide wins the contest. (link)
  • Arnok starts making black-and-white avatars upon request and for a brief period of time, everyone is dawning these avatars. (link)
  • The Chantry is shut down because it's starting to cause a decrease in posting in other forums, primarily TEZ.
  • Smokey is fired as a moderator of TEZ. Zippo279 takes over his position. For the first time ever, there are two female moderators of TEZ.
  • Serious Discussions is renamed to The Great Debate.
  • Baggy_Brad and Sandamnit discover pictures of EscalatorToHell by searching Google for her username. The pictures are then posted and she then suddenly ceases to be a background forumer. (link)
  • Sandamnit goes crazy for a brief period of time. Rather, he becomes a bit crazier than he normally is and threatens to shut down INTL for reasons which I'm not going to bother attempting to cover in this entry.
  • Sandamnit decides that he's sick of INTL and it will be shut down on June 30, 2004 and stops accepting donations.
  • With the impending doom of INTL ever approaching, INTL goes into a somewhat martial law type message board. Danielle is made an administrator. Surt and Salamando are unbanned so that they can run amok at INTL during it's last few days. All moderators and administrators are then finally removed.
  • Sandamnit bans Sukkit for saying he looked like a rapper. (link)
  • Sandamnit announces that INTL will be shutdown within 24 hours. The next day, however, he recants his statement about shutting INTL down, apologizes for acting like a tyrant over the past few days, and grants a reprieve to all forumers that have been banned in the past, except for Smokey. Much rejoicing ensues.
  • Sandamnit comes to his senses and apologizes for his actions over the past few days and life goes on as usual. However, it is announced that Smokey is to be permanently banned from INTL. (link)
  • The Reel RS Krew is formed and assumes control over Retardation Station for a brief period of time.
  • New Emp reposts Cannibal Island and moves it to the Hall of Fame. (link)
January 2004
  • Sandamnit begins collecting data for a new INTL map which allows users to input the latitude and longitude that represent where they live, so that they can easily determine approximately how far they live from other forumers. No visual representation is created at this point in time due to lack of proper maps. (link)
  • Sandamnit gets bored one night and decides to write a paper, rock, scissors script for INTL that keeps track of your overall win-loss-draw record. Neat. (link)
  • Tyrone shows up for a brief period of time and is banned for making a "hi im new" thread. (link) He then comes back as Tyrone2 and creates a thread titled "Racism" in which he complains about being banned and also about the racism that is found at INTL. (link)
February 2004
  • The Best Avatar Contest v7.0 kicks off and nimo is crowned the winner of the contest. (link)
  • dramamine returns after being gone for an extended period of time. (link)
  • Forum Survivor Version Who Gives A Fuck kicks off. Each round, three forumers are eliminated and subsequently kicked out of Retardation Station until the end of the contest. However, with the abscence of a majority of the active users, RS becomes stagnant and everyone that was kicked out is allowed back in for Round Four. (link)
  • New Emp posts the nerdiest fucking Valentine's Day card that has ever existed on the face of the planet. (link)
  • Nova posts a BANME thread and is banned for a month, which is extended to two months after sassing wheezy. (link)
  • Users who want to change their usernames are allowed to do just that: request to have their username changed. A few people change their names, notably: Zippo279 -> Zippo; internalfear0 -> IF0; Idiot-boy -> IB; Cyanide -> Skye; SesameSticks -> Varsity; Indisposition -> Bon; ConGitSon -> Chaplin; the_red_chimp -> TRC; Alucard -> Marduk; tewmuwchin -> Widukind; Hessian -> asthetik; King of Suck -> Tonto_johnlee. A lot of names suck and are subsequently rejected. (link)
  • A small modification is made to INTL which makes it so that whenever you view your karma history, you can see what posts earned you each individual point of karma. It's fairly well-recepted.
  • Another avatar fad begins where forumers change their avatar to a picture of another forumer with their name. Known switches: FA and dramamine; Skye and Mingan; wheezy and nimo; Vervet and Zippo; kayte and Coca-Cola; New Emp and EscalatorToHell; Shady Milkman and Marcher; Dimi and Socrateius; Sandamnit briefly changes his avatar to a screencap of the INTL forum index page with "INTL" in the corner, but later changes his to a picture of Lowtax; Baggy_Brad changes his to the Newbie avatar with "STFU" in the corner, however, STFU reaches 50 posts and changes his to a picture of Timmy from Passions; Trofozoito changes his to a picture of Surt and Surt is forced to maintain his GOD BLESS USA title and US Flag avatar.
