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The Interesting Nonetheless FAQ

Table of Contents

Section I: For Newbies
Section II: The Basics
Section III: Getting To Know The Forum
Section IV: The Technical Side of Things
Section V: BBCode For The Masses
Section IV: The Internet Is Serious Business


Welcome to INTL's FAQ; a giant, horrible mess of information that to most of you wont matter and to the rest of us is used solely for the purposes of nostalgia or for catching up on things which have happened while away. With that said, we hope it's useful or informative to you in some form. Many thanks to Sunny, Amphy, TRC, Flaming Arrow, Sandamnit, IF0 and British Agent for their assistance in creating this FAQ.

Section I: For Newbies

First of all, unless you do something absolutely stupid (as outlined in our Terms of Service), you're not gonna get banned. It wasn't always this way, but we've become lax and banning people leads to lower activity (note to self, Adam/Nova is exempt from this). See, INTL is a slower forum. It is a forum that, had it participated in any sport among forums, would be the retard in the Special Olympics. Don't let that put you off. For in its retardedness (and there's a forum dedicated to just that!), its community is close, its users have known eachother for years, and its discussions are casual (if not diverse in opinions and occasionally plagued with drama).

Of course, all this might seem overwhelming, if not a bit confusing, but we don't want it to be. To be honest, that's what this FAQ is for. It covers some basic questions asked, and this forum's history - our origins, and what has happened since. The goal of the following recommendations are to ease your transition into INTL's forum community; if they do not help you, then send a message to one of our staff members.

Write decently. We are not grammar nazis (for the most part), and we don't care if you have disfigured punctuation, but you will be mocked if you compulsively wryte liek thiz 'n' ur psots. If it requires a code key to decipher, then you shouldn't post it. This doesn't mean that if English is your second language we will kick you out; on the contrary, INTL has quite a few people who are ESL. We do expect you to write in English here, though.

Post in the right forum. INTL is divided into a number of forums, some of which deal with specific issues and others which are more ambiguous. If you make a thread about music, put it in the arts forum. If it's about video games, try our technology forum. Sports? Well we have a place for that. Sex? Why, we have two forums for that: one for talk, the other for porn. Read the forum descriptions, they will guide you. Inside Discussions is the repository for all other discussions, Bitching Battleground for when you want to bitch or rant or flame something or somebody, Serious Discussions for debates, and Retardation Station for the innane. Every thread has its place - learn it, and it will make it easier to find the audience you want.

Lurk. What is meant by 'lurk' is to watch and read the threads in the forum before being headstrong and diving into them. Read what the forumers have to say. Learn the dynamic of how they interact with one another. Through their examples, figure out what is stupid and what is not. Decide if these are the people you really want to discuss things with. If the answer is "Yes," then try to get to know them: Talk to them on AIM, enter the chat, give them private messages. On the whole, the best thing you can do to be welcomed is to post intelligent, hilarious or insightful comments in order to win favor with us; otherwise you're going to get flamed back to the AOL chatroom in which you spawned.

You are no Queen of Sheba or Sultan of Brunei here. We don't care if you have one million dollars stored in Google shares, or if you bought yourself a Hummer cause HURR! HURR! you're compensating for your penis.. or your vagina. Yes, just because you see yourself as one of the lone women on the internet that OMG ALL THE BOYZ LUV MEEE HEHEHE ^_^ :) or that you're the greatest shit that has or ever will be, it doesn't mean shit here. You will get no praise. You will get no special treatment. You will get no instant appreciation and love from the rest of us. If you act like the retard you are, then you will be ridiculed and you probably won't last long here.

With that said, let's move on, shall we?

Section II: The Basics

What exactly is this place? Why do you call it "INTL" or "Interesting Nonetheless"? What's an "INTLer"?
This is a forum. It's a place to go to, to engage with others, and to express your thoughts and opinions with them. The internet is full of tens of thousands of these 'forums.' This place is just yet another one. It was called "Interesting Nonetheless" on the fly, for no reason specifically. "INTL" has been adopted by its forumers as an acronym from the forum's name. The other users of this forum sometimes refer to themselves as "INTLers," short for "forumers of INTL."

