The INTL Forums FAQ



Do not complain about how plain the layout of this document is, this document is not meant to win innovative web design awards, it is meant to inform you on the history of INTL and the forums which helped shape this forum into what it is today. At the moment, this document is in beta phase and is subject to change due to help from various forumers that are contributing to this document.

Section 1: For Newbies

If you're new to this forum, there is a ton of history that you've missed. It is not mandatory that you know this history, but it helps out to understand some of the inside jokes that some of the oldies may make. Just about everything you'll ever need to know about this forum's history either is or will be contained within this document.

First of all, if you're new, you'll need to read the fucking Terms of Service in order to not get banned five minutes after registering. Once you finish reading the Terms of Service, read it again.

If you compulsively psot liek thiz u'll find dat u wont b vary welcum @ thiz froum! ROFLOLMAO

If you want to make a thread, do yourself a favor and check out the Hall of Shame and see what kind of threads are shunned here. Also, check out the Hall of Fame and see what types of threads are embraced. Keep in mind though that pretty much everyone here knows each other from another forum, thus we are likely to look down upon new comers that act like complete fucking morons or act as if they run the place.

Just do yourself a favor and don't register an account, then post a "Hi, I'm new" thread and expect everyone to just warm up to you and offer to bare your children, this simply won't happen. If you must, lurk for a few days in order to see how everyone interacts with each other, then start posting when you are fairly familiar with the regulars. The best thing you can do to be welcomed is to make intelligent and/or hilarious comments in order to win favor with us, otherwise you're going to get flamed back to the AOL chatroom in which you spawned.

Due to advancements in forum technology, there are multiple sub-forums contained within this forum! Yes, it's true! Keep that in mind when you post and make sure you are in the correct forum. Do not post a thread about Warcraft 3 in Theater of Sound. Alternatively, keep any and all flaming, stupidity, trolling, and spamming within the Retardation Station forum, that's what it's there for.

If you are a girl and think that just because you have a pair of tits and a vagina that you are somehow above the rules and can do whatever the fuck you want, because OMG ALL THE BOYZ LUV GRRLZ HEHEHE ^_^ :). Fuck you. I, Sandamnit, do not give a flying fuck whether or not you are a girl or not. If you act like a retard, you WILL get banned and I will personally see to it that your firstborn hellspawn dies of SIDS. Any questions? Let's hope not.

With that said, let's move on, shall we?

Section 2: FAQ

How do I change my custom title?
You can not change your own custom title, only other forumers can give you a custom title. Likewise, you can change anyone else's custom title. As a result, you may be given a custom title that you don't like. Tough shit, deal with it. Complaining about a humiliating custom title WILL NOT get you a better custom title.

Wait a second, you said I can change other peoples' custom titles, but how?
You must have at least 30 posts in order to change someone's custom title.

How often can I change someone's custom title?
You can change one (1) custom title every twenty-four (24) hours.

How do I upload files to the server?
You must make 50 posts in order to unlock the upload feature. (PROTIP: Do not spam the forum in order to get 50 posts, then upload 800mb of files. Trust me, we'll notice.)

can i be a moderater?

Why is there a picture that says "NEWBIE" by all my posts?
Once you get 50 posts, you'll be able to change your avatar to whatever you want it to be. You'll be able to upload your own avatars to the server as well, although the images must weigh less than 60k in filesize.

Where can I get the software for this forum?
You can't. I, Sandamnit, wrote the forum software all by myself while naked. A friend of mine and I are thinking about releasing the source code, but it doesn't seem very likely that is going to happen.

What does the karma actually do?
Nothing really. It merely gives everyone a statistical analysis of how well someone is liked or disliked. This is merely just so that if someone with a (+1 / -50) karma calls you a "fag" that you shouldn't really take them too seriously, although if someone with a karma of (+1000 / -0) flames you, more than likely no one else is going to defend you.

How often can we distribute karma?
You can distribute as much karma as you want, but you can only give one point of karma to any given person once every seven (7) days.

What the hell is a signature and what are they used for?
A signature is a bit of text and possibly an image that you can insert onto all of your posts. You can use your signature to display your favorite quote, your own website, and so forth. If you choose to use images in your signature, make sure that these images are no larger than 200x400 and weigh less than 60k altogether.

I changed my signature, but it didn't change in all my previous posts, what did I do wrong?
Nothing. When you make a post, it reads your current signature upon posting and inserts it hand-in-hand with your post.

What the fuck is a spammer and spam?
A spammer is a person that compulsively makes posts that have absolutely zero substance in order to raise their post count. Spam is posts that have absolutely no point whatsoever. Example: “lol penis poopie.” That’s spam.

Why was I banned?
There are various ways to get banned. Read the Terms of Service and I'm sure you'll find that you've broken one or more of the violations within that document. If you can't read the TOS due to being banned, read the text-version of the Terms of Service instead.