  • mirthalac being the druggie that he is, goes on a vacation to Amsterdam and subsequently posts a thread about it. (link)
  • Ztolk makes a Flash animation that is much akin to Smokey's CHAINSAWED thread titled CANNONED where a caricature of certain forumers are murdered by a cannonball. (link)
  • After posting story after story after story about his girlfriend/ex-girlfriend/friend/whatever, Carla, she eventually uses technology to her advantage and discovers INTL and posts in one of New Emp's threads about her. DRAMA! (link)
  • IF0 tries to rally people at INTL to petition for the return of Smokey, which is then met with a few private messages being sent to Sandamnit, and Smokey contacting Sandamnit personally to resolve the situation. It doesn't work. (link)
  • Displaying that never-give-up spirit that we've all come to know and fucking loathe, Nova returns with a smurf account, makes a "hi im new" thread which becomes the straw that broke the camel's (Sandamnit's) back and is permabanned.
March 2004
  • The "Most Attracrive INTL Male/Female" contests are held. Vervet wins the female category, while Sandamnit and Nimo tie for first in the male category. What was assumed to be a picture of Sunshine is found to be of Charlotte Castlereigh, disqualifying her from the competition. (link)
April 2004
  • New Emp embarks upon an epic journey, visiting Vervet in Virginia (link), Nimo in Chicago (link), and EscalatortoHell in Ohio.  Pictures of his adventure are posted and he thus becomes much less mysterious.
  • mirthalac is replaced as an admin by Vervet. Tazzo and Salamando post against the TOS to become her first bans, New Emp bans himself in protest and Tyr asks to be banned.  Mr. Pixies takes her spot as TEZ mod. Stormraider replaces Tyr as BB mod.
  • Nickolati is made a mod of Theater of Sound.
  • The feature which allowed regular users to change other users' custom titles, but not their own is brought back.
  • The Image Gallery is revamped to include thumbnails, view amounts, and image sizes.
  • IRC regulars with microphones hold a "Microphone Party". Various fake orgasms steal the show. (link)
  • Emp starts some drama after Vervet is made an administrator. (link)
  • The forums go down for a few hours so that the forum database and all subsequent files can be transferred from the old server to the new server in preparation for the full-blown server switch which officially takes place a few days later. (link)
  • Sandamnit creates the Affiliates Program to help boost INTL's bank account. (link)
May 2004
  • INTL moves to a new server and makes available certain pay features such as INTL subdomains and INTL email addresses.
  • Sandamnit adds new features to INTL. Features include thumbnails from the Gallery being shown in profiles, the ability to upload multiple files at one time through the upload script, and custom title history for Premium members. (link)
June 2004
  • IF0 announces in Retardation Station that New Emp fucked Vervet when they met a few weeks prior. (link)
  • IF0 goes mad with power in IRC, thus prompting Flaming Arrow and Sandamnit to open a new #intl on (link)
  • The INTL Arcade debuts and immediately becomes one of the most popular features at INTL. It basically allows bored INTL members to waste their time competing against other bored INTL members in a variety of Flash games. (link)
  • Emp is permanently banned for hijacking Vervet's IRC account and kicking everyone from the #intl channel. (link)
  • Smokey is unbanned by Sandamnit after having been banned for six months and posts in the newest installment of Forumer Erotica. (link)
  • The INTL Film Festival is moved from The Gallery to Inside Discussions so that it can reach a larger audience. The film festival exists of choosing a few movies for that month, in which forumers are encouraged to watch the films and engage in a discussion of them. (link)
  • Ztolk creates a Flash animation of the Emp/Vervet scandal. (link)
  • anaemic royalty coins the expression "Boobcats!" after EscalatorToHell posts a picture of herself wearing a shirt saying "Bobcats". Incidentally, the picture made her breasts look insanely huge, thus the effectiveness of this fad. (link)
July 2004
  • Tyr is unbanned by Sandamnit, after having banned himself for 365 days and resigning his moderatorship. (link)
  • Sandamnit finishes up his year in Korea and returns to the United States.
  • The INTL search engine is given a makeover and improved significantly. (link)
  • The INTL Dating Service is created. It's a huge success. (link)
August 2004
  • The RSS Feed and thread subscriptions are added to INTL as a optional feature for those interested in keeping up with updates to threads they subscribe to. (link)
  • ninjaonkamel becomes an administrator prior to Sandamnit's move to Fort Hood, TX. He gives himself a yellow name and quickly attracts the attention of INTL regulars who speculate on who is he, why he is an administrator, why he has a yellow name, and why he is trying to insert his input into things. In fact, ninjaonkamel is Kyle, the owner of HTMLHost an HTML hosting company in Northwest Indiana, which was the home of INTL up until the server switch in late-April/early-May 2004. (link)
  • Bitching Battleground rules are altered by Flaming Arrow to include penalties for trolling and so forth. (link)
  • Retardation Station's layout is changed from a obnoxious layout with bright, clashing colors to another obnoxious layout mocking that of the old-school Heavengames Outside Discussions layout. (link)
September 2004
  • INTL members are given the opportunity to purchase additional upload space and additional file extensions, specifically multimedia file extensions. (link)
  • Sandamnit opens The Director's Cut, a forum specifically for movies and moves all threads in ID with the Movies tag into it.