Okay, okay, I know that, but what is its purpose? Where is the website usually attached to forums like this?
It has no website, not for the lack of trying. There's no blog attached to this, nor a gaming site, a music site, a comedy site, or a site about guns in Colorado. This is all INTL is, and all it will ever be. There's honestly no purpose to its existence, other than to provide a place for its members to share their lives with other members, many of whom they consider 'friends.'

I already have a place like that, it's called ________. Why should I bother with this place?
We'll punch you if you don't. Nah, that's a fair assessment, and a question I can't really answer all that well. I can say, though, that INTL is unique in the fact that it's a very tight-knit community. On the whole, the same people who were here x number of years ago, are still here. There's very rarely any turnover, and new users are typically accepted by members who've been here a long time. You're free to say as you wish, to give your thoughts and opinions in any manner, and you will always have a constant audience for that.

"Tight knit", eh? How do I "blend in"?
Post and get to know other members. Post. Post. Post. Ask questions. Remember to read the Terms of Service and try not to violate the guidelines given within it. Hell, even by reading this FAQ you're one step forward to blending in here. Use common sense, and you shouldn't be hazed nearly as bad as you would be if you hadn't.

Whoah, whoah, whoah, what is this 'hazing' you speak of?
Calm down. You're not going to get spanked by a paddle or learn a secret hand-shake, and while there are a few military men among our ranks, you wont find yourself in a digital bootcamp. Hazing here comes down to the principle of "if you act stupidly, you'll be treated as being stupid." It's the same in any social situation. When you make yourself out to be the court jester, you're going to be viewed and treated by other people as just that. Hazing is not condoned by the administration here, but it's a fact of life. Just use common sense and tact, and you will be fine.

Geez, I'm not sure about this place is for me. Why are you so strict?
We're not... infact, we're far from it. Nearly everybody here is easy-going and amiable. There are very rarely any bans, and we uphold our members' privacy and their feelings of comfort here to a high esteem. When it comes down to it, however, most users typically don't want the same anonymous spamming 4chan whelps here that have spread into nearly every other corner of the internet. Think of it as INTL's form of a 'spam' folder in an email account.

I'm not a 4chan whelp, but I'm afraid of being banned.
You have nothing to be afraid of, then. Bannings are extremely rare at INTL; we tend to give users warnings when they've crossed the line and broken a rule from the "Terms of Service," with a temporary ban as a last resort for repeat offences. Permanent bans from the forum are saved only for those users who don't learn from repeated temporary bans, or users who endanger or threaten the privacy and safety of our members.

So what happens if I get banned for violating the Terms of Service?
In that unlikely event, you will not be able to access the forums for a certain amount of time, which is determined by the moderator or administrator that bans you. Your remaining time banned, as well as the reason for the ban, is given in the webpage you view if you try to access this site.

Okay... I will give it a chance... can I make a thread introducing myself?
Sure, but be wary. In the past they were bannable, but since we get very few registrations these days, the occasional "Hi, I'm new" thread is allowable. Go ahead and make one, but understand that some users might not appreciate them.

Why do these other users matter? They're not moderators, who should give a fuck what they say?
We do. To those members, this place has become a safe haven for them. Most people have been around so long that they've become close with one another, and while they may not be moderators, their thoughts on things happening with INTL still matters to the rest of us. This doesn't mean that they have the power to do as they please with you, or that the administration follows their every whim, but if they're concerned that, say, your "Hi, I'm new" thread is nothing more than an advert for Viagra, then they have the ability to report your actions.

OMG, there's an illuminati, everybody is out to get me!
No, there isn't. There's no 'core group' or 'secret society' here, in which individual users have the ability to do whatever they want with other forumers. Even admins are constrained by their respect for the advice and opinions of other INTLers. It's not a dictatorship by any means - your concern or criticism is just as legitimate as the next guy's. Your posts wont be edited or deleted without reason. You wont be warned or banned without reason. If you break the Terms of Service unknowingly, or if you do something entirely stupid, we're going to be reasonable about it.

That's fair. With that out of the way, how do you make a thread and/or make a post?
Easy. Go into one of the forums, choose the "Create New Thread" link in order to make a new thread, or go into an already existed thread, read the topic, and choose the link "Reply to Thread." In both cases, just write what you want to write, and click submit.