Can I use HTML in my posts?
Absolutely not, although you can use BBCode in your posts. Consult this thread for more details.

I made a really kool kolor scheme, will you make it preset?
Perhaps. Your best bet is to send a Private Message to an administrator and ask them. The only prerequisite is that you supply a fitting name for it. If we like it, we'll make it a preset color scheme. If, after four weeks, you don't hear back from us, more than likely we didn't like it.

What are private messages?
Private messages are messages that are private, dumbass.

What’s the calendar?
It’s a calendar, duh. It’s used to display important events and birthdays.

Oh, so how do I get something added to the calendar?
PM an administrator, and they’ll get around to it if they feel it should be added.

Dude, a map! What’s that for?!
The INTL map is very simple. It shows where everyone from the forum lives, so that you may stalk them and then eventually murder and/or rape them in their sleep.

Kickin’ rad! How do I get added?
PM an administrator, and they’ll add you. Thus allowing other forumers to stalk, murder and/or rape you.

Like, what’s the gallery? Not the forum, I mean that linky at the top!
It’s a gallery of all the forumers. You can use it to find out what people look like, so you have an easier time at stalking, murdering and/or raping them.

You people are immature and I find that most of what you say offends me.
That's not a question, so fuck off.

Section 3: Glossary

AOKH: Age of Kings Heaven. This was one of the most popular old school Heavengames sites.

Angel: A staff member at Heavengames that has FTP access to the Heavengames server. Their names show up in red at the forum.

Bandwidth Leecher: A person that posts images that are not hosted on their own webspace on other webpages or forums without prior permission. When caught, the images they originally linked usually get replaced with gay porn and/or sick fetish images.

Cherub: A general staff member at Heavengames that doesn't have FTP access to the server. Their names show up in green at the forum.

GC: Geek’s Corner, the first of INTL’s specific discussion forums. Discuss things related to computers, computer games, video games, and the like.

Halo: A person that is part owner of Heavengames.

HG: Heavengames. The site where most of the original people at INTL migrated from or still frequently visit.

HOS: The Hall of Shame, where all of INTL’s bad, horrible, completely suckass threads are sent.

ID: Inside Discussions. The main INTL general topic forum.

IGod: Imperial Games Outside Discussions. A forum started by IClan_Emporer. This forum is now defunct.

INTL: Interesting NoneTheLess. This forum. Other acronyms include "IN" and "Inno". INTL is the most popular acronym used though.

KoRT: Knights of the Round Table. KoRT is now defunct.

NWS: "Not Work Safe"

OD: The main HG community forum that replaced KoRT. Many INTLers still visit it on a regular basis, although it is regarded as a lameass forum.

RS: INTL's spamming, trolling, flaming, all out anarchy forum.

SA: Something Awful. A hilarious site that some of us visit on a regular basis and/or have forum accounts at.

SD: Serious Discussions. This forum is used mainly for serious, on-topic discussions. Flaming, spamming, and other no-nos are strictly forbidden.

Seraph: The term that denotes that someone is a webmaster of a particular sub-site at Heavengames.

SPSW: Someplace Somewhere. A debate forum started by Iron Heart.

TEZ: The Erogenous Zone, the INTL sex forum. Discuss things of a, shall we say, personal matter. This forum is serious, like all the other specific discussion forums, and is not an RS clone.

TOS: Theater of Sound, INTL’s music forum. Discuss things music-related here, and nothing else. TOS is also commonly used as an abbreviation of "Terms of Service." Confusing, huh?

YYW: Yeah Yeah Whatever. The name that this site used before Sandamnit came up with "Interesting Nonetheless".

WT: Witty Tirade. A site that is run and maintained by IClan_Emporer. It's a pretty damn unfunny site.

Section 4A: Pre-INTL Timeline

Some of this information in this section isn't really all that relevant, but it makes for an interesting read and gives a good backstory to what has happened in the past. Skip to Section 4B if you only want to read INTL's history.

Early 1997

Late 1997 October 1998 February 1999 March through May 1999 July 1999 August 1999 September 1999 November 1999 March 2000 July 2000 August 2000 September 2000 October 2000 November 2000 February 2001 March 2001 April 2001 May 2001 July 2001 August 2001 September 2001 October 2001 November 2001 December 2001 February 2002 March 2002

Section 4B: INTL Timeline

April 2002 May 2002 June 2002 July 2002 August 2002 September 2002 October 2002 November 2002 December 2002 January 2003 February 2003 March 2003 April 2003 May 2003

Section 5: Conclusion

If there are any problems with this FAQ whether it be incomplete, anachronistic, or just plain wrong, please contact me, Sandamnit, so that I can fix it. That's it. Go home.