  • Chimp and IF0 make a picture series thread consisting of them wrestling. In order to keep the gay jokes to a minimum, they have IF0 wrestle a girl as well. INTL remains suspicious of their sexual orientations. (Link)
  • Upon the termination of their relationship, Vervet unbans Emp, who creates a thread devoted to his recent emo experiences. His is promptly rebanned by Flaming Arrow stating Emp is banned "forever" and Vervet didn't understand the term "permaban." (Link)
  • Salamando creates a thread called "'PERMABAN' MEANS FOREVER" (Link) This sparks conversation regarding the definition of the term 'permaban' and the status of several previously "permabanned" forumers.
  • Forum Survivor Battle Royale begins. Sandamnit appoints 15 users moderators and gives them modifiers based on a random number they chose. IF0 quickly abuses his powers for evil, hiding all of the threads in RS, resulting in his ban.
October 2004
  • Forum Survivor ends abruptly due to lack of updates and something more interesting grabbing the administration's attention.
  • Sandamnit adds the ability to see the titles and karma you've given, in addition to received. The Usergroups page also receives a facelift.
  • Sandamnit posts a thread in Inside Discussions promising the first ten posters a special prize. The prize turns out to be administrator access to a fake version of INTL This lasts for about 6 hours until one of the posters begins deleting accounts, and in turn deletes their uploaded files on the real version of INTL. It remains unclear as to whether or not this will ever happen again. (link)
  • Sunshine is made moderator of The Director's Cut.
  • Sandamnit institutes a banner system for Retardation Station, further mocking HG. Users are encouraged to submit their banners to the rotation. (link)
  • Sandamnit creates the INTL Secret Santa program. American forumers will send up to $30 worth of gifts cross country to another member. (link)
  • INTL goes Halloween and votes for 2004 with a forum makeover. Red, White and Blue are prevalent in all forums except Retardation Station until election day. (Thread View, Forum View, Index View)
  • Sandamnit creates a thread in RS, changing the first twelve users' names to various sexual organs. (link)
November 2004
  • Mr Excitable creates the INTL Christmas Card Exchange, which unlike Secret Santa, is quite successful. (link)
  • INTL goes down for a few hours, sparking IRC conversation of "what will be."
  • John Kerry loses the US Presidential election to George W. Bush. Most of INTL weeps. A good portion of them are still weeping. Drahnier had bet his anal virginity to IF0 that Kerry would win. This deal has yet to be sealed.
  • Sandamnit creates a thread whereupon viewing, a user automatically gives him +k. Don't worry, he edited out, so you can look at the thread now and not repay him for all of his hard work. :( (link)
  • Wandering Idiot is shipped to Kuwait to start his tour of duty in Iraq. (link)
  • Nova, exercising tons of common sense uses the "BANME" tag, resulting in a ban for 30 days. (link)
December 2004
  • Skizzles is the first person to buy a Personal User forum, even though they have long before disappeared from the donation page.
  • After Kapn Xaos makes yet another stupid thread, Sandamnit removes his ability to create new threads or polls. (Link)
  • Salamando's girlfriend, having already registered and been banned, is unbanned and creates a thread "it's hard spying on your boyfriend online" creating some sort of shitty drama. (Link)
  • Sandamnit adds a new feature to the gallery, allowing users to comment on other users' photos. (link)
January 2005
  • Sandamnit is shipped to the middle east and posts from Kuwait. (Link)
  • Salamando is banned for trolling. Again. (Link)
  • Shortly after buying Skizzles' Lounge, Skizzles sends word that he won't be able to post on INTL for a while, as his parents have found the website and are utterly disgusted by all of you. (link)
  • IF0 starts Forummer Erotica v4. Or 'Mach 4.' Whatever. (link)
February 2005
  • The Superbowl takes place. Not everyone is pleased. (link)
  • Forummers are encouraged to MSPaint Valentines for each other by Brad. (link)
  • The end of February also sees the beginning of a very annoying trend: name changes. Examples: Smokey became Smoxey and Baggy_Brad became Baggy_Bruce.
March 2005
  • The INTL server is compromised through a security hole in a diagnostic program, AWStats, by a group overwriting all index pages to be blank, except for the word 'Simiens.'