Section III: Getting To Know The Forum

Alright, I'm typing up my thread. What are these 'thread tags' that you can choose for your thread? What do they do?
Thread tags are small images with one or two words that appear next to the titles of threads. Users can choose them from a list when they make a thread. They sometimes, all depending upon what the user chooses, give a general theme or idea as to what the topic is about. There is a feature at the bottom of each forum where you can filter the threads in that forum by their thread tags.

Why can't I use the or thread tags? Can I really get banned for using the "Ban Me" tag?
You can get banned for using the "Ban Me" tag, but only temporarily and as a 'you brought it upon yourself' moment, since it does say 'ban me' what else would you expect? The "Attn:" tag is reserved for administrators and moderators only (in the forums where they moderate). Both tags exist for public use merely as teasers. Given that they're mentioned in the Terms of Service, they're not intended to deceive... though their use does give a good indicator as to who has bothered to read and abide by the Terms of Service and who hasn't.

What does it mean by "Show Emoticons" and "Show Code"?
"Show Emoticons" makes it so any smilies you make in your message show up as little - sometimes animated - images. "Show Code" makes it so that any BBCode you make in your message is displayed correctly. BBCode is further explained below.

Why can't I use HTML in my messages?
Because we are not crazy. HTML can be easily used to exploit websites and to prompt viruses on unsuspecting users. For this reason, HTML is denied to everyone except the administrators and the moderators (only in their own forums). It is rarely ever used, at any rate. INTL's own BBCode replaces most commonly used HTML tags.

What does it mean by "Subscribe to Thread"? Can you please describe what subscribing to a thread does?
Subscribing to a thread is a neato concept, which has a wide range of applications. When you visit a thread on the forum, you have the ability of clicking a link to subscribe or to unsubscribe to a thread manually. You can also set it up in your preferences to automatically subscribe to all threads you post in. All the threads you subscribe to are kept track of in a convenient list. When you view the list of threads in a given forum, all your own subscribed threads have a bolded post count. If you have an RSS client, you can use that to keep track of your subscribed threads. The most useful purpose for subscribing to threads is to show you which threads you've posted in, if you have it set to auto-subscribe when you reply. You can also use it to list threads you're interested in, or would like to reply to later.

Wow, that's a lot of words... Is there anything I should know about this "Signature" feature?
All users are allowed to make a signature which will be attached to their posts, if they so wish. You are limited to 1000 characters, and you're strong discouraged from using any images which are not small in size and in dimension. When you are posting, don't attach your signature to every post you make in a thread, especially if it's large or obnoxious. People will tend to get upset by that.

Thread submitted! Wait, what the fuck. Why do I have this obnoxious image below my name that says "NEWBIE"?
All newbies start off with the "NEWBIE" avatar. It's not something which is selectively given only to individual users. It's part of an incentive program at INTL, based on the number of posts you make. After 35 posts, you can change your avatar; you are allowed to upload 30 avatars at any given time, as long as those avatars are 150x125 in dimension and less than 100KB.

What do you mean that being able to change my avatar is part of an 'incentive program'?
Well, at INTL you gain features and open up access to private forums with the more posts you make. This is based on the assumption that if you have more posts, you're more likely to have at least spent some time here, and you've contributed in some form to the forum. Some other features, like the ability to upload files and access to certain private forums is part of this incentive program, given that we don't want to give public access to them. We would rather not have users register, take advantage of the features or the information found in the private forums, and then never post.

Wait... you have private forums? What are they... you're not going to tell me are you?
INTL has four private forums, with each one requiring a certain post count before you can see or access them. "Retardation Station" or "RS" is a forum where you can act like an idiot or a retard; it is viewable to all visitors, but you need 20 posts in order to post within it. Once you have 200 posts, you'll be able to view two more forums. One is known as "The Erogenous Zone" and it is a now archived forum for sexual discussions. The other is "The Titty Palace," which is a forum for legal porn; and is off limits to anyone below the age of 18. The last private forum INTL has is for users with other 1000 posts, "The Champagne Room." It exists to provide some privacy for those INTLers who wish to post intimate details about their lives that they don't want known to every Joe anonymous who just visits but never registers here. This is especially true for users who wish to complain about their roommates, and don't want to have the off-chance that their roommates will discover their complaints and try to ruin their lives.

You mentioned earlier that you can upload files? How many posts do you need to use it? How much space are you given?
Once you have 30 posts, you can upload and store files on INTL's server, which can be accessed through the 'Files' link in the top navbar, and also in the 'Reply to Thread' and 'Create a Thread' links. You are initially given 50MB of space, with the allowable file extensions of (.jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .gif, .png, .bmp, .txt, .doc, .zip, .rar). INTLers who have been at INTL for a while, and have contributed to it substantially with posts, are eligible to get more space, and most any file extension they desire, merely by asking an admin to change it for them. Once users gain this uploading feature, it's expected that when they post images on INTL, they may use it to avoid bandwidth leeching.

Bandwidth leeching! What the hell is that?
When you put in your posts images from other sites, you are bandwidth leeching; in essence, every person who views that image at INTL is putting strain on the server where the image is hosted. The image's host may have to pay extra on their server costs, partly because the image is showing up on INTL. With increases in bandwidth allocation across most web hosts on the internet in the last few years, and the lack of most websites to adhere to this policy, the enforcement of bandwidth leeching is mostly futile. However, since INTL will give you space to upload images from other sites, you're expected to use your good will and use it to avoid bandwidth leeching. Imageshack, Flickr, Megaupload, and other sites created for the purpose of file hosting are excluded from this, however.

I just noticed that the karma line beneath my avatar reads "(+0 / -2)" what does that mean?
Karma is a way for other users to provide positive or negative feedback about what you've posted or what you've done at INTL. The higher your + count, the more positive other users perceive you. The higher your - count, the more negative other users perceive you. Karma, or "K", does not alter or disrupt any of the features available for you at INTL. It's meaningless, except as a vague indicator as to how popular you've been on INTL. Some users do take Karma seriously, and unfortunately that can lead to revenge karma cold wars, though they become elongated as you're only allowed to give each person karma every 7 days.

Revenge Karma?
Those who take karma seriously will sometimes give - karma back to those who gave them - karma. Sometimes users will do the same thing with + karma, but - karma tends to lead to conflicts. Users don't like giving - karma when they can expect - karma given back to them. This can sometimes lead to users giving - karma back and forth for many months, where neither person "wins." Revenge karma is generally discouraged, but ultimately unavoidable.

Why does karma exist if it leads to conflict and drama?
Because, for what it's worth, it's fun, somewhat informative, and it's a good way for users to express their approval or disapproval for an individual post. Despite the negative connotations related to karma, most users generally respect that it lets them show their appreciation or distaste for what others say, without devolving into catfights.

Is there a way I can check to see who gave me karma, and who I gave karma too?
Yes, you can find the link in the "My Controls" link, under "View Karma History." It will list who has given you karma, and who you've given karma too. It will also link you to the exact page or post where the karma was given from. You can also check to see the titles users have given you, and you've given others, in the "View Title History."

Titles? What are these?
Other users can put a short sentence below your avatars, this is known as a 'custom title.' After you make 30 posts, you are able to change any users custom title. Some of them will be funny or awesome and others will be shitty or mean-spirited. Don't take them to heart! They're meant for fun, and entertainment, not meant to be taken seriously. All users are allowed to change these 'user given titles,' though only once every seven days per person.

So if those titles can be edited by other users, what are these titles above people's avatars, then?
The title above a user's avatar is their own personal title which they may freely give to themselves, and can be edited through their "My Controls" panel. Those personal titles can be anything you want them to be, and other users can't change them. Sometimes a mod may temporarily change a user's personal title, if that user has well deserved it. Usually, however, they're open to you to make a declaration about yourself or about something that matters to you; which can stay unchanged for a long time.

Why do you have two different titles, the 'user given titles' and the 'personal titles'?
Because we can! The 'user given titles' are mostly for fun only. Sometimes other users will give you a variety of crazy titles as a response to something you've said in one of your posts. A user's 'personal title' is their own way of giving themselves a title. Users typically take their own 'personal titles' a bit more seriously. It's a way of defining yourself in another form.