  • After the 'Simiens' incident, the company hosting the INTL server shuts down the server until it can be confirmed that the server is now secure. (link)
  • The INTL IRC is resurrected via a quick bump given by antpocas. (link)
  • antpocas and Vervet both change their names to Flaming Arrow, effectively confusing most of the forum.
  • Kapn Xaos promises to stop posting in Retardation Station if he is made moderator of any forum. Shortly thereafter, he is made moderator of his own forum. Sadly, posting in his forum leads to a ban. (link)
April 2005
  • MrExcitable and MsPt meet Swiss in Scotland. Drinking and other enjoyable activities ensue.
May 2005
  • The Gallery closes. Approximately six members of INTL are very upset.
June 2005
  • Flaming Arrow returns from a lengthy absence. The forum believes that he's back for good, but less than two months later, he disappears again. (link)
September 2005
  • Forum Survivor: San Quentin Edition starts in RS. 15 forummers are put into prison, only one will survive; until Sandamnit loses interest and the game is left unfinished.
October 2005
  • NNY, Pascal and Nickolati are no longer moderators. ice takes NNY's place in Inside Discussions, Hasty Penguin takes Pascal's place in Bitching Battleground, and no one takes Nickolati's place.
November 2005
  • ice is named the new INTL admin. Hasty Penguin takes his place as a moderator of Inside Discussions.
  • Sandamnit creates a thread to pick beta testers for INTL4. Everyone gets excited, but World of Warcraft takes over his life and forummers are left waiting. (link)
  • Wandering Idiot drives to Nova Scotia and meets Kayte, Adam and MrExcitable. (link)
March 2006
  • Sandamnit announces that he would close down the forums to back up the database. Forummers try to live without INTL for five whole days. (link)
April 2006
  • IF0 and TRC take over as the new owners of INTL. Rumor has it Sandamnit has become too immersed in World of Warcraft and sits around naked eating cheesy poofs and masturbating while killing things.
  • Stormraider is replaced by anaemic_royalty as a moderator of Bitching Battleground. The PerfectCore becomes the second moderator of BB.
May 2006
  • Mingan resigns as moderator of The Great Debate. Sukkit is chosen to replace him, and the forum's name is changed back to Serious Discussions. (link)
June 2006
  • Theater of Sound, The Director's Cut, and The Gallery's old theme are combined to create Pretention Palace. Kitabatake and emtilt are chosen as the moderators of the new forum.
  • The frontpage is resurrected by ThePerfectCore and IF0. (link)
  • Smokey joins Zippo as moderator of TEZ.
July 2006
  • Smokey and Zippo step down from moderation for TEZ. (link) Kayte and Skye take their places.
  • Bitching Battleground is no longer a part of INTL. All its threads are moved into ID, and anaemic_royalty replaces wheezy as a moderator of ID.
  • After mentioning INTL at HG, Alloy sparks a very uncoordinated HG invasion. Most forummers don't care, and many of the HGers don't last. (link)
August 2006
  • Alloy and ZBrisk meet, and their relationship sparks a dramatic thread about internet dating and social behavior. (link)
  • Mr Excitable convinces the admins to delete all of Snowqueene's positive karma.
  • Kayte is banned during a custom title flame war between herself and Snowqueene. (link)
September 2006
  • Sandamnit is released from active duty in the Army.
October 2006
  • Wandering Idiot is released from active duty in the Army.
November 2006
  • Many forum names are changed to incorporate the letter X into them. It is later believed that Sunny's name change to Xunny sparked the additional interest in the 24th letter of the alphabet. (link)
  • Skye steps down from moderation of TEZ. Sunny replaces her. (link)
  • Dimi becomes an administrator. Yay for him! Wheezy is reinstituted as a moderator of ID.
December 2006
  • Following multiple threads describing the lack of Christmas cheer, Dimi changes ID's color scheme to mint green and light red. (link) After complaints about the clashing colors, Dimi changes the color scheme to better suit the tastes and wellbeing of the forummers. (link)
  • Forummer display names are changed to reflect either the food of the holidays or gay pride. The colours of the names are also changed to yellow, pink or purple.
  • Dimi begins Forum Survivor: SPCA Edition in RS. MrExcitable is the winner, and he is made a moderator of RS. (link)
January 2007
  • Flaming Arrow makes a triumphant return! (link)
  • Adam argues with IF0 over a recently implemented rule in the TOS. IF0 sees Adam's side and removes the rule, but Adam continues to complain, so IF0 bans Adam. He returns under another account name to give his side of the story, sparking a lively and totally off-topic thread. (link)


If there are any problems with this FAQ whether it be incomplete, anachronistic, or just plain wrong, please contact us so that it can be fixed. That's it. Go home.