Some users have "Administrator," "Reel RS Krew" or something similar right below their username. What are these titles?
These special titles are part of a feature at INTL called "Usergroups". Usergroups are just that; they're groups which users can make (about anything, honestly) where they can invite other users to join. They can also be opened up for all users to join, if the creator of the group so wishes. Most of these usergroups exists only for fun; some are about important issue for users, others are made up of group of friends, some are even formed by users who share characteristics (ie. if they all live in Nova Scotia). Most have no other purpose than for allowing a number of users to share the same title. In some cases, there are special usergroups. These usergroups are set up for showing the distinctiveness of the forum's moderators and administrators. Not all moderators or administrators have to choose to recognize these groups in their profile (users can switch between usergroups at any time through "My Controls"), but it's a good way of letting users know who they are.

I noticed some usergroups are colored, or in bold. Some even have background images to them! How do I get one of those?
Using INTL's default template, there are only four usergroups which have colors attached; the 'moderators', the 'global moderators', the 'administrators', and those with 'premium accounts'. The Administrators, Global Moderators and the Moderators are in charge of making sure INTL or the forums they moderate are under control and not chaotic. Administrators are given a 'red' color. Global Moderators are given a 'purple' color. Moderators are given a 'green' color. These are to help users know who they are. Those users in the 'Premium Accounts' usergroup are given the color of 'blue'. A long time ago, INTL used to offer the features you take for granted today for $10, in addition to giving them the ability to have their name in blue. Even though times have changed, and we no longer have the premium accounts program, the usergroup has ultimately remained.

I want to change the colors around, and give Administrators no color and give my own usergroup the color red instead!
Hehe! You can do that. In your "My Controls" panel, you have the ability to change the stylesheet (or design, colors, formatting) of the forum - for yourself only - in any way you like. You can change the width of all boxes on the site. You can change the logo, the background, the font, even the little icons () in the top navbar if you like. You can also change any element of the design for any usergroup, as long as you know that usergroup's ID#. So you could very well make your usergroup's color red, and remove the Administrators' color, though that change will only show up for you.

Awesome! I notice in "My Controls" you can change your 'template' and change your 'stylesheet'. What's the difference?
When you go to change the stylesheet, it only changes basic design elements; colors, width, and all that jazz mentioned in the previous question. Templates form the general shape of the forum - how threads are displayed, whether or not if posts display on the right or left side of the screen, and so on. Users can't alter templates, but they can switch between a number created and made available to them by the Administrators.

Okay, okay, we're getting way off track. Back to my thread, someone has replied to it!
That's... uh... great...

... How do I reply to them?
You have three options. If you want to reply to their post quickly, then we recommend using the "Quick Reply" at the bottom. The text box will expand, you can type what you want to say, and then submit it. We recognize that the "Preview" option may not work correctly on some browsers, we are in the process of fixing that. If you don't want to use "Quick Reply", then you have the option of doing it the old fashioned way; clicking on the "Reply to Thread" link at the top or bottom of the page will open up a new window where you can type up your reply and submit it. The last option is to quote the post you wish to reply to by clicking the "Reply w/Quote" link on the post you wish to quote.

What does it mean to "Reply w/Quote"?
Naturally, as a function of INTL's BBCode (see below), you are given the option of quoting text from another user, or from another source entirely. The "Reply w/Quote" feature simplifies that process. So, if there's a post earlier in the thread that you would like to respond to, all you would have to do is click the "Reply w/Quote" link on that post and reply to it. It will automatically link the quote to the post you're replying to. This solves a lot of problems for other readers, who might otherwise not know who or what you're replying to.

I would like to reply to them in private, can I do that?
Yes, you can. Short of accessing their profile and getting their instant messaging info, you can use INTL's built in "Private Messaging" system. Above each post, and in each user's profile, is an option to "Send PM" to a user. You can write to a user (or multiple users) a private message if you so like. They will receive the message immediately. It works very much like e-mail does.

Can you tell me a bit more about this "Private Messaging" feature?
Certainly. Your private messages are stored in your inbox, and you're able to send any user a message at any time. There's no limits as to how many messages you're allowed to have in your inbox, send, or receive. In fact, we have set it up so that you may organize your messages in custom folders if you so like. When you receive a private message (PM), it will show up at the top of the page as a new message. You may also mark messages as unread, and you may also delete messages. We are still the process of creating a "Sent" inbox for messages you send out.

Um, can or will admins read my private messages?
No. We will not read the private messages sent between users. For the most part it's very difficult to do so; most admins do not have access to the database where the PMs are stored, and for those that do, the PMs are encrypted and concealed. Please feel safe in knowing that we do not tolerate this.

So I would like to link to a specific post, how can I do that?
Go to the post you want to select, and click the icon. The selected post will change color from the surrounding posts, and the url for the post will show up in your browser's navigation bar. When you click on a link to a post, it will automatically center the page on that post. On the forum index page, the icon does something very similar, by taking you to the last post made in each forum.

Oh FUCK! I just realized I made a grievous error in my post. Can I please edit it?
Yes you can. On the post you wish to edit, you have two options. Clicking the "Quick Edit" link will open up a pop-up, where you can quickly fix an error for a short post, and it will update in real time. It is not recommended for lengthy posts! For more lengthy posts, we recommend doing a "Full Edit", which opens up a new window for you to fix your post. Unless you fix your error within a few minutes, then at the bottom of your post, in small text, there will be a statement to the effect that you have just recently edited your post.

Another user recommended that I convert my thread to a poll? What's a poll? How do I convert my thread to that?
Polls are miniature surveys, usually attached to a thread so that its readers can choose to answer a specific question with a certain set of answers you give them. If in the event that you wish to add a poll to your thread even after it has 20+ posts, you can do so by clicking the "Convert To Poll" link at the top or the bottom of the page. It will walk you through the process of adding a poll to your thread.

X user intrigues me, I would like to read more of his/her posts. Can you link me to all their posts?
Sure. The "Show All Posts" link above a user's post will open up a search query for all their posts. Their posts will be listed from most recent to least recent.

Can I search for all the threads that a user created in a forum?
Aye. At the bottom of each forum there is the option to filter threads by author, title, thread tag, or date. If you want to filter through all threads, you must set the "Go Back X days" filter to "Go back all days."

Can you tell me a bit more about this "Search" feature?
Sure. The search feature is set up so that you can search all the forums for any specific information. So, whether or not you're looking for dead baby jokes or a post you made 5 years ago, you should be able to find it through a query. You can choose to search for threads or posts during a specific date range, or from a certain forum. Your most recent previous search queries are given on the side, in case you wish to come back to them later.

Is there any way I can sort threads or my private messages?
There is. The header for each column should be clickable, and when you click on - say - "Author", it will automatically sort the list of threads or private messages by author alphabetically. Click it again, and it will sort by reverse alphabetical. If you want to go back to normal, the usual form of sorting is by date.

Holy crap, I didn't see it before... There's a TON of links at the top of the page...
Indeed there are. We like to expand on our features when we can, and we'd love to hear your suggestions for more.

What's the whole point of the "Map" and the "Gallery"?
They're meant to help users to get to know eachother. The "Map" feature, which can be set by a user in their "My Controls" panel, shows their location on a Google Maps based interface. You can tell from it, for example, that there are no users at INTL from Asia or Africa. Lame. The "Gallery" is set up so that users can show pictures of themselves and of the stuff they've photographed. You are free to add information about your picture, or - as a viewer - comment on the photos of others. You can upload a photo directly to the gallery, or you can choose to add a photo to a gallery from your files. You may also sort your pictures into folders, too.

I see. So what's the point of the "Calendar"?
Originally it was set up so that INTLers could organize meet-ups or game tournaments, but for the most part its only purpose these days is to show users' birthdays and important anniversaries. It's an attached part of INTL's Wiki.

What is the "INTL Wiki"? What is its purpose?
INTL Wiki is INTL's own personal wikipedia/uncyclopedia... though we really don't have a use for it. Each user has a page where they or other users can add whatever information they want. It may or may not be used as an addendum to the history we have already done up for INTL. At present, the only ones who use it are crazy spammers. A list of all INTL staff, and the Terms of Service are given in the wiki.

What in hell's high water is "Active"?
Active shows which users are currently online at INTL, and what they are doing. You can even see which pages the search engines are checking out. The idle time given on that page is in real time. If you were to hover over a user's handle, it will show you how long they've been idling in one place in real time.

Oh, that's cool. So it's kinda like the "Also Here:" feature?
Yes! At any given moment, you can see where a user is on the forum, and what they are doing, by hovering over their name. This is especially useful if you're in a thread, and want to know if the other person checking it out is replying to it already.

I take it, then, that the "stats" page is a list of statistics about INTL?
That is the purpose of the stats page, yes. Every once and a while an admin will update the stats, or add a new stat. These stats typically give novelty information about the forum and its users; who has posted most in 2008, who has given or received the most karma, etc.

I have no idea what "Google 100" is... listing stuff about fucking 12 year olds and wanting to be a mercenary? YOU'RE ALL MILITANT PEDOPHILES AREN'T YOU?!?!
No... no we're not. Google 100 does the duty of listing referrals for INTL made by Google. It shows the search query that someone put into Google, where one of the results was a link to INTL. Because Google and other search engines scour INTL in order to list its threads as individual results, certain threads have gotten more hits than others. In particular, threads about the negatives of pedophilia seem to get referrals from pedophiles searching google, for instance.

Wow, you have an "Arcade"!
... And it's custom made, too! It is modeled after the arcade used by Invision Power Board, though the code is entirely made from scratch. Users may play games, comment on them, and compete for top standings or personal bests. Statistics for the arcade are also included in user profiles, as well. All arcade games may be enlarged or minimalized depending upon a user's monitor resolution. Furthermore, you can also see who else is playing in the arcade, and which games they are playing. We are always taking game suggestions, too.

Why does this "Games" link lead to nowhere? What the fuck is up with that?
The "Games" link is an empty link because I haven't yet bothered to create the page for it, but it will be the future home of certain browser-based games. These games are typically RPG-based, and require extensive amounts of time. For now, they're not really active, so the demand for them is rather low.

I see you also have a "Chat". Why is that?
Even though users typically use instant messaging (ie. AIM) to chat with one another, INTLers have historically shown a desire to have large group chats once and a while. In the past we relied on IRC, but it didn't work out quite so well. So now we have a built-in chat to do that. Of course, some INTLers still prefer to use Skype, too. Why do we need to have a chat? It acts as an informal way of communicating with one another... nothing is set in stone, or requires much work or time to think over. The chat represents a conversation, while INTL is expected to be more of a speaker's corner.

There's this page about donating. Why should I donate? What do I get in return?
You will get my love, a blue name (if you want it), and that's about it. You'll get whatever you want, but that's pretty much the same treatment any other regular gets. Your donations go into the fund used to pay for the server each year, and for that reason they're greatly appreciated. Every year I'm in the hole when I pay for INTL, so if you do decide to donate, it really does mean quite a lot to me and to keeping INTL alive. You're certainly not obligated, of course. INTL is not SA, you don't pay for anything here, and there are no ads to annoy you.

Section IV: The Technical Side of Things

Why don't you have ads?
INTL doesn't use ads because quite frankly they're annoying as hell, not because INTL already is raking in the dough (we're not, we're very poor actually). The admins, mods and forumers generally consider INTL an ad-free bastion in an ever-increasingly ad-populated internet. I think it's safe to say we have no plans to ever introduce ads, no matter how profitable they might be.

So, how do you pay for everything? Doesn't it cost quite a bit to operate a server?
It does cost quite a lot, and that's partly why we're on a shared server. In the past INTL used to be on a dedicated server, but it was long ago decided that it wasn't worth the cost - we don't have a ton of visitors and activity. The cost of operating INTL is $120 a year, usually paid in October by Sunny, with the added donations of others. The server itself is maintained by Dreamhost, while the account INTL is located on is shared with a few other minor forums and a photographer's website.

Pfft! Dreamhost sucks, I've heard horrible things about them!
I don't care. Except for the rare downtime, I've had good service with them since 2006. Call me a sucker, but I have no reason to abandon them.


If there are any problems with this FAQ whether it be incomplete, anachronistic, or just plain wrong, please contact us so that it can be fixed. That's it. Go home.